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Facebook live 18.06.22 Saint Paul and Jesus


I am here to tonight to tell all of you my love of God. I walked a very different path in learning of his love. In my youth I was a Pharisee and actually persecuted Christians.   My life changed when Jesus came to me and changed my life for the better. Until I knew the love of God, my life was empty and without true direction. Jesus showed me that a sinner can be forgiven and serve God. Since learning of the love of God I became an ardent follower and tried to tell as many as possible of his love and the existence of the one God. Through my writings many have learned of his love and forgiveness. I am the true example that anyone can be forgiven and lead a life assured they will dwell in the upper realms of heaven. Tonight, is a very special night. Once again, I can speak of God to all of you. It is your mission to go forth and speak his words as well. Much has happened all around you that indicates the growth of Satan. Without all of you taking strong actions in the name of God human evolution is in doubt. Have faith that you can all make a huge difference. Just as I made a difference. God is with you all and will not allow you to fail, all you need is the confidence in your abilities to convince others.

I will now answer your questions:


  1. Paul, did you have any prior lives with the soul of Jesus before walking the earth during his lifetime? -  Yes, I was with him many times before humans walked the earth.

  2. Were you a follower of Jesus on other planets? - Yes, as much as I served him during his lifetime.

  3. Can you give us the name of some the other planets in which you served Jesus? -  Yes, but you will not recognize any of them. I was a Tulin but you have no comprehension of that planet.

  4. Can you describe any of those prior lives in those planets? - Yes, I was a follower and taught his message of love on all planets.

  5. What was the religion of your parents? - They were Jews and raised me in that faith

  6. Can you tell me approximately what year you were born? - After Christ. 4AD

  7. Where you a member of the Roman army? - No, I became a Pharisee but the Roman army supported what I ordered.

  8. Where you actually responsible for the killing of Christians? - Yes, I truly regret that I persecuted and killed early followers of our Lord.

  9. When you entered your lifetime as Paul, was killing the Christians part of that life plan? - Yes, I was doing what I was sent to do so that I could be forgiven. Forgiveness was a major lesson to be taught by my life.

  10. How old where you when Jesus was crucified? - 24

  11. Where you aware of the crucifixion of Jesus when it took place? - Yes, the other Pharisees spoke of his crucifixion. They became aware that they had made a mistake and that Jesus was really the son of God!

  12. Where you near Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion? -  No

  13. Can you tell us about your encounter with Jesus? -  I was on the road to Damascus to arrest some followers of our Lord. He appeared to me as in life but was surrounded by light. I knew this was no ordinary event. He spoke to me and I fell upon my knees in his presence. The energy of God was overwhelming, and he told me to repent my sins and they would be forgiven. He then told me to go forth and tell of miracle I had taken place before me.

  14. But what name did he refer to you? - He referred to me as Saul

  15. Where you struck blind as stated in the bible? - No, I was overwhelmed but did not lose my vision.

  16. Can you tell us some of the words that he spoke to you? - He called me by name and told me that in spite of what I had done that God still loved me and had a plan for the rest of my life. He spoke that I should bring others to the one God.

  17. Did he tell you that he was the son of God?  - No, that was not necessary as I was beholding the miracle of God.

  18. What did you do immediately after the encounter? - I went into Damascus and meditated for several days as my mission became more clear.

  19. How do you know that it was really Christ that appeared to you? - There was no doubt, I could see the wounds of the crucifixion.

  20. Why did Jesus choose such a person that has been so cruel to Christians? - He wanted to show all can be forgiven if they change their lives and follow the words of God.

  21. Where you then baptized? - Yes, I felt it was necessary to cleanse my soul of my past life.

  22. Did you preach that Jesus was the Jewish messiah? - Yes, since I was Jewish, I tried to speak to other Jews. They would not accept that he was the Messiah.

  23. Can you tell us about your early teachings? - I started by telling of the miracle I beheld with my own eyes and that Jesus had truly risen from the grave.

  24. How was a person that persecuted Christians accepted by the original disciples? - At first, they doubted my faith but as time went by they saw the proof of my conversion.

  25. Who accompanied you on your earlier missions? - I was assisted by several who I converted.

  26. Where did you get the information on where you base your teachings? - The other disciples told me stories of the preaching’s of Jesus. I included those stories with what I had seen with my own eyes.

  27. Did you write the book of Acts? - My words are the basis for that gospel.

  28. Do your words appear in any other books of the bible? - Yes, Corinthians

  29. Have your words or teachings been altered from the truth? - Somewhat, but most are fairly accurate.

  30. What do you consider the greatest alteration? - I was never negative about women. Corinthians makes statements about women having too remain silent. Those were not my words but were added later.

  31. St Augustine has assisted us quite a bit in writing my books. Did St Augustine advance your writings after your passing? - Yes, he still works with me to assist those that want to learn as you and Connie.

  32. So, you are saying you are not anti-women in your life? - Correct, that was added by the church to insert their authority.

  33. How old where you when you passed? - 45

  34. How did you die? - I was crucified.

  35. What there anything unusual about your crucifixion? - Yes, I was crucified upside down

  36. Who killed you? - The Romans

  37. Why were you killed? - They resented that I no longer was a part of the ruling class and my words where not acceptable to them.

  38. Who greeted you when your soul first got to heaven? - Jesus was waiting for me as well as Abraham.

I knew I was home.

  1. What is like to know Jesus? - It is to know pure love.

  2. Have you ever reincarnated since your life as Paul? - No, I have remained his faithful servant on this side.

  3. What is your role in heaven? - I assist those that want to follow our Lord.

  4. Do you have a message for humans that are currently on earth? - Yes, know that God is with each and every one of you. His powers are without end.

  5. We are currently having an Immigration crisis at the border that is stirring a lot of emotion, what is your opinion on how the government should handle this situation? - They must show compassion while protecting your country. Your country is the closest to the teachings of God and must be protected at all costs, without the United States mankind will not have leadership and evolution will be in doubt. Without your country, belief in the one God will perish.

  6. Do you have a message for Connie and myself? - Yes, you are doing Gods work. It is up to each individual to believe and follow the messages sent through you and Connie.

  7. Do you have a final message for those people who are listening to this video? - You are observing a miracle, we are bringing the words of God. Jesus will now give you a message.




The Message of Jesus

I want all of you to know that I have heard your prayers and will do my best to lead the people back to God. That is why we are here tonight. With my guidance you cannot fail. Good will win over evil. Tonight, I once again bless each and every one of you. I extend my love to all who accept me in their hearts. Go in peace and know you are never alone. Amen!

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