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St. Andrew the Apostle

I am here tonight to bring you the words of our Lord. I was honored to walk the Earth with him and to serve him. To know our Lord was to know the purest of love and kindness. I never heard him utter a word in anger, all he did was show kindness and love to all that were around him. I watched him perform miracles, they were incredible to see. I knew him as few others knew him. I was honored to be trusted and to be among his inner circle. I as well as the others was heartbroken when his life was taken by the Romans. I tried to carry on his works as best I could. I traveled to many countries, speaking the words that he spoke. Many listened, but many did not, just as you are having problems finding people to believe that you are really receiving true messages from us.  We also had much opposition to what we were saying. The Romans in particular, did not want to hear about there being a single God. They worshiped many and believed that teaching the one God undermined the power of the Roman empire. You will find as you progress that more and more people will pay attention to what you are saying. When Barry’s next book comes out, many will begin to pay attention and listen. What is in that book was given to him by our Lord and many of the Holy Saints. Know that what is in that book speaks the truth and the reality of what was spoken by our Lord. Tonight, I am very appreciative to be able to once again to speak the words of love that were spoken by Jesus the Christ. He was the Messiah that was sent to Earth, know that his words are the words of God. They are one of the same. Love of one another is the most important teaching that I will speak of tonight. Know as well that Satan is growing in strength specially in the killing of innocent children in the womb. Taking a life is an unforgivable sin. Those that allow it can find redemption by realizing the error of what they’ve done, but for those performing the acts, there will be no redemption.  Tonight, once again is very special, as I have been asked to speak with you, others will follow. Study what is spoken during these sessions, they reflect the true teachings of God. I will now answer some questions.


1.     Did you ever serve our Lord before you walked the Earth as Andrew? -  I only lived one human life and that was as Andrew.

2.     Did you serve our Lord on other planets? -  Yes, that is what we have done for thousands of lifetimes in the past. Remember that the human race is very young and has much to learn.

3.     Can you describe for us that service on other planets? -  It is very difficult to describe those services because humans are incapable of understanding what takes place in those other planets. There are emotions that have never been felt by humans, there are languages that humans will never comprehend. In time hopefully, humans will advance so they can understand those things.

4.     Will you tell us about the soul family of God? -  There are those souls that have advanced thru thousands of lifetimes in service to our God. Those souls are elevated to the highest level of heaven and they are called upon to return and serve our God. You and Connie have been sent back as members of that family to bring people his words.

5.     In what year were you born? -  I was born approximately 4 years after the birth of our Lord.

6.     Where were you born? -  I was born on the shores of Galilee.  My family lived in a small town.

7.     In what religion were you raised? -  I was raised in the Roman tradition of paganism.

8.     How were you introduced to Jesus? -  I was working and our Lord approached me with several of his friends.

9.     Were you one of the first to join Jesus? -  Yes, I was among the first.  He came to me and asked me to follow him in spreading word of the one God. I hadheard of him and recognized who he was

10. At what age did you meet Jesus? -  I was 24 years old.

11. Are you the brother of Peter? -  Yes, Peter was my older brother

12. Were you married when you decided to follow Jesus? -  No, I was considering marriage but when I met our Lord I realized that I would be consumed by following him and would have no time for marriage.

13. What was your occupation? -  I was a tax collector for the Romans

14. Were you a disciple of John the Baptist. - I knew who John was but I was not a disciple, I had heard that he spoke of the one God.

15. Could you read or write? -  Yes, my family educated me and I could both read and write. It was a requirement to be a tax collector for the Romans.

16. You spoke in your message about what it was like to know Jesus, can you elaborate on it a little bit more?  - It was most amazing to be with him. I never saw another person with such love in his heart.  you could feel his loving energy when you were near him, his eyes showed a powerful energy. When you held his hand, you knew you were close to God.

17. What miracles of Jesus did you observed? -  I was blessed to have observed many miracles performed by our Lord.

18. Were you with Jesus when he fed the fish to the multitudes? -  Yes, I was present but the writing in the Bible was greatly exaggerated. He did feed many, but not near the number suggested in the gospels.

19. Can you tell us about the Multiplication of the Loaves miracle? -  Yes, I was again with him but the story in the gospel is much exaggerated. He did feed many persons, but probably not more than 100.

20. What was your role among the disciples? -  I assisted in keeping track of the funds that paid for our travels.  I also would take some notes when he spoke, but mainly I used my education to serve our Lord.

21. Were you present at the last supper? -  Yes, there were around 45 or 50 of us present on the Mount of Olives on that last evening. He told us that he would be leaving us. Many of us were in tears of sadness. We could not comprehend life without having him to lead us. He told us that he expected us to carry on his messages that they were very important and that his words would be remembered forever.

22. Did you ask Jesus about signs of the Earths end? -  Yes, I worried that life on earth would end without our Lord. He told me that life would continue without him, but that man would have to follow his teachings if they were to exist.

23. How did you learn about the details of the crucifixion? -  We were not present at the crucifixion. Sadly, we feared for our own lives. The two Mary’s were present, and they described to us what happened.

24. Did you see Jesus after the resurrection?  - Yes, he appeared to us on two different occasions. When we saw him he still bore the marks of the nails on the cross and the spear mark in his chest. When he appeared we all cried like babies thinking that he would be remaining with us, unfortunately he came to assure us that he was born again and that we would join him in heaven.

25. After the death of our Lord, in what countries did you teach the word of God? I began teaching in Judea but I realized others were spreading his words locally as well. I decided to try to spread the word in countries that were not being served. I eventually went to Africa because I was not aware of anyone else going to that country.

26. Did you ever preach in what is now Russia? -  No, I did venture into Persia but never went as far as Russia

27. Were you ever in Scotland?  - No, once again I did not venture that far.

28. Did you ever perform any miracles yourself?  - Yes, I had the ability to heal others and I used that ability to prove that I was truly speaking the words of God just as you will have that ability as well

29. What was the message that you taught? -  I taught a very simple message.  I taught that love for God and for others is the most critical lesson to be learned. I taught that if you loved God and led a good life you would join the Lord in heaven. Our message was very simple.  It had to be so that is was understood by the multitudes that had little or no education.

30. Did you ever speak of reincarnation? -  Our Lord spoke to us of reincarnation but it was too difficult a concept to speak to the masses.  We simply told them that when they passed they would join our Lord in heaven.

31. In what country were you killed? -  I was killed in what is now Ethiopia.

32. Who had you killed? -  The Romans had me executed because they feared my words would undermine their power.  They also did not want me to speak against their pagan Gods.

33. How were you murdered? -  I was crucified.

34. Did they use an “X” shaped cross in your crucifixion? No, I was tied to a regular cross.

35. Do any remains of that cross exist today? -  No, at the time there would have been no reason to save the cross. Keep in mind that the Romans were crucifying  many and would have probably used the same cross on others.

36. At what age were you murdered? -  54

37. Where are your remains today? -  My remains are scattered but some are in Italy

38. Have you every reincarnated since your life as Andrew? -  No, I have served my Lord on this side

39. Are you planning to reincarnate? -  That is totally up to our Lord. If he wants me to return I would surely follow his orders.

40. Will you describe heaven for us? -  Heaven in indescribable. The colors are magnificent and vivid. There is no pain. There is no suffering and there is no grief. While we do watch over family members or friends back on Earth and feel emotions for them, it is not the same. You can travel wherever you want by thinking of the location. There is no food, there is no requirement to sleep, it is beyond anyone’s imagination

41. What is your role currently in heaven? -  I tried to serve our Lord by influencing how humans respond to others. Sometimes it is very frustrating for us because our commands are being ignored. It is also very hard for us to get our messages through to humans. That is why your work is so important!  You have been given the gift to communicate with us and speak our words,

42. What is your opinion of the current Roman Catholic church? -  Sadly, we are not pleased with what has happened in the Catholic church. My name is on many facilities and I am even Patron Saint of several countries, unfortunately they have let evil enter the church. What they have done to the young is unforgivable. I cry at times when I watch was is taking place. It is our hope that in the future they will return to the true teachings of the love of God.

43. What church do you feel most closely reflects the teaching of Jesus? -  There is no church that totally reflects his teachings.  Many have wondered far from his words. When there is a church that teachings love, humility and faith in our Lord, that will be the Church that comes closest to his teachings.

44. What is your opinion about us using a channeling board to receive your messages? -  Your method of communication has been given to you by our Lord. There is no inherent evil in what you do. Anyone that teaches that what you do is evil and is not speaking his words. It is very difficult for us to get our messages to humans; the board provides one means of doing that. It is a relatively easy way for us to communicate. We want others to learn the technique so that we can communicate to others when you and Connie are no longer able to do this

45. Do you have any advice to help the members of our group to spread the words of God? -  Yes, study the transcripts that are available and watch the videos. Understand what is being taught! The better you understand our messages, the better the opportunity you will have to effectively spread the words of God.

46. We see much hatred from others concerning our messages, this is especially evident in our messages about homosexuality. Will you comment on this hatred? -  Yes, although homosexuality is not the ordinary way of things, your future in heaven is determined by how you lived your life, by how you love God and what you do with others. Your physical traits can be forgiven if you lived the life that is taught by our Lord.

47. Do you have a final message for our listeners? -  Yes, I thank God that I have been able to come thru to you tonight. I hope that some of my words will inspire and help you to effectively preach the words of God. Many of you have been sent back specifically to advance our teachings and to show others the truth of what our Lord really taught in life. Much has been changed from his original teachings. It is important that humans understand exactly how simple it is to love one another and live a good life. If you truly have the love of God in your hearts, you will join us in heaven. If you teach hatred and fear of our Lord and God, you will find that heaven is not as wonderful as I described. Life in the lower levels is not anything compared to life in the upper levels, that is why souls strive to return, learn and advance. Tonight, I want you to know that God blesses each and every one of you. And that God is with each and every one of you in your hearts and hopefully in your minds. God bless you all and good night! Amen!

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