Facebook live, 18.07.07  Saint Peter


I am here tonight to bring you the words of our Lord.  When Jesus walked the earth, he spoke of love and devotion to the one God. To know Jesus was to know pure love! All that he did was to show how much God loved humans. When he was crucified he rose again from the dead. His resurrection was the greatest miracle of all times.  When Jesus rose from the dead he proved that the power of God is great! As we gather here tonight we all should accept the miracle of what is happening. I am here as part of that miracle, as the days progress more and more will happen to show you the power of God.  As we move forward in spreading his words all will come to realize that what you are watching is very real. Soon all must stand to preach his words or Satan will overcome all. God is love and those who speak his words will join him in the realms of heaven. Yes, we are all blessed to hear these words, now I will answer your questions.


  1. Would you prefer that we call you Simon or Peter? Peter is fine.

  2. Was Andrew your brother? Yes

  3. Was Andrew a follower of John the Baptist? Yes, that is how Andrew grew to know God.

  4. How did you meet Jesus? I was introduced by Andrew.

  5. How old where you when you first met Jesus? 23

  6. How many years did you know Jesus before he was crucified? 4

  7. What was your occupation when you met Jesus? A fisherman and carpenter.

  8. Where you married? Yes, my wife’s name was Esther.

  9. Did you have children? Yes, we had 4 children.

  10. Did you have the ability to read and write? Somewhat, I tried to learn to write but I was too busy spreading the words of God.

  11. Where did you live when you first met Jesus? Galilee

  12. When you first met Jesus did you know he was God incarnate? No, I thought he was the son of God, but came to realize that he really was God incarnate.

  13. Were you the first ordained apostle? No, that would have been Andrew.

  14. Did Jesus perform any kind of an act to convince you to follow him? No, I knew from my brother and John the Baptist who he was.

  15. Who were the apostles closest to Jesus? I was probably the closest to him but there were others.

  16. Who were some of the others? Mary, John, Matthew were very close.

  17. Did you ever try to walk on water? Yes, but I failed.

  18. When Jesus was arrested did you cut off the ear of a soldier? Yes, I was trying to protect our Lord, but he told me to stop. He knew it was his time and nothing should be done to interfere.

  19. Did Jesus perform a miracle and replaced the ear of the soldier? Yes, it was his last miracle.

  20. Did Jesus tell you that he was near the end of his life? Yes, he warned us that he would soon be leaving and that we would have to carry on his words. It was terribly sad for all of us.

  21. When Jesus was taken, did you go to the temple of the high priest? No, I was afraid for my life. I regret being a coward.

  22. Did Jesus predict that you would renounce him? Yes, I hate that he knew the truth.

  23. Did you renounce Jesus? Yes, I lacked the courage that he had.

  24. Did Jesus ever speak of you renouncing him to anyone else? No, he only told me

  25. Were you the first person to enter the empty tomb? Yes, I thought someone had stolen his body. I did not realize the miracle that was happening before my eyes.

  26. Did the risen Jesus appear to you? Yes, he appeared to me soon after I realized the tomb was empty.

  27. How many times did Jesus appear to you? Three

  28. Were you the first apostle to see Jesus? Mary was the first

  29. Were you the spokesman for the apostles? Yes, our Lord entrusted me with being spokesman.

  30. How where you selected to be the first among the apostles? I always had the complete trust of our Lord Jesus. It just naturally happened that I assumed the role of leader, others also had very important roles.

  31. Did you ever personally perform any miracles? Yes, I had the ability to heal others to prove the powers of God just as you will have that ability.

  32. Were you put in prison by Herod Antipas? Yes

  33. How did you get out of prison? I was released because Antipas feared riots.

  34. Was there an angel involved with you escaping? No that was made up later.

  35. Are you considered the first pope of the Catholic Church?  Many believe that, but I never held that role.

  36. Did you believe that God could return Jesus to earth? Yes, I thought the work of our Lord was not complete and that God would perform a miracle and return him.

  37. Did Jesus talk to you about reincarnation? Yes, he told all of the followers of reincarnation.

  38. Did he ever speak to you of aliens? Yes, he spoke of the power of God throughout the universe and that others followed him on other worlds.

  39. Did he ever speak to you of his family? He only told me that he was married and had children, it was very important that the secret was kept to protect his family.

  40. After Jesus was crucified did you ever meet his family? No, I did not want to endanger them

  41. What is your opinion of Mary Magdalene? She was a trusted disciple and follower of our Lord. There were times I resented her because I felt Jesus was favoring her, but he was only shielding her from the resentment of her being a female. Mary and I are very close over here.

  42. Did you ever draft any of your own gospels? I tried but was not proficient enough in writing. I told my stories to others and they wrote of my words.

  43. What do you consider the most important part of the gospel of Peter? I tell of the dignity of our Lord on the cross. He maintained pride until the end.

  44. How accurate do you consider the words of your gospel? Part have been altered by the church for their power.

  45. In what gospels does your words appear? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and portions of others.

  46. Was your body buried in St Peter’s Basilica as it now stands? Yes, I was buried there

  47. How old were you when you died? 65

  48. How did you die? I was not crucified.

  49. It says in the bible that you were crucified upside down. I know but that is not true.

  50. How did you die? I died of illness. So, you died a natural death? Yes

  51. Did you die on the 10th anniversary of Nero’s reign? No, they later wanted it to appear I was martyred, and they actually buried my body with the other martyrs.

  52. So, Nero did not have you killed? Correct

  53. Are your true bones on display in a knish of the graffiti wall? Yes, but others are there as well.

  54. Was it by divine intervention that Margherita Guarducci became involved in the apostle project? Yes, we wanted it to be known that there were portions of my remains.

  55. Do you have any suggestions on how we can engage others that view our channeling with Saints and Jesus with skepticism? We faced the same challenges, it will not be easy. You must start by having simple conversation and invite others to view these miracles. Things will happen in the future to make your mission easier. As Barry’s books become available you will all have the contemporary information available.  Learn of what we speak and listen closely the messages of the Holy Spirits and our Lord.

  56. Are the words of God such as we are receiving now, are being received by any other individuals or religions? Yes, we are trying to spread his words in many ways. Others also receive messages but Barry and Connie have a very special role.

  57. Are the other people being taken as seriously as the people that are following us? Some but it is very difficult.

  58. May the members of our group pray to you for guidance? Yes, I welcome their prayers and hear each and every one of them. All should pray to our Lord and also his disciples and followers, they will listen and guide you.

  59. What is your opinion of the current Catholic Church? The current church has lost its true identity with our Lord. The primary force should be the love of God and leading a life following his commands and not the primary love of the church.

  60. Do you have a final message for us? Yes, go with the blessings of our Lord and God, he will watch over all of you listening and viewing tonight. God Bless everyone. Amen!