Channeling Saint Timothy the Apostle, 18.11.15

Saint Timothy the Apostle

Good evening, I am pleased to be here tonight. This is a great opportunity for me to once again speak the words of our Lord. This may perhaps be the largest audience that I have ever spoken to.  It is certainly the largest audience I have spoken to for several thousand years. I want all of you to know that Jesus is here with us tonight and is also listening and that he blesses each and every one of you and thanks you for listening.

Tonight, I want to speak about the hatred that is taking over your country. If this hatred does not cease your evolution will be in danger. Know that we had hatred when we walked the earth during the time of Jesus. Today, I feel that the same hatred is present and that those of you that have been chosen to carry forth the messages of Jesus will face much of that same hatred.  That hatred is very prevalent in your government and men in power, they are using that hatred to control the common people that live and worship in your country. Hopefully those who understand and love our Lord will be able to take control and overcome the terrible obstacles that have been placed before your country.  Not only do you have foreign countries that despise your freedom and love of God, you have individuals within that will tear your country apart for their own power. Hopefully those of you that understand this and have the ability to speak of the love of our Lord will have a lasting effect and will be able to overcome the obstacles that have been placed before you. Know that those who love God and live good lives will be with him in his heaven. Those that speak against him and defy his existence will suffer his rath and know the lower level of heaven. Those of us over here want you to understand that God is never to be feared, only those that create unforgivable sins should fear him.  Even those that sin and are not forgiven are loved. They will have time to contemplate what they have done, and they will be able to at some time return to the lower realms, reincarnate and make up for the evil they have done. As I said, tonight is a wonderful night! I only speak the words of love and faith, that were spoken at the time Jesus walked the earth. Know the power of God! Know the power of love! And know the power of faith, and with that in your heart you will certainly find the grace and love of our Lord in heaven. With that message I will now answer some of your questions.

1.     Timothy did you ever walk the earth before your life as Timothy? - Yes, I walked the earth at the time of Moses as he led the people to the Holy land.  I was with him and I assisted him in that lifetime

2.     Did Moses really part the red sea? -  No, I was there and I can assure you that it was God that parted the red sea, not Moses.

3.     Did you ever serve our Lord on other planets before your life as Timothy? - Yes, I served our Lord thousands of times on other planets. You humans are very, very young culture. You have much to learn, we have been serving our Lord for millions of years in other worlds and other environments. Hopefully with our help you will learn enough to survive and prosper with the other intelligent cultures.

4.     When you walked the earth as Timothy what year were you born? -  I was born around 4 or 5 BC.  As you know our records were not very complete in those days.

5.     Where you born? -  I was born in the same area of Judea near Nazareth.

6.     Can you describe your parents for us? -  Yes, my father’s name was Amos and my mother’s name was Esther. We were moderately wealthy Romans and they were able to educate me.

7.     Did you have any brothers or sisters?  - Yes, I had two sisters and a brother

8.     In what religion where you raised? -  I was raised in the Jewish faith

9.     How was your mother converted to Christianity?  - My mother learned of Jesus as he lived and taught. There were times that she actually went to hear him speak.  She was convinced of the one God and my mother and father became true believers.

10.  Did your mother know Jesus? -  Yes, she met him on several occassions and was very, very impressed.  All she could speak of is how he showed the loving energy for everyone that was around him.

11.  Timothy, could you read and write? -  Yes, my parents taught me to read and write. I was very privileged to have that ability.

12.  Did you ever meet Jesus in life? -  No, I was never honored to have met our Lord. I was around those who spoke of him and I was convinced that he was the son of God.

13.  Did you ever meet Mother Mary? -  No, I never met her until I came home to heaven. She was one of the souls that was waiting for me when I passed and came home.

14.  How were you introduced to the Christian faith?  - As I said earlier, my parents were convinced of the one God and they went out of their way to teach me the words that our Lord spoke.

15.  How were you introduced to Paul?  - After the resurrection of our Lord and when he appeared to Paul, Paul become one of his most fervent spokesmen. A friend of mine introduced me to Paul and I could see that he emanated the same love of God that was shown by our Lord.

16.  Can you describe Paul for us?  - As you all know Paul was a Roman pharisee and actually crucified Christians.  Upon seeing our Lord after the resurrection, he became an entirely different person. He did all he could to show love for those that he previously persecuted. Paul had a very, very strong personality. I was a little bit on the timid side, so we made a perfect pair. His outspoken traits more than made up for me being bashful around others

17.  In what year did you meet Paul? -  I met Paul about a year after the resurrection.

18.  Did you ever meet any of the other disciples? -  Yes, I was introduced to several of the other disciples. I met Peter, I met Matthew and several of the others. At first, they were a bit distrustful of us because they knew of Paul’s previous history with Christians.

19.  How old where you when you were introduced to Paul? -  I was around 26 or 27 years old.

20.  What was your occupation before you met Paul? - I was trying to manage the affairs of my parents.  As I said before they were fairly wealthy and owned properties and farms, and I tried to watch over those properties for them.

21.  Why did you decide to leave that and become a disciple for Paul? -  Paul was so dynamic and spoke so highly of our Lord, his teachings were so overwhelming that I immediately decided to dedicate my life to spreading the words of our Lord.

22.  Were you married? -  No, I considered it, but upon meeting Paul I decided that I would dedicate all my remaining time to speaking the words of our Lord.

23.  Did you have any physical disorders yourself? -  Yes, I was always troubled with stomach problems.  It seems as though whatever I ate would make me ill.

24.  Do the gospels accurately depict your life and ministries? -  Somewhat, once again there are instances were certain things in my life were exaggerated. Basically, the gospels that are written concerning me are relatively accurate.

25.  What are the greatest discrepancies with your gospels contributions and what you actually wrote? - I was told of reincarnation; the other disciples spoke of it, but I found it very, very difficult to understand. I did write about it and as I found out when I returned home that reincarnation was really the key to spiritual growth.

26.  Did you visit Paul in prison before he was martyred? -  Yes, as he was awaiting the end of his life, I was allowed to come and visit him in prison. He gave me instructions for carrying on his teachings.  He explained that if his words wereto be to carried forward, I would have to be the one to speak them and write them as well

27.  Were you ever in prison? - Yes, I was imprisoned around the time that Paul was in prison. The Romans realized that if both of us were killed or left in jail there would be an uprising among the young Christian community, for that reason, I was released from jail

28.  Where all did you preach? -  I actually preached in many countries.   The others were very busy in the areas around Judea. I went to Greece, but it was very difficult there. I traveled to parts of Persia and what is now Egypt.

29.  How did you react to non-believers? - I treated them with patience, for I realized how radical the words of our Lord were for the times. The Romans had followed a pagan religion for many years. When I would run into a true non-believer I would simply walk away. There was no reason for me to incur violence or to argue with them. Today you will find that there will be many that will refuse to believe that Barry and Connie speak the words of our Lord. You must try to convince them, but if they are inconvincible it will do you no good to continue to attempt their conversion.

30.  Where you and Paul always together during his ministries? -  Yes, we were basically inseparable.  He had so much knowledge about the words of our Lord!  He had spent time with the other disciples before I met him and he knew much. I was very impressed with his knowledge.

31.  What did you do after Paul was executed? -  I did my best to continue his teachings. Paul attempted to speak among the Jewish community, I attempted to follow in his footsteps

32.  How did you die? -  I was actually stoned to death.

33.  At what age were you stoned to death? -  I was around 50 years old.

34.  Why were you martyred?  - The Romans finally decided that I was a danger to them. They generated a mob of non-believers and it was that mob that stoned me to death.

35.  Who was present to meet you when you returned home to heaven? -  Jesus was waiting for me.  Paul was there and the soul of Moses as well. It was an incredible homecoming it made all the pain I suffered at the end worthwhile.

36.  Have you every reincarnated since your life as Timothy? -  No, I have served our Lord on this side in many ways. I have attempted to guide others on earth; in many instances it was quite difficult. I am very happy that you have the ability to communicate my words!  It is sometimes very frustrating to try to guide others and to be ignored.

37.  Will you ever reincarnate on earth again? -  I will do what my Lord requests of me. If he feels that I should return, I will certainly accept that mission.

38.  What is your current role in heaven? - I act as an adviser to those that are preparing to return and speak the words of our Lord. I helped prepare yours and Connie’s life plan, so therefore I am very proud of what you are now accomplishing. There will be others that will be sent back.  There will be those that will continue after you and Connie are no longer capable of doing this.

39.  What do you consider your greatest contribution? -  In life, I feel that I was quite successful in converting others to the one God. In heaven,  I feel that I have been very helpful in guiding those that return to speak the words of our God. Many have been sent back. Many have been successful but unfortunately many have failed. Hopefully we will have more success as our abilities to communicate with humans increase.

40.  Will you describe heaven for us?  - As you have been told by the others heaven is literally indescribable. The colors are very vivid, there is only love over here. There is no evil in the 7 realms.  Those that bring evil to this side have been sent to the lowest area. Evil is created after the soul returns to an incarnate life. Once again heaven is the true home of your souls. Do not fear death! Death will be but the beginning of your homeward journey

41.  What is it like to be close to Jesus in heaven? -  To be close to Jesus is to feel the glow of love like you have never felt in your lifetime. Only in the presence of our Lord can you feel such a wholeness and inner love. He never speaks unkindly or in any type of a derogatory manner, he never shows any anger. He treats us all as members of his flock.  There is really no way I can describe it, it is something that you have to see for yourself.

42.  Will tell the group why Connie and I were sent back? -  When you are on this side, your souls are trusted companions and messengers of our Lord. You were sent back and given the gift to speak the words of our Lord and to pass on the truth of his messages and of his life. You were also given the ability to write. The books that you have written currently lay the foundation to what is to come. The most important aspect of your life will be when the book concerning the life of our Lord comes out in the spring. The book you are completing will in effect be like a contemporary gospel bringing individuals the messages of our Lord and the words of those of us that are close to the Christ and also speak for him.

43.  Why do some souls remain in heaven while others like Connie and myself are sent back? -  Certain souls have a history of serving our Lord.  Many are trusted enough to be sent back. You and Connie are highly trusted, and we knew that by sending the two of you back together you would both succeed in bringing others the words of his love.

44.  Do you have a message for the members of our group? Yes, we are very proud of those that have joined your group and gathered to listen and read the words of faith and love that have been given to them. It is our hope that those members will continue to bring others forward and teach them the truth and the true words of Jesus the Christ. You will be given much more information as time progresses. Use the time that you have to study and learn the words that have been given to you. Know that the words that are spoken to this group are the true and unaltered teaching of our Lord. Do not ever fear that God is not with you every moment of every day!  Do not despair or be frustrated, remember that God always wins. There will be times of doubt and self-induced fear that you are alone. Do not listen to those feelings, just simply know that you will succeed because God has willed that you will succeed

45.  What can we better do to spread the words of our Lord? -  Study what has been given to you.  The more that you know and understand our messages the more effective you will be in bringing others to God.

46.  Can you compare the hatred that we see today with what you experienced in your lifetime as Timothy?  - I think that we experienced more hatred 2,000 years ago than you do today. Remember that were trying to change one of the most violent cultures of all time, from paganism to the belief in the one God. Today there is much hatred and Satan is definitely growing, but if you follow the commands and the information you are given and do your best, Satan will definitely be defeated.

47.  What can we do to lessen the hatred we see today? -  You must show love to others, you must speak of love to others, you must be kind to others, you must live and treat others as you wish to be treated. If you do not speak and pass on evil, others will notice and hopefully follow your direction.

48.  What does Jesus wants us to do to make this world better? -  Learn the truth of his words and speak them to others. Show his love to others and share his commitment to God and you will have a better world.

49.  Do you have a final message for us tonight?  - Yes, I am honored that I had the opportunity to speak with you this evening. It felt very good to once again be able speak of the love of our Lord. I will return when necessary and help direct the members of your group and the ones that will join and also follow his teachings.  Tonight has been a miraculous evening. I am so happy that I had this opportunity! I am honored that our Lord asked me to do this. From this day forward know that his love is all encompassing and will be with you and help to guide humans towards a better and happier existence, with these words I left with you tonight.

God bless you all, thank you listening and please join us in making this a more loving and happy world for all! Amen!