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Channeling Jesus by Barry and Connie Strohm


Jesus speaks of his Teachings

I would like to thank you all for listening and I would like many of you to know how much I am proud of what you have been doing in trying to spread my words. We have been bringing you these messages now for a couple of years and it is very important that we try to reach as many folks as possible with the words that I am speaking. As you all know we are going thru very difficult times where the free will of humans is actually endangering the future evolution of your country and humans in general. Please know that without having love for me in your hearts your evolution is in danger! Know evil when you see it! Try to encourage a strong core family. Try to bring younger people to know my words and to know my love.

1.     Lord when you walked the Earth by what name were you called? I was called actually many different names when I walked the Earth. The English translation that I everyone to know is Jesus, that is the name that will live forever and that is the name that I want people to remember. Some called me Yeshua, some referred to me as in a manner of a church leader but the name that I want you to remember forever is Jesus.

2.     Were the people you converted, were they mostly Jews? Yes, in the beginning the people around me were mostly members of the Jewish faith so I tried to convert them. Many would come to me that were Pagan and were not Jewish. We tried to speak to them and tell them that the truth faith laid with worshipping the single God and not the many Pagans Gods that the Romans were worshiping at the time.

Skeptics and False Prophets

3.     Evangelicals preach that every word in the Gospel is true. Does that make them false prophets? That is a very difficult question for me to answer for you. They believe that every word of the gospel is correct. When they do this, they think they are following my true wishes.  What they do not realize is how much the words of the Gospels have been changed thru the years to strengthen the positions of men in the church. In my heart I do not consider them false prophets, but they do preach of things and speak of things that are incorrect and were not my words.

4.     Historically who do you think has done the most damage to the Christian church? There have been many that damaged the Christian church.  There have been those that have essentially begun religions in which people love the church more than they show the love for me in their hearts. I would say that people that have damaged the church most are the ones that have changed the wording of the Gospels to include fear. I never taught fear! Man introduced the concept of fear so that they can control the masses, I would say it was not just a single person but all those that caused individuals to fear me have done the most damage.

5.     When atheist speak against you, do you hear every word? We hear every word that is spoken, I know that is hard for you to believe but the universal energy of God hears everything. We know who is speaking against the love of God and who is not, but yes, we do know what is taking place.

6.     When an atheist passes, are they allowed to see their deceased family members? Often when those that have spoken against me enter my kingdom, they are not allowed to see their family members as a punishment for the way they have lived their lives. Quite often they will be demoted to a lower level than what they had before they reincarnated.  There may be times if they have not influenced a lot of people then we may allow them, after some period of time, when they realize that what they have done to meet their family members.

7.     When they pass do you give instruction to their guides? Their guides already know what will take place.  They have been watching them throughout their physical lives and the guides know my words and they know my preaching’s and they know what is to take place when that soul returns home. There may be special times were an individual has sinned in a matter that has earned my special attention such as an individual like Hitler. But most of the times the guides know how to handle the situation.

8.     Do you consider the pope a false prophet? The pope is speaking things that are counter to my teachings and there are times that he understands what he is doing.   In those instances, I would consider him a false prophet. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church has access to many gospels that show the truth of what I really taught, but there are many times that he does know when he is speaking against my teachings. When he has knowledge that he is not speaking my words he is acting as a false prophet.

9.     Was Joseph Smith a false prophet? Joseph Smith was never directly contacted by me and his words were basically not my words. He founded a religion that was not based on the foundation of my teachings.

10.  What is your opinion of agnostics? I do not have as a difficult of an opinion of agnostics. I understand that sometimes it is very difficult to show faith that I truly exist.  Many individuals do not have the abilities that you have that you can speak to me, feel my energies and know what is in my heart. Agnostics are not treated as harshly when they enter heaven as those who speak against me. Sometimes an agnostic can be led to believe in me and when that happens, we are very happy. But generally, an agnostic, when he returns will not advance in the realms, probably stay where they are unless that have done many evil things.


Soul Family

11.  What you tell those that doubt the presence of extra-terrestrials? I would tell those that they need to open their ears and open their minds. Much is going on around individuals now, the people from other planets that have helped throughout the millennium are coming more and more noticed by humans as your technology increases. You are getting very close to a disclosure and hopefully that will take place peacefully and that people will understand when they stop and think of what is taking place the powers that I truly have

12.  Will any of the extra-terrestrials that make first contact be members of your soul family? There is a distinct possibility that some of those that make first contact will be members of my soul family. Keep in mind that I have sent back many others that are advanced souls that will also aid in delivering my messages

13.  Will you tell us what type of extra-terrestrial has done the most to advance human evolution? I would say that the Pleiadians have probably have done as much as any.   Arcturians have helped, just as Tulins have helped. Many members of my soul family have been Tulins in the past. You will find sometime in the future that many different types have been following my bidding and have tried to help the evolution of humans.

14.  Will you send us some examples of some 7th realm souls that have failed and have been sent to the lowest level? Probably the greatest example was Hitler, he was sent back to try to save the German Republic. We have had many other instances of gifted souls that have sent back and have not done what they were sent back to do. Their free will and greed took over and unfortunately some have failed. Judas failed because of his greed. That is another example. Thankfully most that we have sent back have not succumbed to evil and greed and have fulfilled the roles we that we send them back to fulfill.

15.  What would be the benefits of alien disclosure for humans? Once humans understand that true extent of my powers, they will be able to draw on the intelligence and learning of the extraterrestrials. Keep in mind that the main message that individuals from other planets have learned is to get along with one another. Hopefully when they begin to understand this, humans will begin to get along as with those on other planets have learned to get along.



16.  When you walked the Earth was there any such thing as abortion? No, there was no such thing as abortion as we understand now. Keep in mind that their medical science was very primitive when I walked the Earth. Many children were lost in childbirth but very few were intentionally killed. Today abortion is a huge sin, it is a blot on humanity.  In my day it certainly did not exist as it does today.

17.  When did you you see abortion become a problem? Abortion stated to become a problem probably 100 years ago.  There were times that the women that were going to have children they didn’t want and they tried natural herbs that would kill them. It was not until your medical science advanced that it has become truly a problem and abortions have become so simple of a procedure.  It has been the advance of medical knowledge that has made abortions become a problem.

18.  You told us that a life plan is destroyed when someone has an abortion, would you explain the significance of a life plan being destroyed? A life plan, before a soul reincarnates, the soul works with its guides to create of plan of its life. They go thru the individual’s book of life and they determine what that individual needs to do in order to advance in the realms. When that soul is aborted, that life plan is destroyed!  When they come back we have to try to rebuild that life plan because those parents are no longer available and the circumstances on that child would have been born into have changed. So, an abortion is not only the taking of an innocent life, it also aborting a plan that we have worked very hard to put together for that soul

19.  When a person who perform abortions passes, do they have to face the aborted souls? There will be a time that they have to make up for the souls that they aborted a life plan for them. Individuals that are creating abortions are creating unforgivable sins!  They will pay when they arrive in my heaven.  They will be sent to lower levels were they will have to contemplate what they have done, and when they have realized what have done and how they hurt those souls they will be allowed to create life plans in which their karma will make up to the souls that they have killed.

20.  What would you tell the politicians that are pushing unrestricted abortions? I would tell them they are working against one of my greatest commandments which is to cherish life. They are facilitating individuals to take the lives of the unborn!  They will pay the price, just the same as those that are taking the lives because they are the facilitators. They should be aware that what they are doing will have real consequences when they return to my heaven.

21.  Is it still possible to support abortion and still call yourself a Christian? No! If you support an abortion, you are not supporting my teachings. Those that support my teachings are Christians. So, it is obvious that you should not call yourself a Christian if you are in favor of taking the lives of those in the womb.


God of the Galaxy

22.  Can you tell us on how disclosure is going to take place? It is a gradual process that is already taking place. Your armed forces are now acknowledging that they have seen vehicles that cannot be explained. There will be a time in the future were individuals will admit to having close contact with aliens currently present on your planet. It will be a slow process but within a very short period of time individuals on Earth will be aware that they are certainly not alone in my galaxy.

23.  Has there been an agreement between the extra-terrestrials and humans? Absolutely! There has been alien contact with your leaders for hundreds of years. Keep in mind that visitors from other worlds have been visiting your planet for millions and millions of years. We have been helping humans and there will be a time that will you be able to have open cooperation in the very near future.

24.  What advice do you have for humans when that disclosure comes? First of all understand that the power of God is allowing all of the different creatures in my galaxy to make their presence known to humans. Humans have nothing to fear. If the individuals from other planets have meant to harm you, you would be harmed because they have great advance technologies that you would never imagine. Open your minds when it bec0mes apparent that you are not the only individuals living in my galaxy.  

Stan, Evil and the Anti Christ

25.  Would you tell us who in our government you would consider the most evil? I consider the most evil those that are trying to undermine your government. I created your government by putting ideas in the minds of your founding fathers. Your founding fathers in most instances were souls from my soul family that I have sent back to accomplish a country that could thrive under my teachings. Those that are trying to undermine your country today are your greatest enemies.

26.  Would you name some individuals in our government that we thought were good that are actually evil? Well, one example that I would give you is your past President Lyndon Johnson. He was responsible for killing your President Kennedy. There have been others thru the years that have exhibited evil. For instance, another individual named Johnson was responsible for having Abraham Lincoln killed. He was doing a great deed in emancipating slavery and he was about to attempt to rebuild your country after your great civil war. So, there have been many high-ranking people that have appeared to be decent, had the good of the country in their hearts but were actually quite evil.

27.  Are there any Satanist in our government? Yes, you have Satanist in your government. You have many that you would not believe are truly individuals that would worship Satan, but yes you do have those individuals in your government.

Teachings of Jesus

28.  There were ancient cultures such as the Mayans that practiced human sacrifice for their Gods. How were they viewed when they returned to heaven? The Mayans and many other primitive cultures conducted sacrifices in their attempt to worship their Gods. While that was very brutal and many lives were taken, those sacrifices were generally done in a vain attempt to gain favor of their God. Those cultures were not aware that I have walked the Earth and have taught things that are now revered by Christians. They were not punished for what they did because in their hearts they thought they were doing the appropriate action.

29.  Is there anything that we can do to prevent the mass shootings that are taking place by the deranged individuals these days? Many individuals today are suffering from mental illness. For individual to take the life of the innocent such as that they have got an illness of the mind. Your government needs to recognize that it is that mental illness that needs to be addressed. Another factor that is causing that type of mental illness is the breakdown of the family unit. Until individuals understand that parents are needed to raise the children there will be many more individuals that pursue evil and do not really have an understanding of my words. Hopefully the words that we are giving you will spread and individuals will understand that it is very really simple to pursue my teachings and show love for another. Until that love is shown it will be very hard for you to control the violence in your community.

30.  In your opinion what is the worst thing taking place in our government these days. There are two things that I find the most troublesome. One is that pursuance of abortion and taking lives of innocence’s. The second are those that are trying to destroy the principles that I gave to your founding fathers. For instance, there is no place in your country for socialism. Socialism has destroyed every country that has been involved with it. Those that are teaching socialism are not teaching my words.

31.  With all the alterations to your teachings,  would you prefer people practice a religion other than Christianity? No, Christianity even though it has been distorted is the closest to my teachings. Other religions that follow my basic principles are acceptable and individuals following those religion will prosper in my heavens. It is those that do not follow a concept of love for one another that are on the wrong path and will not do well when they return home.

32.  What is your opinion of the Amish religion? The Amish are wonderful individuals, they are the most forgiving, they are attempting to follow what they believe are my commandments. It is not necessary for individuals to live such a simple life to gain my favor, but the Amish are perhaps one the most honest religions in trying to find my favor

33.  Barry recently had an evangelist Christian tell him that every other religion in the world but his is going to hell, how would you respond to that? Well first he has to understand that there is no hell, but second of all he has to open up his mind and understand that it is just not the members of a single religion that will find peace in my heaven. Members of all religions that live a life of love, understanding and are good to one another will find peace when they return to heaven. For them to preach such things they are truly the false prophets because they are trying to indoctrinate individuals into a religion that may or may not be able to find peace when they return home


34.  Do you ever participate personally in judging a soul? Yes, whenever a soul has done terrible evil, I become involved with his guides to make sure that he is sent to the lower level where he can contemplate what he has done for as long as necessary. In most instances as I said before I do not become involved. I do become involved when members of my soul family return home if they have attempted to follow what they have been sent to do I welcome them and congratulate them on lives well lived

35.  Is it possible for a soul to deceive you in order to get out of the lower level? No, my understanding is total. They may try and many do, but until they truly have found a love for me in their hearts they will remain where I have put them.

36.  Can a soul choose to remain earthbound in order to avoid being judged? The soul can remain earthbound for the time being but there is always a time that they have to agree to return home. There are many souls that fear their judgement and there are many souls that do not understand the wonders that they will receive when they totally return, but it is possible for a soul to remain earthbound for a period of time.

37.  Is there ever a time earthbound soul are forced to advanced? There is a time that I have my angels intervene to try to convince them that is time to return to their home. We will try to move them along but there is essentially no time over here so there no rush. The longer they choose to remain earthbound, the longer will be until they can return and attempt to live a life that will allow them to advance.

38.  Would you explain for us the channel of the unknowing dead? That can be very difficult to understand. There are those individuals that have not realized that they have passed. There will be a time that once again I will have my angels attempt to tell what has taken place and for them to understand that they need to move on. But it is true that there is to what we refer to as a channel  of souls that have not realized that they have passed

39.  You hear psychics tell the souls to go to the light, is that how it really works? If you believe there is a light there can be a light but that does not exist for all souls when they return home. It essentially does no good to try to advise souls go to the light as such. I have my angels intervene and attempt to show them how to advance when the time has come for them

40.  Do you ever disagree with the opinion of the souls’ guide? There are times that the guides for a soul can be incorrect, quite often they think they are doing what is right. For instance, you saw an example of St. Martin attempting to get involved and to guide in a direction that is contrary to what I want. In those instances, I become involved and tell that guide that what they are doing is not correct.

41.  Is it possible for a soul to have done something so evil that they will never be allowed to reincarnate? I try not to ever use the word never. Keep in mind that in my world millions of years actually mean very little. Your universe has been around for 13 billion years, so should they wish to remain in the lower level for a billion years that is quite possible for them, but I try not to use the word never

42.  Do Gods in other galaxies have heavens? Yes, all Gods have heavens but all Gods have different rules regarding their heavens. Many of the rules are totally incomprehensible[DS1]  for humans.

Current Events

43.  Many of our universities have become places of indoctrination for socialism. How can we counter their influence for our young? The best way to counter their influence is to speak my true teachings. I have had you for the last several years learn of my true teachings. I have had you write of my true teachings and I have had you speak those teachings. There will be a time that more will listen to what you have written and to the words that you are speaking. The only way that you can offset the influence of those that have determined that a way a life other than capitalism is the way to the future is to convince them of the reality of what goes on around them and what the reality is from my true teachings.

44.  What do you believe is the future of organized religions? I believe that the concept of organized religions will diminish over time. As individuals become more aware of what my true teachings are, they will find very few of the organized religions actually adhere to all of my words that I spoke when I walked the Earth. You will see a time where individuals are drawing away from the organized religion because as individuals become more educated then tend to see what they can see as flaws in those religions. I am speaking very simple words of love. It is a religion that all can follow

45.  What can organized religions do to grow their memberships in these times? They can become more flexible in their teachings. For instance, when a church tells you that every word of my gospels is correct they are not speaking the truth, they should take time to learn the history of the gospels, what has taken place thru time and how they have been manipulated. They need to understand the simplicity of my teachings.  Simple teachings will appeal to the multitudes, the complexity of what is being taught by some of the organized religions has driven people from their churches. If they return to a simple method of teaching such as I did, people will return to the churches and will show love towards others and will have love shown towards them.

46.  Do you believe that the future of having individuals love God is thru organized religions? It can be, there is obviously a place for organized religions. It helps build the character of children, it teaches them the concept of right and wrong and brings them into contact with others that should share my love. It is also possible individuals can follow my teachings and not be members of organized religion. So as your civilization advances it is quite possible that many will make the choice not to follow the road of organized religion but the follow my teachings on their own

47.  What can be done to discourage the breaking up of family units, that is a major problem these days. Your government has to do things to maintain the family unit, they have to provide education to the poor, they have to let members of poor communities that have intellectual abilities to advance. They have to make people understand that without two parents a child will have much difficulty in following the leadership of a parent and knowing what is right and wrong. There are many things your government can do to help. Many of the problems are coming from the breakdown of a family unit. Individuals have to understand that when they commit to marriage they are also committing to attempting to raise their children to follow my words. It is very important that parents stick together and provide a firm foundation for the young

48.  What would you say to those who promote socialism? I would tell them to stop! Socialism has destroyed many wonderful countries. I have watched Venezuela go from one of the richest countries in the southern hemisphere to one of the poorest. No one can provide an example where socialism has worked. I showed you what I wanted when I created your country. Your founding fathers knew of my beliefs and desires and they followed them in your constitution and in the ways of running your country. It is very simple to know that is right and what is wrong in how a country should be run and how a country should follow my laws.

49.  And what would you say to those who promote communism? Communism is even worse than socialism! All you have to do is to look at current China and what they are doing to their people. North Korea is a disaster! His people are suffering so in that country. Communism is the worst example of what anyone should want their country to achieve.


I want to thank all of you for listening. My teachings are very simple, please understand that if you have the love for me in your heart you will show for love for others and others will show love for you. It is not necessary for you to harbor hatred in your hearts!  Attempt to not show any hatred towards anyone. Hatred will destroy you, hatred will ruin your life, hatred will lead you towards addiction. It will lead you to many things that will ruin your lives. It is very difficult for you to show examples where love has led to leading you to a life of sadness. Know that I am with you, know that I hear your words, and know that I hear you every prayer. Know that I am here to bless you tonight, know that you are my children, know that I hear every word that you speak to me. Try to follow my simple teachings, if you follow no other just remember that love is the most important thing of all. With these words I am going to leave you tonight. I thank you for listening and I will return to you in the near future with more messages. In the meantime, please attempt to learn my teachings and my history as much as possible. We have bought you these messages that you can listen too. I have had Barry and Connie write books concerning my teachings.  Try to learn and from the words that you learned you will find happiness.

With these words I will say God Bless and good night!



I would like everyone that is listening here tonight to know that I love and bless each and every one of you. All of you are special in my eyes! I am with each of you. I know what is in your hearts and I know how much you love God and how much you want to spread his words. Tonight, I requested to be with you, because of the first time in over 2000 years the true story of my life is now available. I told Barry and Connie the story of my life and what really happened when I walked the Earth. If you have listened to any of my previous messages, you will know that I was married and lived a relatively a normal life before I began my ministries. There is much else that is included in this book. Know that all of the words that are written come from me or my most trusted missionaries. There are others that have contributed to this book such as Saint Augustine, my mother Mary, my wife Toba and many other spirits that were very close to me in life and continue to serve me here in heaven. Now is the time for you to learn of my words, to study them and to understand just what I would like each of you to do. It is a very important time for all of you. As you know the power of Satan has been growing rapidly! That is why I selected this time to send Barry and Connie to you so that they can speak my words and write of my messages. This book is but the beginning of the true story of my life and those of my closest disciples and apostles. There will be a second book that is now completed that will tell the story of my messages and that book will include chapters by many of my disciples and holy servants. The book that I want to talk about tonight tells the story of how I returned to Earth at a very difficult time to speak the words of the one God. Through the times since I walked the Earth much of my teaching and words have been altered. Man has redefined much of what I taught and much of what I want you to know. When I walked the Earth, I spoke of love for one another. I spoke a very simple message that if you were loved and showed that to others, others would show that same love to you. That is the only answer to beat the evil that is destroying your world today. Make sure that you understand my true teachings. There are many out that there that do not speak my true words. I never taught of fear when I walked the earth. I taught that if you lived a good life and loved others that you would join me in heaven. Those that followed my words have joined me and have realized that what I spoke was true. Now it is possible for all of you to read and understand the truth of my life. In the very near future, I will act in a manner that all will know that the words of Barry and Connie are the truth. Many will become convinced and it will be much easier for you to share my words. Just know now that you must be as knowledge as possible if you are to influence others. There are many out there that are skeptical of what Barry is writing. Just as when I walked the Earth, many people will call you crazy, will say there is no way that you can truly be speaking my words and will speak vile words towards you and insults. Unfortunately, that is something that you will have to learn to accept. Return those vile words with love. Do not waste your time on those that cannot have an open mind and cannot be taught. As I have been telling you now for over a year, I will not let you fail in this mission! I watch over you as do the souls of those closest to me! My mother Mary is well aware of all that is taking place. My wife, my father and all the souls that were with me in life are assisting you in this time of trouble for the evolution of humans. Just know this …. with God all things are possible! God will not allow you to fail in this! God has provided you with the information you will need to go forth and to win others over and to show the honesty that I showed when I walked the Earth. Tonight, I just want you to know the incredible love that I feel for each of you. I have watched you listen; I have watched you learn and I am now taking great pride in what you are accomplishing. You are almost ready to go forward and to succeed. Many of you will have the ability to communicate with me directly for instance: Betsy, Shane, A.J., Rachel, Karen and others will be able to advance thru channeling learned by studying under Barry and Connie to receive my messages directly. Know that there is nothing evil about using a channeling board as a crutch to provide information and to advance your own abilities.
Just as Barry and Connie have learned their abilities thru the years it will take you time, but you will be able to communicate with me directly at some time in the future. Time of Barry and Connie will be limited. There will be a time that many of you will need to step forward and to carry my messages into the next millennia. Know that I am very, very proud of all of you. Know as well that you will carry on my messages and you will make an immense impact upon the people that will take time to open their hearts and minds. From this day forward I trust that all of you will do your best to preach my words and my love. With this short message tonight, I am going to leave you. I will return shortly. What I want of you is to study the information that Barry and Connie have made available. Know that it is truly my words that Barry has written. Tonight, know that I love you, that I bless you, and that I am with all of you. With those words I am going to leave you. Just know that I am in each and all of your hearts and with that I am going to say AMEN!

02/21/2019, Channeling Jesus

Lord, are you with us tonight? Yes, I am here. You have scheduled this evening as I have requested of you and I am happy to see that many of your members and followers are joining in to listen tonight to my words.

First of all, I want all of you in the group to know how proud that I am of you and of your service to me and your attempts in spreading my words. I realize that it is a very difficult task that you are facing; many out there will never believe that Barry is truly speaking my words. You can rest assured that he is indeed saying my words. Unfortunately, there are those out there that do not believe in me or that have been indoctrinated in the believe that every word that has been written about me and that appears in the gospels is the truth. When my book comes out you will all be aware of the events that shaped my life. You will learn that I lived and loved as any other human would have lived and loved. My life was very normal for many years until I began my ministries and began to conduct miracles which were intended to prove to the people that I was truly a very special person. I told people that I was the son of God even though I was God incarnate! It would have been impossible for the people that listened to my words to believe that I was truly a God.  I had been sent back to prove to them and to tell them that there was only one God.  At the time I returned, they worshipped many, so I felt it would not have been to the advantage of my message to tell them that I was truly God and have them mix me up with the other ones they were worshiping at the time.

I want you all to know that many of you have been sent back to help spread my words. As my messages become more and more apparent it should become easier for you to find those who have room in their hearts to understand my message and to know I spoke a very simple message of love when I walked the earth.

In the very near future things will begin to happen to make it much easier for you to spread my words. The beginning will be the availability of my book.  The words that Barry has written in my book are those that I have told him to write. I had my closest spirits come through and assist him with the information that he will be presenting to you.  Once the information is available, I ask that each of you take time to read it and understand it. What you will see in the book is contrary to what you have been led to understand in the gospels that were selected for the Bible. Know this; what you read in that book you can believe because they are truly my words, this will be but the start of a large campaign to bring people to understand my simple message.  It will only be after the people understand just how innocent and loving my experience on earth was that they can pass on that love to others. Those others will in turn pass on my message of love and so should begin a very large movement of leading people back to equal respect and love for one another.

At the present time your politicians are leading you down a very evil path.  They have become more accustomed to greed and wealth than to looking out for the people of your country. When I worked with your founding founders, I laid out principals that could live and work for millennia.  Many of those principals have been misinterpreted and changed so as to put the long-term existence of your country in danger. They must return to the founding principles!  They must learn that the best interest of the people of your country are foremost.  When you vote for your politicians you must ask them if they can conform to my preaching’s.

One very important lesson that I will leave with you tonight is the sanctity of life for the innocent before they are born. Abortion is a terrible sin! Those that perform abortions are contrary to my preaching’s in the worst sort of way.  It is possible that things can go wrong and there are exceptions but in most cases the innocence that are killed in the womb have had their life plans shortened for no reason. You must understand that life is a most valuable asset. When you are sent back your soul enters the womb with a path that has been selected for you alone.  You have chosen lessons that must be learned, you have chosen sorrow that you must grieve for and perhaps you even selected loneliness because it is a lesson your soul has to learn.  When the innocent are destroyed, life plans are destroyed as well and the soul must go back and create an entirely new life plan and their path to rising in the realms of my heaven has been disrupted.

Use common sense as you select your elected officials, think of what I taught the founding fathers and attempt to select those that speak of those ideals. Your country is truly at risk, that is one reason why I have selected this time to send back Barry and Connie as well as many of you that are listening. I will give you the information and tools to work with; use those tools wisely. Barry has been given the gift of healing, and when he heals others it will add as proof that he truly speaks my words, just as I gave the gift of healing to the others of my disciples and others thru time that spoke for me.

At this time, I would like to bless each and every one of you that are listening. I know each of you and I know that each of you carry my love in your hearts. Your mission is not easy but if you persevere with my help you will succeed.  With those words know that you are blessed, know that you carry my love in your hearts and know that all will be fine. Go in peace and bring my message of love to others and with that I bless you and I know that Barry has a few questions that I have given him, and I will try to answer them for you.

1.     Lord, many of our members are frustrated that we are not reaching more people, what do you have to say to them? What I have to say to you is have patience, the time will come that is much easier, the time will come that is much more apparent that my miracles will be shown to others. The first step is to read the messages that are in my book that will lead you to my understanding. Barry has just about completed my second book.  He will soon finish it and with that book and the first my messages will be complete, so have patience, know that I am with you and know that God always wins in the end.

2.     When your book comes out in a couple of months what should the members of the group do? They should read the book and digest the information that’s in it. They will find that it is once again very different from what they have learned through their lives and through the gospels. Just know that it is the truth and it is the way to leading all of you to spreading my words of love.

3.     Why should anyone pay attention to the words that Barry channels? They should pay attention because he speaks my words. I know that is incredibly difficult for many to believe, but each of you tonight are watching a miracle. It is a miracle that you are hearing the true words of God.  It is going to be very difficult, as I said, for others to believe as you have, have patience and know that your mission will be successful.

4.     We are often being told that we are being misled by the devil, and it is against the teachings of the bible to speak to spirits, how should we answer them? There are many out there to whom there is no answer, they will never in this lifetime believe that I am speaking through Barry.  They will not understand until they come over and enter my kingdom, at that time they will realize the folly of their beliefs. You must tell them that through the years God has chosen people to speak his words. God chose Moses to speak his words, he chose the disciples and the disciples went forth and spread the words that I spoke when I walked the earth. There have been many people since that time that have truly spoken for me as well.  For instance, I had Mother Theresa come back and speak my words, Gandhi was another, and as you are well aware, I send people back in all different religions. Gandhi was not sent back as a Christian, he was sent back to bring messages to the people of India. There are many, many paths into my heaven and I have sent back many that have spoken my words.  The most recent that you have seen has been Billy Graham, he was incredibly effective in spreading words of my love, so as you can see Barry is not unique in this mission.

5.     Are your speaking the same message to others, to other groups around the world, throughout the galaxy? I have sent back others that are speaking words very similar to yours as well. It is my hope that there will be a time that all those speaking my words can unite and combine our energies towards spreading my words of love, but yes there are others out there that are speaking my words. However, I must warn you that there are also many out there that are claiming to be speaking my words that are false prophets. You know the intent of my message. If the words that you are listening to are not the same as you hear from Barry, be aware and acknowledge that that is a false prophet that has not been sent back through my energies.

6.     In your ministries did you ever tell individuals to tie or give 10 percent of their income to the church? No, that was added at a later time to bring wealth and power to individuals that controlled the organized religions of the time. What I asked is that people would use their funds to help others.  For those of great wealth that do not use it to help others they will be judged when they arrive back here. There are many people with vast amounts of money that can do great amounts of good. I would hope that they would pay attention to some of your messages and understand that they should use their gift to do good for others

7.     Is there an anti-Christ? There is no anti-Christ as such, but there are many that speak against the words of God and are destined to spend much time in my lower level. There are many out there at this time who are letting greed and power control their lives.  Those are the individuals that need worry when they arrive over here.

8.     Who today can be described as anti-Christ? The worst are the atheists that preach against my words.  They are doing great harm to individuals such as yourselves that are trying to spread my message. Second, I would think are your politicians that are trying to destroy your country.  They are very evil and are doing much harm.

9.     All of the great nations of the world have at some time come to an end.  Will that also be the fate of the United States? If the citizens of your great country do not heed my messages and continue to follow the path of evil and nonbelief, there will be a time that your country will cease to exist as have all other civilizations. It is not too late! All that is required for your country to exist far in the future is to follow the commandments that I gave to your founding fathers.  Love of God cannot be erased from your government!  Once that takes place your country will be in a downward spiral which I will allow to happen because it is the result of the free will of the majority of the people. If the majority of your people speak of my love and messages, the future of your country will be assured.

10. What is your opinion of socialism? Socialism is totally contrary to the principles of the founding fathers. Your country has been great because of the work ethic of your citizens; socialism has destroyed many lives and many countries. It is a fallacy to believe that it is the panacea for the United States.  A path towards socialism will be a path towards your country’s destruction.

11. Why are the members of this group so special in your eyes? Many of the members of this group has served me in previous lifetimes, I have asked that many of you return to assist Barry and Connie in carrying out my truth and carrying out the words that will continue to allow you to rise in the realms of my heaven. It is a very important time for you to actively influence others. My love and my message of love is the most important thing and the most important words you will ever hear. All of you are very special people and all of you share a great love for me in your hearts.  What is needed is for you to share that love with others, if you do that all will be fine. I know that many of you are trying and many of you are frustrated as I spoke before. Have patience, things will happen and in the very near future your success will be assured.

With those words I am going to leave you tonight. God bless you! God will keep you and God holds your love, his love for each of you in his heart. Amen!

A Christmas Message From Jesus, 2018


Good evening, tonight I want to come to you in this season where we celebrate my birth. Through the years the celebration has become more and more commercialized and less of the devotion to God as it was intended. Tonight, I would like to bless each and every one of you that are listening and want you to know that when I walked the earth, I spoke of love for one other. Today your world is filled with evil and with those with those that have greed in their hearts. In order to bring my words to all of you, you must pay attention to what is spoken here tonight. When I walked the earth, I spoke simply of love of one another and of devotion to God. Those of you that pay attention to those words will join me in my heaven, I want all of you here tonight to know the love that is in my heart for all of you. This should be a time of special devotion, it should be a time when you gather with your family and you give thanks for all the blessings you have. It should not be a time to delve in the negative things in your lives. It should be a time for happiness, and good will and cheer. Remember that when I lived, I was sent to earth as a small baby, my birth is what you celebrate here today. In my life I tried to spread words of love and hope for everyone!  Please bring that hope forward and make this a time where you dedicate your lives to helping others to spreading the love that I tried to spread and to eliminate the hatred that many feel for one another. Go forward on this evening and know the power of the one God. Know that I speak for God and for the time that I walked the earth as Jesus. It is a time of good will and cheer, it is a time of meditation and is a time to show your love for all those around you.  With those words I will bless you and I will leave my countenance upon you and may you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and bring forth the love that I feel for you to others.

09/19/18  Channeling Jesus

Lord are you with us tonight? Yes, I am here once again to bring all the listeners my words of faith and love, as those of you know that have listened before I speak of the growing strength of Satan. It is becoming more and more evident everyday specially in your government. I hope that all of you will follow your heart and send individuals to Washington that love me and will work for your country. Your future depends on major changes being made for your government. I want all of you here tonight to know that hatred is not going to help you advance in the realms of my heaven. I taught love, and love is what will help you to progress when you are home with me. It makes me very sad to see all the hatred is being exhibited today. How anyone can imagine they are following my preaching’s when they spew such hatred is imaginable. I watch what is happening and it breaks my heart. It is up to you the members of this group to spread my message of love and peace for all. Tonight is a very special night for all of you as I will now bless each and every one watching tonight, my blessings are with you and will continue to lighten your pathway, do not ever think that I have abandoned you, I am always with you and you will be aware of my presence, in the near future I will make it apparent that these are my words and they are meant to guide and teach you of my true teachings. In several months Barry’s book about my life will be available, that book will tell the truth of my time on earth and what I truly spoke, when you read that book you will become more aware of how much I love each and every one of you. Until that time, I will have my closest souls speak to you through Barry and Connie and they will bring you messages that were spoken by me. Soon it will be very important that all of you have no doubts that these are my words, much depends upon you. I have arranged for some questions and I will now answer.

1.     Lord, members of our group are confused about attending a church that does not reflect the words we hear from your sessions here, what would you tell our members about attending church. There are very strong reasons to attend some churches, many do not emulate my teachings, some are closer than others. You are being made aware of the truth of my teachings. When you go to your church, keep in mind that the most important thing is love for one another, do not be deceived by false prophets that try to profit from my teachings. Church can bring loving companionship to individuals, share the love and avoid what you now know is contrary to my words.

2.     Lord, what church comes closest to your true teachings. That is a very difficult question as none truly teach my words, some such as the Mormon church place the love of church ahead of the love of God, the Catholic church is in tatters and must rebuild before it has my approval, Evangelical churches are not open minded and restrict what you are told to believe. The Jewish church is close but does not except my coming. You must sort it out for yourself, just remember how you love God and live your life is the most important factor.

3.     Will there ever be a church that teaches your true words? Hopefully that is why we are here tonight, from these sessions’ groups will form and understand my true teachings.

4.     Lord, attacks against Christians by individuals in the entertainment industry are becoming more frequent, is there anything that can be done about this. The hatred that is being shown towards me by members of entertainment community are an unforgivable sin and they will meet my raft when they come home.

5.     Is hatred a sin? Yes! All hatred is a sin, extreme hatred is an unforgivable sin.

6.     When does hatred become an unforgivable sin? When it hurts others, for instance, if your hatred toward an individual lead to ruining his life, that is an unforgivable sin.

7.     Will you describe heaven for us? Heaven is indescribable, it will exceed anything you are capable of imagining. There is no evil over here. Evil only exists on your Earth, you will be with the souls of your family and loved ones, you will be able to visit places you never imagined! You will be given the opportunity to help others while you are here. Your decision to return will be entirely up to you. There is free will in heaven as there is on Earth.

8.     Lord will you explain the realms of heaven for us? Yes, there are seven different realms or elevated areas of heaven. Access to the upper realms depends on how you have lived your many incarnate lifetimes on multiple planets. There is a lower lever where those performing unforgivable sins and evil are sent, it is a realm of nothingness where your, or where the soul contemplates what it has done and how it will make up for its evil past. It is not until the soul has totally reformed itself that it will be allowed to exit from that realm and reincarnate. The future life plans of that soul will have a karma that reflects what it has done.

9.     What defines if a sin can be forgiven or not. How many people have been hurt by the actions of the individual.

10. What happens if a sin cannot be forgiven? The soul is sent to the lower realms where it must decide how it will make up for those sins.

11. How do you determine when a soul can be let out from the lowest realm? I must be convinced that the soul has determined that it will make up for its previous mistakes, there is no limit to the amount of time the soul can be left in the lower realm.

12. Assuming that the soul is not in the lower realm but in one of the others, who makes the decision that soul is ready to advance to a higher level? That is generally left up to your guides, they are most familiar with your past lives and know of my requirements.

13. How many lifetimes does it take to advance to the other realms? There is no answer to that questions, as many lifetimes as it takes to become Godlike, it can take millions of lifetimes.

14. What role do angels play in prayer? They assist in bringing your prayers to me or to person that is being prayed to, if you pray to my mother the angels will carry the prayers to her.

15. Lord is there anything special about humans? All different species are special. I created humans as the unique species to see if they are capable of learning my lessons. I gave them free will and allowed evil so that humans had to make their own choices.

16. Why do souls have to reincarnate on different planets. It is impossible for any soul to learn all the required lessons on a single planet. There are emotions that have never been felt by humans that the soul must understand to advance.

17. Lord, how do you define love? Love is when you have no doubts that I or another soul exists and feel a deep seeded emotion for them, if you love me, you have no doubts that I am with you and will watch over you. Unconditional love is the goal of any human.

18. What is the best way to share your love? You can share your love by being kind and helpful to others, greed and envy are the opposite of love. If you covet a physical possession of another, that is a sin and the opposite of love.

19. What happens if you think you love God but spread hatred for your fellow man. If you spread hatred you are sinning, if that hatred hurts others it becomes an unforgivable sin, no matter what you think, you are judged by your actions.

20. Are there any sections of the Old Testament that should be disregarded? Much of the Old Testament is not accurate. Only a few segments are such as Moses and partying of the red sea, the story of Elijah and several others.

21. Lord, since there are so many other planets with advanced life, why is it so important that humans exist? The future of your race is in your own hands, there are many races that no longer exist because they could not accept my words and teachings. I want humans to exist, but that will be determined by your free will.

22. Lord is it possible to defeat Satan? Yes, but not under the current circumstances. Satan is growing in strength because evil and the desire for power is growing in strength. Good people must make a stand and defeat the evil around you. It will be very difficult, it was very difficult when I walked the Earth and it is difficult now. Just remember that I will help those that try to defeat evil. If you make the effort God will always win.

23. Lord are there any planets that Satan does not exist? Yes, there are many advanced planets where my words are followed.

24. Lord what was the origin of praying the rosary? The Roman church felt that the uneducated people needed guidance in how they prayed and the rosary allowed that to happen.

25. Lord, when members of your soul family returns, who creates the life plans for them. Their guides and fellow soul assist, but I am in charge of the final plans. When you and Connie made your plans to return, I made the final decisions. You and Connie are now following exactly what I planned for you.

26. Lord, what will be the faith of false prophets. They will be sent to the lower level, if they teach falsehoods that hurt others, for those that are doing good yet preaching what is not accurate, they will simply be informed of what is correct.

27. Who do you consider worst of the false prophets? Atheists that preach I do not exist are the worst, those that preach violence and hatred are also very evil and will meet my raft.

28. Are there many members in your personal soul family? Yes, there have been many that have served me through the millennia.

29. Are new souls admitted to your soul family? Yes, there are those who have been serving me that will be advanced to my level.

30. What is your opinion on how humans are polluting the Earth. It is a sin against Mother Nature and she will respond accordingly

31. If an individual has included suffering in his life plan but commits suicide to end his suffering, will that affect his next life plan? That will depend upon how far he advanced in his plan. If the soul prematurely commits suicide, the lesson will have to be relived.

32. Can suicide ever be part of a life plan? No, that is never included in a life plan.

33. What happens to a soul that commits suicide and prematurely ends his life. That soul will go through an adjustment period where the mistake it performed will be explained in detail. Then his guides will begin another life plan where is required lessons will be repeated.

34. Are there any artifacts that exist presently of the time you walked the Earth? Yes, the Holy Grail or the cup I used that last evening still exists. That is the only real relic of my lifetime but its location will remain hidden.

35. What was the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was a container that carried the commandment that were given to Moses, it no longer exists.

36. Is the concept of enlightenment in the Buddhist religion that same as the souls advancing through the realms? It is similar, to that believe Nirvana would be the same as our upper level, however the advancement is much more complicated and difficult then conceived in their beliefs. Their beliefs can lead to advancement because they try to live loving lives.

37. With so much hatred in the world, what is your recommendation to resolve world conflict. Everyone should step back and attempt to change how they look at one another. Remember that all souls are the same when over here, it is just when you return there are so many differences.

38. What country do you consider the most evil the world today? There are many countries that are evil, those that prosecute individuals that believe in me are the worst.

39. Lord, will it ever be possible for humans to resolve world conflicts? It is not only possible but your existence depends upon it, humans are now capable of destroying all life on your planet. They must learn to compromise and live together, once again the simple key is love for one another.

40. Have you ever had to step in to prevent the annihilation of humans? I have guided humans away from self-destruction, but if humans determined to destroy each other, I will allow it.

41. Lord do you have any specific messages for members of our group? Yes, the other night I had Laura inform Emily of her path and her past history. You informed Kim of her upcoming role and she needs to accept it, there are others I will specifically mention in future sessions.

42. Lord do you have a final message for us tonight. Yes, this evening I gave a lot of information, some of which you will find controversial, just remember that love and faith in God is the most important thing that the soul can accept and carry out. In the future I will be giving more specific guidance and information, in the meantime I will have my highest souls come to you with messages and truth that will help guide you. Tell others of my words, the more that accept the truth of what you hear from Barry and Connie, the easier it will be to assure Satan is defeated, go in peace and now that you have my blessings. Amen!

18. 08. 09 Channeling Jesus, Facebook Live

Message of Our Lord

I am here tonight because I have a very important message for all of you. I want you all to know that I love each and every one of you and hear all of your prayers. Tonight, I want to stress how important it is that each and every one of you try to bring my messages to others. This is a time of great evil.  Satan is very active and is winning in many areas.  Many families have no father and have abandoned the church while some of what is taught in church is not accurate to my words, please keep in mind that it is the best reference you have concerning my teachings. I am trying to let all know my true teachings through Barry and Connie, they were sent back by me to bring you these messages. Those of you in the group know that you as well have a special relationship with me. You’ve been sent back as well to spread my words, without you much will be lost.  With you all is possible. My words of love are everlasting and will bring comfort to those suffering and in grief. Without my presence, all would be lost.

Together we will succeed where others have failed. Tonight, will mark a beginning for many.  All who listen must believe that you are actually hearing the words of God. Jesus when he walked the earth was God incarnate and the words that I spoke were those of God.  Be not afraid to speak my words, your reward will be when you return home with me in heaven.  Those that refuse to listen to my words, will not enjoy the fruits of heaven, but will have to return and repeat the lessons they failed to learn. Love is the answer and many live by hate and that is not the answer. Those that live by hatred and speak against the existence of God will not do well when they face my judgement. Please remember that I am with all of you, my strength will be your strength to lead others to my love. Do not fear the words of others that will criticize you. They criticized me, but my words are still with you after 2,000 years. Bringing people to know me is your ultimate goal. I want to thank all of you for what you have accomplished. It will soon be apparent what my plan is for all of you.  Soon my words will be published in Barry’s book and be there for all to see. When you become aware of the big picture you will be pleased and proud to have participated in bringing people to God. That is all I have for the time being, I will now answer your questions.


1.     Many people do not believe we are channeling with Jesus, is there anything to convince those skeptics? In time it will become obvious that you are really speaking the words of God, soon you will be performing miracles of healing that will convince all, there will be no doubt who you are talking to.

2.     Lord, there are others that claim you speak to them and write your words, are any of those claims accurate? Some, but many pretend they are speaking the words of God, just focus on what you hear from Barry and Connie, there is no need to seek other advice.

3.     Can you give us some specific information on who some of those people are? Yes! There are books about conversations with God that are not accurate. There are many websites that do not speak my words.  As I said before all the information required will be given here.

4.     Lord would you be so kind to tell our listeners what heaven is really like? Heaven is the most magnificent place, all is possible simply by thinking what you would like, however there is a lower level where those that perform evil deeds are sent and it is a place of nothingness where the soul must contemplate what it has done and determine that it will never repeat those acts.

5.     Lord what must the soul do to advance in the realms of heaven? The soul must live lives of love and believing in God with all their heart and soul. Each lifetime lived in my service helps the soul to advance in the realms of heaven.

6.     Lord how is it possible for you to hear everyone’s prayers? My energy is universal and is in all beings. I truly hear all prayers.

7.     Would you explain why all prayers are not answered?  Many people ask for things that would change a life plan for an individual, for instance, the soul may be required to suffer at the end of the life as a repayment for karma for events from a prior life, for me to interfere with those events would force the soul to return and relive that event.

8.     This might be a silly question; does it make a difference when you pray if your eyes are open or closed. No, it is not a silly question, it makes no difference I hear the prayer either way.

9.     Would you like to tell your listeners about your soul family in heaven?  Yes, they are a group of souls that have served me throughout the millennia and have lived thousands of lifetimes in my service on other planets. Those souls were selected to return and walk the earth when I walked the earth.  For instance, the Saints that you have talked to on this program where chosen because they were the highest-ranking souls and I knew I could trust them to support my words. There are some among you now that were a member of that group that walked the earth with me. Barry and Connie were among that group.

10. Lord, you speak of being on many other planets, will you tell us how many intelligent planets there really are in our galaxy? Suffice to say that there are many, there are planets with intelligent life that have evolved for millions of years, some are very advanced,  and all follow my teachings. The more a civilization advances the more important it is to learn to love one another, otherwise extinction and self-destruction is the only answer. Humans have yet to learn that lesson and that is why you were sent back to try to teach my words.

11. Lord, does each intelligent planet have a heaven? Yes, each planet has a heaven where the souls go when they are contemplating reincarnation. Reincarnation is the universal rule of the galaxy.

12. Lord how much do you rely upon individuals of other planets to guide humans? Individuals from other planets are all around you and have attempted to help with the evolution of humans.

13. How was soul energy created? I created soul energy at the time the galaxy was created, that is how long your souls have known life not just on earth.

14. Are you pleased with what the members of the group have accomplished? Yes, so far it has been a learning process for all. You had to be bought together and then realize you really were speaking with me. Now that you have accepted the fact it will be possible to move on with the plan.

15. Is there anyone in the group for whom you would have a specific message? I have messages for many, but I want to tell Sandra that she is following her path, soon many will have specific messages.

16. What more would you have the members of the group do? For the time being just focus on the messages you hear from Barry and Connie. In the future you will receive instructions on how to advance my words.

17. Lord, you told us several months ago that there would be a time of grief in our country, can you tell us more about that? I also said that those who believe in me need not worry.

18. There are many fires threating California right now, is that a result of a state being drawn away from God? Yes, it will continue until they realize that following God is the only path.

19. Lord the books of Isaiah states the Syrian army was destroyed by an angel of God, did that really happen? No, it was not destroyed by an angel. Angels are beings of peace.

20. What did destroy the army? There was an earthquake and volcanic eruption that accompanied the earthquake.

21. Did you destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? No, once again that was a natural occurrence.

22. Was Noah’s Ark real? No there was a time of major flooding but there was never a time that all animals were on a single ship.

23. What section of the Bible do you consider the most accurate to your teachings? I consider the book of Matthew to have more accurate statements then many of the other gospels.

24. What section of the Gospels do you consider the most inaccurate to your teachings? That would be Revelations. That Gospel was a pure fabrication instigated by Satan. I will never instigate end of days, humans may destroy themselves but that will not be my action.

25. What is your opinion of Vladimir Putin? He is a Christian, but he is creating much pain and suffering throughout the world.

26. Does Russia represent a great threat to the United States? They represent a threat but not as great as some others?

27. What do you consider the greatest danger to the Unites States? The greatest danger to the United states is the lessening in the belief of God, without God there will be no United States.

28. What country represents the greatest threat to the United States? Several represent a great threat, Iran hates Israel and that could draw many others into conflict. China has great ambitions to control the world.  It remains to be seen how all these conflicts will be resolved.

29. What is your opinion of what is taking place in the middle east? It breaks my heart to see the violence in lands upon which I walked.  Such hatred must stop, but that will be up to the free will there is so much hatred in that region it will be very difficult.

30. Lord, how can people know if they are traveling down the proper spiritual path? If they have the love for me in their hearts they are on the proper path. The more that individuals speak of my love, the more assured they can be that their path is successful.

31. Lord there was a God called the Great Thoth, it is said in mythology that he spread a lot of knowledge among the people, is Thoth a reincarnate member of your soul family? Yes, he was sent to help educate the Egyptians. He was a great teacher.

32. Was he a reincarnated member of your soul family? Yes, his soul actually returned when I walked the earth

33. Can you tell us who he was? It was Matthew

34. Lord did you ever show anger in your life? Of course, I lived a normal life and anger is a human characteristic, however I never let my anger hurt anyone of create damage to another.

35. Did you attack the money changers in the temple? Yes, that is a true teaching.  That is how I provoked the Pharisee, who then carried out the end of my life plan.

36. Would you like to tell the listeners anything about your early life? There is not much to tell, once again I lived a normal childhood, I obeyed my parents and even got into arguments with my brother and sister.

37. Would you like to tell our listeners anything else about your family? They will learn when your book comes that I lived a very happy married life and had 5 children. I will wait until your book comes out to elaborate on more detail.

38. You have the ability to create miracles and help others, in what instances do you perform such miracles? I perform miracles when it helps to inform others of my powers and that only my words are the truth.  Sometimes I take pity on individuals and perform healing miracles.  You will perform healing miracles for me using the power of God as proof that you really do speak my words.

39. Do you think there is more evil today than when you walked the earth? No, there was much evil and cruelty with the Romans at the time I walked the earth. Today evil takes a different form, I spoke against evil, just as you must actively speak against evil.

40. Lord can you give us a message that you had given to the people when you walked the earth? I told them of the love of God for each and every one.  If you love God there is nothing to fear, your soul will join me in heaven. If you create or act in an evil fashion your soul will not progress in the realms of heaven. Spread the words of God and you will find peace, death is not the end but the beginning of a new life with me in heaven.  Hurt others and your soul will have to pay the price and your judgement will not be good. God loves all, it is that simple!  If you love others as God loves you, your soul will be with me in heaven.  That is pretty much the message that I gave when I was on earth.

41. Do you have a final message for us? Yes, I blessed all of you here tonight!  Go in peace and spread the words of love that you have heard here tonight. I will come to you in the future.  Members of my soul family will come to you and speak as well.  Heed their words as well as you heed mine for they know the true meaning of the love of God.

God bless all of you Amen!

C 18. 05. 24. Channeling Jesus, Facebook Live

Message of Our Lord

I am here to bring all of you my message of love and hope in your future. As I speak here tonight much is happening in your world. Satan is very active and will win without your actions. What I wish for you to do is to spread my messages as I speak them through Barry and Connie. They have been sent back for this purpose, they speak my words and know of my plans. Each of you are brought here to know that you are special in my eyes and heart. It is all of you that will force Satan to lose. Tonight, is the beginning of your ministries and you must know that you will succeed. All must know my love and spread those words.

God always wins, there may be times when you doubt my presence, but I am always with you and hear your prayers. God will bless and keep each and every one of you here tonight.  Many are doubting my presence and speak that there is no God. They will have to bear my wrath and will have wasted a lifetime.  I am the way and the light of the world!

You will have everlasting life in the upper realms if you speak my words.  Those that speak that God does not exist will also have everlasting life but will spend it in the lower realms. Their lives will remain unfulfilled in heaven while those that speak my words will enjoy the bounties of my love and will live in the magnificence of my upper realms.

I, and my closest followers and disciples live in the upper realm where we attempt to guide souls and teach that all can become like God. Know that I will be the way to being like God.  Tonight, you must all take a strong step towards spreading my words.  Much is at stake if the people do not heed my warnings, your evolution is in danger. Speak to all that will listen. Tell them they must believe in me as the way forward.  If Satan is allowed to flourish, as is the current case, all the years of positive evolution will be wasted. The future for humans can be bright with my guidance but if evil continues to flourish the future of humans will be in doubt. I love and bless each and every one of you here tonight.  You are my modern disciples and I love each of you as I loved those that walked the earth with me. Go in peace and know that I walk with you as well. I will now answer some questions.


  1. Lord do you have any message for specific members of our group? -  Yes, Elena has heard my words and knows her path for now. Shawn must have total faith I am with her. Chris must conquer his depression and fulfil his life plan. I will have more specific messages in the future.

  2. Lord have you every appeared in physical form to anyone in the USA? -  No, I appeared in spiritual form as you see me, but I have never appeared as I did to my disciples.

  3. Lord, many doubt that we are really speaking to you. What can you do to prove to the people that are listening tonight that it is really you.  -  Faith is the answer.  I will in the future prove my powers by having you heal others, that will be my proof.

  4. Lord do you only bless those that believe or acknowledge their love for you? -  No, I also watch over non-believers because it is my hope they will come to know my love.

  5. Lord what is your message for churches who do not place men and women as equals? -  I taught that men and women were one in my eyes. Man changed my words to make them more powerful.

  6. Lord, when you were nearing the end of your life, what is your opinion about assisted suicide. -  You should not take your own life but as you enter your end days it is a forgivable sin.

  7. Lord, what would you say to those who had or performed abortions? -  The taking of an innocent life is an unforgivable sin and will face my judgement.  Women that have had abortions can be forgiven if they truly know in their hearts that what they did was against my teachings.

  8. Lord, what is your opinion about homosexuality? - While the natural way is for a man and a woman, many travel a different path.  What is important is how they live their lives.

  9. Lord, in your eyes what is the most disappointing thing that a human soul can do? -  The most disappointing thing is the taking of an innocent life.  While you must defend your family and country, the act of arbitrarily taking a life is an unforgivable sin.

  10. Lord none of us know much about your father Joseph, how old was he when he passed? -  My father was 78 when he passed.

  11. Did you have a last name? what was the family name of Joseph and Mary? -  I was only known as Jesus of Nazareth.

  12. Lord, we were told that evil was never created on the other side, why do people have mental illness that cause them to harm others?  - Those illnesses are a test, a soul must overcome such adversities.

  13. Are all those illness part of the life plan? -  Yes, the choice was made before they came back.

  14. Lord is the story of Adam and Eve real? -  No, it was made to show how man and woman were created because the ancients knew no other way to describe it.

  15. Lord how did you create humans? -  I used other life forms from other planets to seed man’s beginning’s.

  16. Lord how long ago did you create humans? -  I tried 3 times to seed humans.  Your ancestors have been here 370,000 years.

  17. Was evolution involved with humans?  - Yes, you had to learn how to advance. I provided your guidance.

  18. Lord did Moses really part the red sea? -  No, I parted the red sea

  19. Lord, what is the best way to stop mass shootings in our schools? -  Children must be taught love and forgiveness, without that Satan will continue to kill our children.

  20. What happens when you pray to an archangel such as Michael instead of to you? -  The angels carry your messages to me, they also help answer your prayers.

  21. Lord it appears that Satan is still as powerful as when you walked the earth, what can be done differently? -  You must drive evil from the hearts of all by replacing that evil with my love.

  22. Lord, many describe a tunnel and light when they have passed and come back. When we do pass, does the soul actually goes through such a tunnel and head towards a light? -  Sometimes, it is possible to enter heaven directly without such an entrance. Sometimes you are greeted immediately depending on how you lived your life.

  23. Lord who do you consider persons of God in our government? -  At this time there are few. Jim Jordan is a person of God.  Your President is trying but the forces of Satan are undermining him.

  24. Lord, what do you consider the greatest danger currently to our country? -  The growth of secularism and atheism.

  25. Lord, what is your opinion of the Apostles Creed? -  It contains inaccuracies, there is no hell and I am God. Jesus was God incarnate.

  26. Lord what is your opinion about the current Catholic Pope? -  He does not speak for me.  In many instances he speaks for the power of the church and not the words of God.

  27. Lord in the movie Heaven is for real, they referred to an image painted by Akiane Kramarik, is that picture an accurate depiction of what you looked like in life? -  Yes, I showed myself to her and she painted my image.

  28. Lord, do you have a final message for us? - Yes, tonight I spoke of many subjects.  Many of which were controversial. Know that love is the answer and, in many instances, not what you were taught. God bless all of you that see this show. I will return soon with more information. Good night and God Bless!

C 18. 05. 07 Facebook Live, Channeling Jesus

Message of Our Lord

I am here tonight to once again tell everyone of my love for each and every one of you.  As we begin to advance on your mission I want you all to know that you will succeed with my help. We are currently undergoing many acts of evil that are threatening to tear us apart. You must not let that happen. Love is always the answer! There is much hatred among many people. That hatred will destroy them, and they will have wasted a valuable lifetime. When they return home to me in heaven they will have to pay for that hatred. They will have wasted a life plan. They will have to repeat that learning experience again. Those of you that have love for me in your hearts will advance in my kingdom. It is truly that simple. When I walk the earth I also experienced such hatred.  Nothing has changed.  That is why I sent you back at this time. Barry and Connie were sent back to lead you and provide you with my words, together we will not lose. Together we will defeat the powers of Satan!  Know that I will not allow failure in this mission.

Know also that you are special in my eyes, many of you have served me when I walked the earth. Many of you where my devoted followers and who spread my words and were persecuted for your actions. Know that I appreciate and love you for your past actions, but time is now here for additional actions: Without your help much will be lost!  With your help much will be gained! These are my words for you tonight! Go forth with my blessings and know that you will succeed! Amen!

1.    Is there anything you can do make it easier for our members to communicate with their own personal guide?  - Yes, I will instruct their guides to come to them in their sleep and give them messages to help guide them.

2.    Can you explain the role of the members of your soul family that have played thru time? -  Yes, many of you are members of my soul family and are with me when in heaven. You have served me on other planets in earlier times. My powers extend throughout the galaxy and many follow my messages on other planets.

3.    Is there anyone in the group that you would like to address directly? -  Yes, I would like to tell Mary that I appreciate all she does, I also want Tomas to know as well. Cat is having problems but will overcome her doubts.  Andrew knows my love and will do his best.   Doris is playing an important role and hopes her son will open his heart. I will discuss the mission of others in the future, I also want Elena to know she is getting closer finding her mission. I will mention more in the future.

4.    What do you propose that each member does to spread your words? - Go forth with no fear! Bring individuals to hear my words, soon it will become more apparent as I disclose what will take place.

5.    Lord, our country is faced with many people that are attempting to enter without complying with our laws. What is your opinion of this situation? -  People must show compassion to those in need but they must also try to watch over the safety of all. Compassion should not create danger.

6.    Lord, many religions teach us that when you enter heaven you see God, is that true?  - No, you will see your family and your guides who will judge your life.

7.    Lord, in the bible, one of your most important events was the Sermon in the Mount, can you describe to us what really took place in the Sermon on the Mount? -  Yes, I met with my followers and disciples and spoke with them about how to treat others, this was a very important time.

8.    How many of your followers were present? -  Around 35

9.    Did you teach the Beatitudes? -  Some, but not as presented in the bible.

10. One of the Beatitudes is: Blessed are the meek, they should inherent the earth! Can you explain that to us? -  I did not exactly use those words. I told my followers that they must control their own egos and if they accomplish that they would find peace in heaven.

11. Which of the beatitudes do you consider the most important? -  Controlling your egos.  Many have ruined life plans because their egos got in the way of their good deeds.

12. Lord, what else would you like me to tell about your ministry in my book? - Tell the people that my ministries were quite simple. Do not complicate my teachings as they are presented in bible. Love is my most important teaching.

13. Lord, what was the name of your siblings? I had a brother named James and a sister named Ruth.

14. What old was your mother when she passed? -  My mother was 67 when she passed.

15. What old was your father Joseph when he passed? - He was 59.

16. Has the soul of your father Joseph ever reincarnated? -  No, he is with me here.

17. Lord, what is the most important miracle that you created that is not in the bible. I cured many that are not written. I also raised several from the dead besides Lazarus.

18. Is the story true about you walking on water? -  No, I tried but could not. Stories were made up about my attempt.

19. What do you considered the most exaggerated or untold story that is told about you in the bible? -  The details of my crucifixion were greatly exaggerated so others would remember.

20. Dear Lord, what would you tell others that tell us that every word in the bible is accurate? I would tell them to open their minds understand the influence of those in power.

21. The Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after the crucifixion, is that when you appeared to the disciples? -  No, I appeared to my disciples and followers much sooner than that.

22. Have you appeared to anyone else since appearing to your disciples before going to heaven? -  Yes, I have shown myself to many just as you have seen me

23. Lord is the concept of stigmata real, do the marks of your crucifixion really show on others? -  No, that has been faked to make others seem important.

24. Lord you told us earlier that the last supper was a very simple blessing, would it be possible for you to repeat those words? I said you now must go forth and tell others my words, I will be leaving you but remember that I am always with you. Go in peace and tell of my undying love. God will bless each and every one of you tonight on this hour and final night together. I love you all as brothers and you will be at my side again in heaven. Amen!

25. Lord, what words did you speak in your farewell discourse on the Mt. of Olives? -  I told my followers to not harm anyone and that this is the way it is written for my life to end.

26. Lord, is the Shroud of Turin your burial shroud? No

27. Lord, do you have a final message for us? - Tonight, was very special, I love each and every one of you watching. I will return in the near future with more instructions. Do not fear, I am with you. God Bless each and every one of you! Amen!



You are here tonight to hear my words on the evening where we remember my death. Know that I am risen from the dead and am with you at all times. Be aware that many would not accept that that I am resurrected from the dead. Many will preach that I do not love all of you, that is not true. I love each and every one of you. We must join together in defeating evil. Satan is growing each and every day. He must be defeated or humans will cease to evolve. I want all of you tonight to pray to me for help in defeating Satan. There is much evil in the world today and many fail to realize what is happening. Your politicians are trying to take God away from you. If this happens all will be lost. Your President is trying to stop this from happening but he is in danger of losing. If that happens, all will lose as well. Now is the time to stand up for God. I tell you this because I want your country to prosper. Your country is the closest to my teachings. I helped found your country years ago, now your country is in danger of losing my blessings. My desire is for your country to prosper. Without God you will fail. It is not too late.

All of you have been bought together because you have been with me before. I tell you this before it is too late. Greed has taken over your government. You must return to God. Greed will destroy all. Love before one another will save you. Please heed this warning and bring Gods word back to all. This is why Barry and Connie were sent back, they will continue to bring you my words. Keep the love of God in your hearts and speak of this love. I want you to hear these words on this special evening.

I died so that you would remember me and the words that I taught, those words have been distorted through the years, I taught very simple message of love, not fear, but if that message of love is lost, the future of man is in question. Please pray that my words will be heard and believed. I bless all of you on this special evening. I will now leave you, but I am always here for you. In your prayers tonight ask for God to bless your country as well. Go in peace and love! Amen!

After we thought the show ended, I asked if he had a personal message for me. – Yes, you are to follow my guidance, keep doing what you are doing and complete the book. I know that you are moving rapidly with the book, once it is finished I will make sure that it will be read by many.

Connie asked, “The pope declared there is no hell, Is the pope getting the same info we are getting?” - He does not speak my words. You speak my words. You are blessed!

Third Facebook live channeling session, March 20, 2018.  Channeling Jesus Live


Message of Jesus


You are here tonight to once again hear my words. Trust in God and all things are possible. You are all very special people and have known me in prior lives. Your words are special when you speak of me.  My love for you is unending and can never be broken. When you speak of me your words can help drive out Satan, his strength is growing, and you must help my mission to stop his evil. When you speak of me his power is diminished.  God always wins, there is no doubt. Keep my love for you in your hearts, that is your protection. Those that do not have that love will perish.  Soon there will be a time when you faith will be tested. Please know that I will be with you thru that time and when it is over there will be a time of peace and good will.


Can you give us more details of what that time will be? - No, that is defined by karma and nothing will change it. You must not fear, I am the way and the light. With me all will be fine.  Without me a time of grief will take place.


  1. Lord many of our follower’s fear for the safety of their families can you say something? - Yes, first they must share my love.  If they do not share my love there is little that can be done. It all becomes a matter of faith.  Remember that I have unlimited powers and know that I will use those powers for good. Satan will be defeated! Be not afraid. My love is un-measurable and cannot be broken. Worry not, I am with each and every one of you. I have spoken! 

  2. Lord, when does sin become evil? - Sin becomes evil when others are hurt by actions.

  3. Lord, many people fear the end of days and what they read in the bible, can you tell us what you taught about the end of days? -  I never talked of the end of days. That was added by the Catholic church to promote fear and force people to rely on the church.

  4. Did you ever speak of the Rapture? - No, that was also created by the church for the same reason.

  5. Lord, what would you have the members of this group do to better spread your words? - They must tell others of the miracle they are participating in.  That will have the greatest impact.

  6. Lord you have said repeatedly you love everybody, do you also love those who carry out evil actions? -  Yes, they must pay for their actions but once the debt is paid they can be forgiven.

  7. Lord what religion do you consider the closest to your teachings? -  There are many that are close but none are totally correct.

  8. Is there a denomination that you would consider the closest? - No, each has its strong points.

  9. Lord what is your opinion of the prodigal son? – That parable does not reflect my teachings, you must live your life by my words. You cannot be forgiven at the last minute, you are judged on your entire lifetime.

  10. Lord what is your opinion of religious object or reliquaries and do they bring us closer to God. They serve a positive example if they bring the person closer to God; but if they become the  object of devotion they are not good.

  11. Lord was the apparition of Mary to Don Diego real? no

  12. Lord can you tell us what is the Holy Grail? -  The Holy Grail was my cup from the last supper.

  13. Does the Holy Grail still exist? – Yes.

  14. Lord, why do you allow Satan to exist? - Satan represents the evil that is in all humans.  If I did away with Satan I would have to do away with all humans.

  15. Are saying there is a little bit of evil on all humans? - Yes, that is correct.

  16. When you spoke to the masses did you preach to them you were the son of God? - Yes, I told them that I was son of God.  They could not understand that I was also God.

  17. Did you tell your disciples that you were also God? - Yes, they could understand.

  18. Lord why did you give humans free will? -  Free will makes you in charge of your life.  If I did not give humans free will there would be no chance for soul advancement.

  19. Lord after the resurrection how many times did you appear? -  6

  20. The Bible said you appear more than that, are those in error? - Yes

  21. After the resurrection did you appear to anyone that is no recorded in the bible? - Yes, I appeared to Toba.

  22. Lord what would you like to tell our listeners about prayer? - Prayer is how you communicate with me, I hear every word that you said.

  23. Lord is it acceptable to pray to some of the saints and some of the spirits that are close to you such as St Augustine and St Paul? -  Yes, they help me carry out their prayers.

  24. Lord can you explain why some prayers are answered and some are not? -  Yes, many things are karma and cannot be changed.  Other requests may not be answered because they have an effect on others and their karma.

  25. Lord what is the best way to pray? -  You can just pray mentally, and I will hear. That is the most simple way to pray.

  26. Lord what is your opinion of mankind? That is up to humans to decide if you return to me there will be a bright future.  If you turn to Satan your future in question and humans will not progress.

  27. Lord is there any planet that you control in the galaxy that totally follows your wishes? -  Yes, there are many. That is why individuals not from your planet are trying to help you advance.

  28. Do you have a message for Connie and I? - Yes, you are carrying out my wishes and you will continue to do so. You will be known for your love of me and that is why you were sent back. Connie was a follower of me when I was on Earth and her love for me unending.  Those that chose to follow your words and advice will advance there souls.

  29. Lord do you have a final message? God bless all of you and keep you.

C 18. 02. 26 – Second Public Channeling - Jesus


This is the transcript from our second public channeling session on Facebook Live.


1.    You are all here tonight to hear my words. Know I am always with you. There are times that you will doubt my presences, but I am still with you. Know as well my commands. There will be peace but that peace will be in heaven. Go forth and speak my words and know that you will find that peace with me.

2.    You are speaking my words and you will continue to do my bidding. In the next days there will be much grief. Do not worry, much good will come soon. All who believe in me will be fine. Those who do not believe will have to suffer the consequences.  Have faith and all will be fine. Do not fear, I am with you. Have love in your hearts and love God.

3.    I ask if it is ok to ask him some questions? - God will try to answer.

4.    Why are school shooting and similar event allowed to happen? - You need to see evil so that you can take steps so that it will never happens again.

5.    Will the energy of God ever have a human form again on Earth? - That will depend on how God sees the manner that humans choose to evolve.

6.    Are you pleased with the way humans have evolved? - Satan is growing in strength and must be stopped. Only strong actions can stop him.  At the present time evil is not stopped.

7.    What do humans have to do? - They must return to God. There is no other answer. Without God humans will cease to exist.

8.    What would you have us do? -  You must tell others my words, without your words Satan will continue to grow.

9.    Is there any hope for the human race?  - Yes! I want you to prosper but without God you will fail. 

10. We were thought that Jesus was crucified because of sins of man. Can you explain that to me?  - That statement was not my words.

11. So, the Crucifixion of Jesus had nothing to do with the sins of man? -  Yes! That is correct.

12. Why did Jesus have to be crucified? -  That was the end of his life plan. He was crucified so that man would remember otherwise his death would have been forgotten.

13. Is there a punishment in heaven for those who do harm to others? -  Yes! They will meet my wrath and will suffer the consequences.

14. Why did Jesus choose 2,000 years ago to come? -  That was the time that man needed to understand that there was only one God,  Until that time man worshipped many Gods.

15. What do you consider the greatest false teaching that is in our current bible? -  The teaching of fear of God. God loves all. Man introduced fear for control. That is not what I taught.

16. What did you teach about everlasting life? -  I taught that the soul would have everlasting life thru multiple lifetimes.

17. Are you referring to reincarnation? - Yes.

18. Did you speak of reincarnation when you were alive? -  No, I told my disciples of it but the concept was too difficult for the people.

19. Which of your disciples wrote of reincarnation? -  Thomas, Mary and Peter.

20. Is what as known as Gnostic teachings accurate? - In some ways.

21. Why did you create humans? - I created man to advance and become Godlike.

22. What happened along the way? - Free will and Satan had their impact.

23. Would you allow humans to destroy themselves? -  Yes, if that is the result of not returning to God. Only the love of God will allow humans to evolve to their full potential.

24. What do you consider your most important teaching? -  Love one another

25. Final message? - Yes! All that love God will have nothing to fear.

26. God Bless all of you!

This is the first message delivered by Jesus on Facebook Live, Feb. 12, 2018

  1. You have been bought together to hear my words. You have a special place in my heart. You are to go forth and make others hear my words as well. Tonight is a very a special night, this is the first time I have spoken to you. Be not afraid to speak of me as you talk to others. My words of love are for all to hear. 

  2. These are times when the strength of Satan is growing. It must be stopped. If all of you heed my words it will make a difference. This group is special, all were called for this mission. God's love is infinite and with you at all times. It is up to each of you how you want to live your lives if you love God and have no fear of death, you will be with me in heaven. Barry is my son and speaks my words. Connie was a trusted follower and also speaks for me. All of you are special and have loved me in the past. The future is uncertain. That is why you need to spread my words. I have blessed all of you tonight, With that blessing comes responsibility.  You are my messengers. Go in peace and know that I am with you always. God bless you all.

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