Message of Saint Thomas

I want all of your listeners to know that I am watching over the people of your country and want to warn you that Satan is very active. Jesus wants all to spread the words of God and his love. If all of you do that, you will make a huge difference. God knows that you will do your best! Jesus, when he walked the earth was met with distrust and malice. It was not easy for us to speak his words.  After his crucifixion it became very difficult for us to speak. The Romans made it very, very difficult.  Many of us were martyred attempting to spread his words. Today it is different. You will face ridicule and nonbelievers. You will also face those that will refuse to understand that all the words in the Bible are not correct. Those individuals will make it very difficult. God knows what you are up against. He will try to help, but freewill will magnify the effect of Satan.  Just be aware that all will be well and your words will make a difference. Tonight, I want you to know that I will help and watch over you as well. There are many that are on my side that will support you, do not ever think that you are alone, God is always with you. Tonight, is the first time I have been with Barry and Connie, they speak our words and those of God.  Know that what they say is the truth. I will now answer your questions.


  1. How would you like me to refer to you? -  Thomas is fine

  2. Thomas, were you related to Jesus? -  No, I was not related.

  3. Where were you born? -  Judea

  4. Did you learn to read and write? -  Somewhat as I grew older my skills increased.

  5. Thomas, what was your occupation? -  I, like many of my brothers were fisherman

  6. Where you raised Jewish? -  Yes, that was the predominant religion of Judea at the time

  7. Thomas, did you ever marry? - Yes, I had a wife and three children

  8. What was your wife’s name? Esther

  9. Did you leave your family to follow Jesus? -  At times they came along on shorter trips but most of the time I was alone

  10. How did you meet Jesus? -  I was introduced to him by Matthew

  11. Were you among the early apostles? -  I joined the group in the first year.

  12. Did you have a specific role as an apostle? -  My role was to find areas where we could sleep and eat. It was quite difficult to find space for everyone, sometimes we would have to just sleep under the stars. Food was always a problem.

  13. How old were you when you met Jesus? -  I was 18

  14. So, you were very young. -  Yes

  15. Did you know John the Baptist? -  I met him a couple of times but his path was different from that of Jesus

  16. Were you ever baptized? -  Yes, John did baptize me

  17. Did Jesus ever speak to you of reincarnation? -  Yes, but he never spoke of it to the people, it was too difficult of concept

  18. Did Jesus ever speak to you of an alien presence? -  He spoke of his powers on other worlds, but we did not totally understand what he was talking about.

  19. Reading your Gospels, you continually state the words of Jesus. Were any of the words written down? -  Some, but most of his words were written from memory.

  20. Who recorded the words in your Gospels? -  After the crucifixion I started to try to make some notes.

  21. How accurate are your Gospels? -  Some is accurate, some is not

  22. What is a major alteration to your Gospel? -  I did not say that Jesus died with honor.

  23. Were you present at the last supper?  - Yes, it was very sad time for all of us, he told us that he would be leaving, he knew exactly what was going to happen

  24. What did Jesus tell you would happen to him? -  He said that his time on earth was nearing an end and that we would have to spread his words.

  25. Were you there when he was taken away? -  Yes, I was there but he told us not to resist.

  26. Why did you not attend the crucifixion? -  I feared for my own life.  I am ashamed that I did not have the strength of our Lord.

  27. Who told you the details of the crucifixion? - The two Mary’s, they were present

  28. Did you doubt that Christ had resurrected? -  Yes, my faith was weak and I regret having doubt.

  29. Why did you doubt the resurrection? -  I knew that death was the end and never considered the fact that Jesus would rise from the dead.

  30. Were any other disciples or followers that doubted that he has risen? -  Yes, there were several others, but most believed Mary when she told us she saw him.

  31. When Jesus appeared to you after the resurrection what did he say to you? -  He said that I should feel his wounds that prove that it was really him. He also said that I should now tell others of the miracle that I observed.

  32. What did you say to Jesus? -  I cried and asked him to remain with us and that we needed him.  He then told me that he must remain in heaven but that his words would live forever.

  33. Did you witness the ascension of Mary? -  No, Mary passed a normal death, there was no ascension

  34. Were you present at the death of Mary? -  No, I was on a mission speaking the words of God

  35. Your Gospels are written in parables, do they truly reflect the words of Jesus? -  No, he spoke in very simple terms so we all could understand.

  36. Why were your Gospels not chosen for the Bible? -  They were not complete and Constantine only selected complete Gospels.

  37. Does the Gospel, the Acts of Thomas reflect your words? -  No, that was written much after my death and does not reflect my words.

  38. Did you write about reincarnation in your Gospel? -  Yes, I wrote that the soul energy has everlasting life and that it would return for multiple lifetimes.

  39. What were your primary teachings after the Crucufixion?  What words did you speak? -  I always spoke about seeing the miracle of his resurrection and the undying love of God.

  40. Did you ever know that Jesus was married? -  No, I only learned that after going home.

  41. Where did you preach the word of God?  - I spoke in many areas. I travelled to India to try to convert those people to the one God.

  42. Why did you choose India? -  No one else went there and I felt it was necessary to spread Gods words as widely as possible

  43. Did you ever perform any miracles?  - Yes, I had the ability to heal others just the same as you have that ability.

  44. Were you martyred?  - Yes, I was killed by a spear.

  45. Why were you martyred? -  The local priests were upset that I was speaking against their teachings.

  46. Who had you killed? -  The religious leaders of the area.

  47. How old were you when you died?  - 56

  48. Did anyone accompany you on your ministries? - Yes, I was assisted by some of my followers.

  49. Are any of the relics attributed to you real? -  Yes, my remains were moved several times but they are now secured.

  50. Who greeted you when you entered heaven? -  I was greeted by Jesus and several of the other disciples.

  51. What is your role in heaven?  - I assist Jesus in trying to spread his words just as we are doing tonight. I work on other planets as well when I am needed.

  52. Have you ever reincarnated since you left us as Thomas? -  No, I find that I can be more effective from this side.

  53. Have you ever reincarnated on other planets?  - Of course, my life as Thomas is my only human life. I have lived thousands of times on other planets where I spoke the teachings of God.

  54. What was your role in the soul family of Jesus before you returned as Thomas? -  Just as I just said. I went wherever I was asked by God.

  55. Do Connie and I know you when we are on the other side? -  Of course, you and Connie are one of us when on the other side

  56. What do you consider your most important message for humans? -  You must follow the words of God if humans are to evolve. Many cultures have chosen not to follow his words and they have vanished. It is our hope that humans will be one of the successful species, without God you will fail!


57.  Do you have any final words for our listeners? - Go forth and speak the words of God. God will bless and keep all who follow his words. I want to thank everyone that has listened tonight, God bless and keep you all, Amen!