Channeling the Blessed Mother of Jesus, Mary

A Christmas Message from the Blessed Mother Mary


God bless all of you here tonight for this is a that time we gather together to honor the entrance of my son into this world. He came forward to bring the good word of God to all. Thousands of years ago my son was born. It was a special time for Joseph and myself, but it also was a time of wonder for the world. We were not prepared for all of those who came to worship my son as a baby.  We were astonished that simple individuals such as shepherds showed up to view my son, we were astonished when the wise men came forward to visit us. They were a huge group of men and royalty.   We had never seen anything like it. They bought us gifts of frankincense and myrrh as written in the gospels.  They told us they had the gift of prophesy that Messiah would be born and they came forth to visit with him. They also warned us that Herod had planned to kill the baby and that we were to use the presents that they gave us to pay for the journey of our family to safety. On that simple day, all of the future of mankind has changed forever. God came to earth in the form of my son Jesus.  He was a wonderful child, he lived and he loved and at the appropriate time began a ministry that was to change the world. At the time of his birth as a young mother I felt nothing but joy. When I looked into his eyes, I knew that he was very, very special.  Even as the youngest infant, he showed love, and that love would follow him throughout his life. I want to thank all of your for listening here tonight. Please go forth and spend the time that you have with your family, know that the moments with your family members are precious. Do not waste them by fighting and showing hatred towards them, let the love that my son shown for the world be reflected in each and every one of your hearts. Let that love come forth and lead the way for others to show it as well. Let there be no hatred at this wonderful celebration season! Do not become over commercialized, let the day of celebration be one of meditation and family togetherness. This is a period of joy unto the world. Do what you can to spread that joy and love and with those words I will leave you tonight. Know that I bless you and watch over you. With these words I will say God bless each and every one of you and Good night

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I am pleased to once again to have the opportunity to speak with all the wonderful members of this group. I want all of you to know that my son and I watch over you, love you and appreciate all that you are doing to help spread the words of love that my son spoke when he walked the earth.  Tonight, I want you to know that much depends upon your abilities to fulfil the missions that you were sent back for. Satan is growing, that is irrefutable!  What each and every one of you must do is spread the words of love that were spoken by my son and have been given to you by Connie and Barry. The words that you hear in this place are the actual words of me and of my son.  Have no doubts, there will be many that try to disprove the truth of what we speak. They will have to face that judgment at a later time, when they come home, for the present time just know that each and every one of you are special in the eyes of me and my son. When Jesus walked the earth, it was also a very difficult time.  Modern atheist and secularist are trying to take the love of God from the people. You cannot let that happen!  Without having God in your heart, evolution will be fruitless. Know that we will do all we can to assist you. Hopefully the free will of evil will not win out. We have sent Barry and Connie back to begin this important movement.  When the book comes out about the life of my son, you will all have the information that will be required for you to go forth and speak the words. Until that time pay attention to the messages that you receive here. All can benefit from the true knowledge of what took place when my son walked the earth. Tonight, as I said, is very, very special.  When I am finished answering questions, my son will have a message for you as well. Know that we watch over you!  Never doubt that fact, there are times that you will feel depressed and down because you think your messages are not being heard. Never doubt that you will not be successful.  God always wins, and with that I will answer questions for you.

1.     When you are with us we can feel your loving energy.  Is there any way you can have our listeners feel that loving energy so they can better understand the miracle of your presence? -  I am trying to let all feel the energy of my love. In the future there will be times that each will feel that energy independently, but for now just know that my energy is with each and every other of you.

2.     Can you tell us about the soul family of God? -  Yes, there are many souls that have served God throughout the millions of years by serving him on many planets, many times. Those souls still serve him when on the other side. When asked, these souls return to lifetimes and attempt to serve his will. One example of a soul that returned and was very successfuly is Billy Graham. The Rev Graham was actually a reincarnated child of my son!  He was sent back to spread the words of the love of God and did a wonderful job.  He is now with us back on this side and is helping us from here.

3.     Can you describe the personality of your husband Joseph? -  Yes, he was a wonderful individual.  he is still with me over here and serves our Lord on this side.

4.     How long were you married before giving birth to Jesus? - We were married for several years before giving birth to Jesus.

5.     What was the occupation of Joseph? -  He was a carpenter and a very good one

6.     Was Jesus your first-born child? -  Yes, he was my first born

7.     You told us before that Jesus had brothers and sisters.  what where the names of the brothers and sisters of Jesus? -  Sarah was the name of his sister, and Joseph was the name of his brother.

8.     What did the brothers and sisters of Jesus do with their lives? - They led normal lives. Sarah married and had three children, Joshua also married and had two children, he worked as a carpenter, like his father.

9.     Did they follow the teachings of Jesus? -  To some extent, but when my son started his mission, they never saw him again.

10.  Can you explain the religious teachings you taught as your raised Jesus? -  We taught of a single God, we knew Jesus was special and was sent to us by that one God

11.  You told us in your last session that there will be a time that you will prove the reality of your presence with us.  When will that time take place? -  That time will take place after the book describing the life of my son is published.  At that time there will be absolutely no doubt that you are speaking his words and mine as well.

12.  When you were other planets with the spirit of Jesus, were you always his mother? -  No, we had many different relationships in those prior lifetimes.

13.  In what month did you give birth to Jesus? -  I believe it would correspond to what you call September.

14.  When you gave birth to Jesus where you surprised by all the attention? -  Yes, we did not expect that there would be so much attention for the new born child.

15.  What did you think when the wiseman showed up? - We were shocked, there were many in their group. When they gave us the presents we did not know what to say. We were not used to be in the presence of such royalty.

16.  Did they tell you about their orders from King Herod?-  Yes, they said they were to report back to him and give them our location. They also told us that they would not do what Herod requested and they would leave by another route.

17.  How old was Jesus when they arrived?  Around 3 months of age

18.  How did you and Joseph find out that King Herod wanted to kill the baby? -  We suspected from what the wiseman told us, but then the Angel Gabriel also appeared and told us as well.

19.  How long did you remain in Bethlehem? -  We left immediately.  The Wiseman left and we left about the same time

20.  How did you know where to go to protect the baby?  - We were receiving messages from Gabriel, he guided us and told us where to go.

21.  When you fled to Egypt did you know anyone there? -  No, we were strangers, but there was always divine help for us

22.  How did you know when it was safe to return to Judea?  - Once again Gabriel came to us and let us know that it was safe to return.  We also heard that Herod had died and that his son was going to lose power.

23.  Was Jesus every in danger when you were in Egypt? -  No, we were always protected.

24.  Were you friendly with John the Baptist? -  Yes, John was a friend of the family. He was very close to Jesus and his wife

25.  What did you think when Jesus as a teenager left for his travels? -  I was very worried because it was a very dangerous time, but once again Gabriel assured us that nothing would happen.

26.  Did you live in the same town as Jesus when he was married? -  We did not live in the same town but were relatively close so we could visit his family.

27.  What was your opinion of Toba? -  She was a wonderful and loving person. She would spare nothing to help raise the children.

28.  What did you think when Jesus left for his ministries? -  I knew that was his life plan, and he warned us that Romans would kill him. I was very sad when he left because I knew it was the beginning of the end.

29.  Did you ever travel with him on his ministries?  - Sometimes, I did travel with him at the end.

30.  Where you with him on the Mount of Olives? -  Yes, I was there when he issued his final lesson to all the others. I was in tears because I knew the end was near.

31.  Where you at his trials? -  From a distance.

32.  Why did you decide to attend the crucifixion? -  The other disciples told me that they feared for their lives if they attended the crucifixion. I did not want my son to die alone.

33.  Why did Jesus had to be crucified? -  He needed to be crucified so that others would always remember him. He feared that just the strength of his teaching would not be enough; such a brutal death would unite individuals around him

34.  What was your opinion of Mary Magdalene? -  Mary was also a very trusted disciple and very close to my son. Mary contributed greatly to the success of spreading his words of love.  She accompanied me to the crucifixion, it was also very, very difficult for her.

35.  Did you know Jesus was going to resurrect? -  He told us that he would have ever lasting life and return.  I did not fully realize what that meant.

36.  Did Jesus ever appear to you after the resurrection? -  No, he did appear to others and they told me of his presence. It was more important that he appeared to the disciples than it was for him to appear to me.  They needed to know that he had risen and that his life was indeed eternal.

37.  Did Jesus give you instructions on what to do after his death? -  Yes, he told Joseph and myself to help raise his family. When Jesus left home you were only one year old and he knew that it would take help to raise a family.  He told us to keep the presence of his family a secret, he feared Romans would retaliate and kill his family.

38.  How did you deal with the aftermath of the crucifixion? -  It was a terrible time for me and all that knew him.  Until he rose from the grave the disciples and those close to him spent their entire time in tears and in fear that he would never return. After I heard of his resurrection I felt better but still missed him terribly.

39.  Did you keep in contact with any of the disciples after the crucifixion? - Once I left them to return to the family, I only saw a few of them for a very short periods of time. Once again, secrecy was vital to protect the family.

40.  Can you define the Holy Spirit? -  The Holy Spirit is the all-powerful and everlasting energy of God. It is a very difficult concept to understand how God can be present at all places. But his spirit is truly everywhere and all powerful.

41.  What is the role of the Holy Spirit? -  The role of the Holy Spirit is to watch over other incarnate souls and to offer guidance in their lives.  Hopefully that guidance will affect their free will and they decide not to live a life of evil.

42.  We just witness another act of evil in members of the Jewish faith being killed in Pittsburg, PA.  What is the lesson being learned from this event? -  This was an example of the power of Satan to overcome others and have them perform his will. This was an act of absolute and terrible hatred. All should look at this as an example of what Satan is capable of and understand he needs to be defeated.

43.  What is your opinion of the current human race? -  I am sanded by the growth of Satan, but I am excited about the possibility of defeating him once and for all.  His words of love are capable of reaching many and hopefully having  a lasting impact on mankind. Once the truth of the life of my son is known, many can move forward and spread his words of love.

44.  What would you tell us about trying to reconcile the information on the bible with what is being taught here? -  The information in the bible provides an overview of information about God and my sons life on earth. Many of the details have been exaggerated by individuals attempting to gain power. Just remember that the basic teaching are correct, but the problems lie in the details, you will learn the truth here.

45.  Will you and your son return to us in December with a special Christmas message? -  Yes, we would love to return and speak a special message when you celebrate his birth.  I look forward to that event.

46.  Do you have a final message? -  Yes, just understand that God is with you and always will be you!  When your journey in this lifetime ends you will go home and you will be with my son and myself in heaven. If you choose to follow evil you will not be with us but will be in a lower realm in heaven. You are responsible for your own free will and ego.  You must control that and spread words of Love!  With that I going to step aside and let my son give you a message.

Tonight, you heard words of love from my mother. Her spirit watches over all of you, as does mine. You are special in my eyes because many of you have served me in many other lifetimes. There are many of you that are new to my service. Know that it is possible to gain status in heaven by following my teachings. Each lifetime that you devote to my words will contribute to your advancement in heaven. There is much evil around you, you must fight that evil. Know that many of the politicians do not care what happens to you, they only care about power and greed. There is much evil in your capital and in your government. If that evil is not stopped your country is in danger! I founded the United States as the country most closed to my teachings.  You have wondered from my original teachings and if you do not return there will be a penalty. Your evolution is in your own hands. I love each and every one of you; even those that don’t understand my love. In the future I will take a more active role in bringing you messages and instructions. There will be no doubt in the future that you are hearing my words. Barry and Connie will continue to bring the words to you and Barry will be given powers of healing from me to prove that he is truly my messenger and son. I want all of you to go in peace tonight. God has blessed each and every one of you. Tonight, has been special! I and my mother have been able to speak of our love. Go in peace and know that my love for you will never end. God bless you and keep you. Amen.

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I want to tell all of you, how much I love and watch over you. Together you will make a huge difference in speaking the words of my son. He is also here with us tonight and wants you to know that he also loves and watches over you. Tonight, is a very special evening.  You all know that Barry and Connie speak his words and will continue to do so. It is very important that all of you speak his words as well. Words of God will defeat Satan. I want you all to go forth tonight with the knowledge that you will make a difference. You have been sent back to continue my sons' mission on earth. Many of you knew him when he walked the earth. Many of you were his faithful followers and apostles. God has arranged for you to be here tonight and will continue to bring you his words. I am here to help carry out your mission. My son knows all of you and will continue his blessings and love. Do not fear that you will fail, that is not possible with God's blessing. Know that Satan will fail! God has created the United States as the country most close to his teachings, many are trying to remove God from your country. You have been sent back to stop this from happening. Your politicians are forsaking you with their greed. From this time forward know that things must change or your country will lose God's blessings.  Without those blessings your country will fail. It is not too late, remember that God always wins.  You are on the side of God and you will win as well. I bless each and every one of you! My love for you is undying and forever from this day forward you will have this special blessing and feel my loving energy. God bless all of you! Amen!


  1. Do you have anything else? - Jesus hears every word of prayer and will bless those that have love for him in their hearts, without that love their lives will have a vast emptiness. The Holy Spirit will light your way, have no doubts when I tell you this.

  2. Is there any way you can show the non-believers that is it you that is with us here tonight? -  Those that refuse to believe will not know my love, there will be a time when I will prove to all the reality of my presence with you, until that time you must have faith that I am here.

  3. What is like to have so many people directing their prayers at you? -  Jesus is also hearing those prayers, I will watch over all who pray to me.

  4. Will it be possible for you to describe what heaven is really like?  - Heaven is the most wonderful place, we watch over individuals and try to guide them. It is a place where love is everywhere and that is the guiding light.

  5. Before you walked the earth with Jesus was there ever a time your souls were together in prior lives. -  Yes, we were on other planets teaching love and cooperation many times before.

  6. Would you be able to tell our listeners the true meaning of everlasting life? -  Yes, your soul returns in many different lifetimes to learn and become close to God.

  7. Do you have a special dedication to mothers who pray to you?  - Yes, I am watching over all mothers that are suffering and in need.

  8. What is the best way to have people love each other and to make world peace?  - All must speak of God and have his love in their hearts, unfortunately that is a very difficult task. Each of you can help but it will take many more to get involved that is why you must spread these words.

  9. When did you know that Jesus was special? -  I knew from the time Gabriel told me I was with child.

  10. What was Jesus like as a child? -  He lived a very normal childhood, much like any other child.

  11. Where you aware of what was in store for Jesus? -  I knew he would spread the words of the one God.

  12. How old were you when you gave birth to Jesus?  - 33

  13. How old was Joseph when Jesus was born?  - 43

  14. What can you tell us about Joseph after the death of Jesus? -  We returned to Galilee and helped raise the children.

  15. How many children did you and Joseph have besides Jesus? -  2

  16. When Jesus and Toba were married, did you know her family?  - Yes, we helped  with  the children.

  17. Did you know Luke as a child? -  Yes, you were a good child and listened to your mother and me.

  18. Can you tell us about your life after the death of Jesus? -  It was very difficult, I missed him very much, but I knew he was at the end of his life plan.

  19. Did you know that the Romans were going to kill him?  - Yes, he warned us but it was a terrible time.

  20. What is your opinion of the current Catholic church? -  It has lost its true direction. The words of my son have been changed to strengthen the power of the church.

  21. What is your opinion about virgin birth and immaculate conception? - That was added after the death of my son.

  22. What is your opinion of praying the rosary? -  It is a guide for prayer but just a guide. In prayer you should have a conversation with God.

  23. What do you consider your greatest miracle? -  Fatima.

  24. Can you tell us about her?  - Yes! I came to the children and they spoke of my presence.

  25. Was there 3 days of darkness?  - That did not happen.

  26. What was the third miracle of Fatima? - There was no third miracle.

  27. What would be your message for the future of humans? -  Love God and all will be well. If you fail to have the love God in your hearts, you will fail.

  28. What actions would you have people do that is viewing this video tape? - Spread the word of the love of God. It is that simple!

  29. What do you consider the greatest distortion in the bible considering your life?  - The story of the immaculate conception. I lived a normal life, there were times that I sinned but was forgiven as all of you can be forgiven.

  30. Do you have a specific message for the members of our group?  - Yes, find God and spread his words. You are his modern disciples, he is counting on you not to fail. God bless each and every one of you here tonight. I will return and help you in the future, my love for each of you is never ending. Amen!