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C 18.08.23 Channeling Saint Augustine


I am here to bring you the messages of God.  Jesus has given me information that he wants me to pass to members of the group. He wants everyone to know that he is pleased with the progress you are all making and that he watches very closely what is taking place and is pleased that you are beginning to pass on his words. As he has told you before, Satan is gaining in strength and you all need to help in passing on his words so that Satan can be defeated. Much evil exists in your political system today!  There are those that are trying to overthrow the rule of law. God helped to form the United States and gave guidance to the Founding Fathers.  Much of what your Founders taught is being destroyed. If your country is to prosper you must return to those original principals. The words in your Constitution are the words given to the Founders by God; to go against those words will not be good for your country. Each of you must do your best to guide others to understand the importance of the teachings given by the Founding Fathers.  Much has changed since your founding but much needs to remain the same. God blesses the United States and hopes he can continue those blessings! Only the message of love for one another can provide a future guidance.  Simply put, your citizens need to learn cooperation and love, without that your future is in doubt.

I will now answer your questions.


Introduction: St. Augustine was one of the most prolific writers, he wrote over 5 million words that are recorded in his lifetime, that is equivalent to 77 of my books, this is one of the true intellectuals, he was born around 354 AD and we are really looking forward to some of his answers.

1.     Do you feel that the group is on the right path and started to fulfil their goals? Yes, they are learning and hearing the words of God through Barry and Connie. There will be many more messages in the future that will give all of them guidance. God blesses each and every one of those listening to his words.

2.     What do you suggest to help the group be more effective in their learning and sharing? Each will contribute in their own way, for instance, Mary will be working with individuals in drug rehabilitation. Each one will find their own path. We will try to guide each of them and help them learn to understand messages from their guides.

3.     Connie and I are not exactly spring chickens.  What plan do you spirits have for succession when she and I are unable to do this?  That part of the plan is already taking place, for instance Sisco learned much about what is expected of her this week the same way others will be informed.  There will be others that will take your place, this is a long-term project that will take multiple lifetimes.

4.     There is a lot of evil and bad things happening in the world today.  What would be your message for those who have small children?  They must learn to love God in their hearts.  Those that love God have nothing to fear; he will take care of all that believe in him and help spread his words.

5.     Jesus told us that there will be a time of grief in the coming days that those that believe in him have nothing to fear. Is there anything we should do to prepare ourselves spiritually or for personal protection? Just have an unstoppable love of God in your heart, that will be your protection. Each of you will face the of grief in different ways, just remember that your love of God is your protection, have no doubts!

6.     Augustine, you have been with Connie and I almost since we have started our channeling.  How long have you been aware of my and Connies’ spiritual journey?  You have given us tons of information in different sessions and a lot of your words are in the upcoming book that is in the publisher.  How long have you been aware of Connie and my spiritual journey?   I helped with your life plan when you and Connie were on the other side. It was all part of the plan that I was to help you. Sometimes it was a little frustrating, but now your abilities have caught up with my guidance.

7.     Augustine, did your soul walk the earth when Jesus walked the earth?  Yes, I was honored to have been a follower of Jesus. My name was Ethan.  My role has been lost to history but I was a faithful follower. I reincarnated as Augustine so that I could continue with the work of God.

8.     When Jesus walked the earth, what was your role in that life time? I supported the other disciples and tried to make notes of the words of Jesus, unfortunately my notes were destroyed.

9.     Did you have a biblical role on earth prior to the time Jesus walked the earth? Yes, I also lived in the time of Moses and supported his work.

10. When you were Augustine reborn in 354 AD?  Yes

11. As you grew up were you aware of the gospels selected in 325 AD by Constantine? Yes, but there were also many other works that have information about the life of Jesus. I tried to educate myself as much as possible.

12. Did you ever question the gospels selected by Constantine? Yes, but it did little good. I knew from some of the other gospels that there were many different interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus.

13. The first council of Constantinople took place in 381 AD and that was the second meeting of the religious powers at that time, did you attend the first council of Constantinople? No, I was not invited. I was not totally dedicated to following God at that time of my life.

14. Did you believe that Jesus was truly divine? Yes, I always believed that.

15. Were you ever aware of the book of Revelations? Yes, it was very controversial, and I personally did not believe it.

16. Did you ever write about reincarnation? No, that subject was decreed illegal by the Romans, writings did exist about it, but they were read privately.

17. What did you write of the Nicene Creed? I supported the words of the Nicene Creed. When I lived I based my writings on the information that was available.  It was not until I returned home that I realize some of what I wrote was in error.

18. Where in Africa where you born? I was born in what is now Tunisia

19. What was your first language that you learned to speak? I learned Latin since that was required by the Romans.

20. Can you tell us a little bit about your teenage years? I did not follow the teachings of Christ in my early years.

21. Did you really utter the prayer “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet”? Unfortunately, yes, I was a little on the wild side in my youth

22. In your early life what was your opinion of Christianity? I always believed in the one God, but physical pleasures were more important.

23. What caused you to convert to Christianity?  I received messages in my head that supported the one God.

24. Why did you convert to a life a celibacy after such a different youth? I felt that sacrifice was required to make my life one with God. Celibacy was certainly a sacrifice for me.

25. Do you still feel that celibacy is still required to be closed to God? No, I learned otherwise when I arrived home.

26. In your lifetime did you Augustine perform any miracles?  Yes, I was given the gift of healing just as you are given that gift. I healed many people but few of my actions were recorded.

27. What did you teach of abortion?  As my past became clear I realized that the taking of life while still in the womb was not the teachings of God and was an unforgivable sin.

28. What is your opinion of the widespread abortions practices we see today?  I am sickened by what I see today. That is part of the growing strength of Satan; it must change as much other evil must change.

29. What did you teach about Creation? I taught that God created man and women.

30. Your writings were very instrumental in a lot of the practices in the Catholic Church, what is your opinion of the current Catholic Church?  The current Catholic Church has strayed from the teachings of God. I am sickened by what priests have done to children; they have committed an unforgivable sin and will pay when they return over here.

31. You wrote of original sin, has your opinion changed now that you are on the other side?  Yes, the cause of original sin is free will. Free will can be used for good or it can be used for evil.

32. Did you believe in double predestination, or the believe that God choses some people for damnation as well as salvation?  I did but that was wrong, God only prepares people or souls to enter free of sin; there is no pre-determination of evil.

33. When do you consider war to be just? You must always protect yourselves. Fighting in the name of self-preservation is acceptable.

34. What was your opinion of the Jewish faith? When I lived I thought the Jewish faith was a pathway to heaven, today it is an acceptable faith but, in some ways, it has gone astray.

35. What was your opinion of women? I always thought man and woman were equals.

36. What do you consider the greater influence in your writings?  I studied all of the great the philosophers and writings of the day.  As I grew older I acquired the ability to communicate with my guides they led me to change much of my thinking. I tried to write extensively about my confessions and mistakes.

37. Have you ever reincarnated since you walked the earth as St Augustine? No, I serve my Lord from this side.

38. What role did St. Paul play with your work in heaven?  He and I are very close over here. Paul wrote much about the one God and forgiveness. He and I try to bring that message to humans.

39. What is your role while you are in heaven? I try to bring the words of our Lord to individuals such as you and Connie. I will continue to offer you guidance and help with your writing.  Your books are very important to our goals of bringing truth and love to all.

40. Do you have final message for us tonight?  Yes, I want to confirm that what I tell you is the words of our Lord. To those of you listening tonight, I want you to have no doubts that Barry and Connie speak the words of our Lord. We will continue to provide information and guidance for all. We are at the beginning of a long journey. Evil must be defeated! With that message, I will leave you tonight, but know that I am available for guidance if you pray to me and ask. God bless all of you watching tonight, AMEN!

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