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Mother Theresa

I have been waiting for this opportunity to once again speak the words of my Lord. He is here with us tonight and listening to what I am about to say, I want all of you to know that my life was spent attempting to help the poor and needy. There were times that even I had doubts, but my faith in God prevailed and I was able to assist many people in my lifetime.

The members of my Order have grown by the thousands and today they help many around the world. What I accomplished is an example of what you can accomplish. This group was sent to spread the name and words of our Lord; you are capable accomplishing of what I was able to accomplish.

Never feel that you are alone, God is always with you and aware of your struggles. Tonight, I will answer many questions and from those answers hopefully you will gain some understanding of what I went through when I walked the earth. Today there is even more need for spreading the words of love that were spoken by our Lord. It is very upsetting to see the growth of evil and watch the results tear apart communities and families. If the hatred is not stopped, there will be no advance of humans on Earth. Hatred will be the downfall of human evolution! Satan is smiling as his powers grow and fewer and fewer speak the words of our Lord.

Barry and Connie were sent back to speak his words and there will soon be a book that details the events in the life of our Lord when he walked the earth. That book will become the foundation upon which your teachings will be built. Soon all of you must decide if you want to dedicate your life and time to stopping Satan, it will not be easy! In fact it will be very difficult, but under the guidance of God, all is possible. Just remember that you were sent back for a specific mission and all need to follow their paths. God watches over all!  Never ever forget that! God also has an undying love for all, never ever forget that as well! I know from my personal experience how difficult it is to never wander from your path. I have and regret it. Tonight, you will learn much about me, you will learn that I was a very human person, but that I truly loved my God. Keep the love of God in your hearts and all is possible. With that statement I will now answer some questions.

  1. How do you prefer that we refer to you?  - You may simply call me Theresa. I’ve already told Connie that she can refer to me as Agnes (Connie: Agnes was her birth name when she was born in her last life)

  2. Theresa, can you describe heaven for us? -  It is impossible to explain the grandeur of heaven. Even I, who spoke of heaven everyday had no idea just how wonderful a place it is. No one can conceive of the wonders that we behold on this side every day. Do not fear death, death will be the beginning of an incredibly exciting journey for you over here. Love God and know that your place in heaven is secure.

  3. We know that there are multiple realms in heaven, can you explain the middle realms, like 3, 4 and 5. What is the difference? -  Most individuals occupy the middle realms.  They have lived good lives, but they also made mistakes that hindered their progress.  In those realms you will be with family members, and you will be in surroundings that are familiar. Many are satisfied with life in the middle realms.  Many such as you and Connie have chosen to advance to the highest realm.  The higher you advance the more miraculous the things you will see and be able to do.

  4. Can a soul visit the realms that are lower than the ones that they obtained? - Yes, you can always visit the reals that are beneath you, but you cannot visit he realms that are above you.

  5. When your soul passes, is there really a light that you head towards? -  There may be a light if you expect one or you may just simply advance into heaven and be greeted by your family members

  6. How is your soul judged when it arrives in heaven? -  You will first judge the events that took place in your life yourself. You are expected to know what you did wrong and what you did right. Your guides will work with you to have you understand your mistakes so they are not repeated.

  7. Theresa, did your soul walked the earth during the life time of Jesus? -  Yes, I was a close follower of Jesus. What was your name? My name was James but not the James referred to in the Bible.

  8. What was your role in that lifetime? -  I followed our Lord but was not part of his inner group.  At times I travelled with the group and always tried to bring others to our Lord.

  9. Have you ever reincarnated between the lifetime when you walked the earth with Jesus and your life as Theresa? -  Yes, I returned in the middle ages and was a high-ranking monk in the Catholic church.

  10. What year were you born in that lifetime? -  890.

  11. So you returned in the 9th century? - Yes

  12. Can you tell us about that life? -  During those years the Catholic church controlled all Christian thinking. I actually played a role in revising some of the gospels, it was a difficult time. There was much bloodshed as the Roman empire fought for its existence.

  13. Did you ever serve God on other planets? -  Of course, as all of you. I served thousands of lifetimes on other planets.

  14. What is like to serve God on other planets?  - Some planets follow the teachings of God.  Some such as earth are young cultures and are trying to advance towards being God like. It is not easy to be a young culture.

  15. Theresa, do you have a soul relationship with Connie? -  Yes, she and I work together when she and I are both on the other side.  We have lifed together many times in the service of God.

  16. How many prior lives have you had with Connie? -  Many, perhaps hundreds.

  17. Would you like to say anything about Connie’s soul?  - Yes, her soul is advanced to the highest level as is yours. She returns to the commands of God, that is why you and she are upon earth today.

  18. What led you to a life of service when you last walked the earth as Theresa? - It was what I was sent back to do. My guides informed me of my path and I tried to do the best I could.

  19. In your life as Theresa, did you have the ability to receive messages from God?  - Yes, I had what you refer to physic abilities. I could mediate and  hear his messages; those messages are what directed my life.

  20. What led you to a life helping the poor, there were many ways you could have served God. -  No one was filling that role, that is why I was sent back

  21. What was your purpose on helping the poor? -  I wanted to help them improve their lives but I also wanted to help to improve and to advance the catholic church

  22. Why did you choose Calcutta? -  It was the poorest place I could think of.

  23. Did you ever consider quitting helping the poor? -  Yes, the job at times seemed so overwhelming.  There were times that I doubted I was making any real progress. Every time I doubted my mission God came to me and reinforced my belief and that I was on the proper path

  24. Was your purpose the advancement of the Catholic church or helping others? -  It was both.  Sometimes I would concentrate on growing the size of my Order, but I always had the care of the poor in mind.

  25. What is your opinion of the current Catholic church.  -  Regretfully, the current church has lost its way, the abuse of the young was condoned at the highest level. Much must change in the current church. It must rebuild and follow the true teachings of God and minister love and faith to the young, not abuse!

  26. What is your opinion of the current pope? -  He inherited huge problems and, in many instances, has not responded appropriately.

  27. What will happened to the current pope? -  He will be forced to step down, that will happen in the near future.

  28. In life did you ever perform any miracles?  - No, I tried to heal others as best I could, but I personally never performed a miracle.

  29. Why did you feel chastity was required to serve God? -  I felt that the writings of the early church indicated that chastity and suffering were required to truly follow God. I now know that is not required.

  30. Did you ever in life preach anything that you now know is in error? -  Yes, I taught that evil souls would go to hell.  There is no hell but there is a lower level were evil souls are sent. I also taught that Jesus died for the sins of man. I now know that, that was not the reason he died on the cross.  He died on the cross so that humans would remember his sacrifice and in turn, his words.

  31. Was there ever a time in your life that you doubted the existence of God? - Unfortunately, yes. I would view the incredible suffering of the poor in Calcutta and would ask myself how a loving God would ever permit such suffering take place. I now understand that suffering of the poor is a chosen life path for the purpose of learning, so the soul can advance. Sometimes such suffering is karma for evil in a past life.

  32. Was there ever a time you considered yourself an agnostic? -  No, I had doubts, but I never doubted the existence of God. That is to say, my doubts never advanced to the point I felt there was no God.

  33. What brought you back to God when you were having these doubts? -  He would come to me in dreams and assure me of his love. Those messages were what I needed to confirm my faith.

  34. Is there anything that you regret about your life as Theresa? -  Yes, I regret I had those moments of doubt. Those of you listening tonight, know that God is very real and never doubt his presence.

  35. What is your current role in heaven? -  My current role is to help humans to care for the needy and the poor. I try to guide human souls.  There are many good souls walking the earth and they need to step forward and understand that there is no greater calling than to help the needy and the suffering

  36. What is your opinion on what is happening in our government today? -  The divisiveness sickens me as it sickens our Lord.  Until your government can respect one another and worry more about serving the people and not personal power, the sooner humans can advance in your country

  37. What is your opinion of our President? -  He is not perfect, but he is attempting to do the best for the American people. Many hate him, and I would point out that hate is a sin.

  38. Do you believe that humans will be able to defeat Satan? -  It will be very difficult, for the time being the power of Satan is growing.  If each person hearing me tonight promises to show love and compassion to others, that will grow and more and more people will learn the power of love.  Without love and compassion human evolution will fail

  39. Are you planning to reincarnate any time soon? -  Possibly, I will return when our Lord asks me to return. I know there are things that Connie and I must do when she returns home, but there will be a time when my and her soul will again walk the earth

  40. Do you have any idea what the future for you will be like?  - No there is much to do before I return, my life plan has not as of yet, been prepared

  41. What is it like to be close to Jesus in heaven?  - It is to know pure love and compassion. When you are in his presence you understand the full power of God. It is impossible to describe until you have lived the event of being near him.  While you are on earth your soul can find peace by having the love of God in your heart.  It will not be until you come home that you find total love and peace when you are without physical body

  42. What do you consider the greatest evil in the world today? -  The teaching of false prophets that attempt to undermined the love of God. The false prophets lead large groups of people toward not following our Lord.

  43. What do you consider the most important message for humans? -  Simply to have the love of God in your heart and follow his guidance of love for one another. If all follow those words, Satan will be destroyed.

  44. Do you have a message for the member for our group? -  Yes, you have been chosen to spread the words of God as delivered by Barry and Connie. I can assure you that if you follow the teachings that you hear from them, your soul will advance in the realms of heaven.

  45. Has your soul every worked with any of the souls of members of this group in prior lives? - Yes, I have known many of you before. There will be a time when you come home that I will greet you as you enter heaven. Know that you were sent back for a reason

  46. Do you have a message for Connie and myself?  - Yes, you must continue as you are. We will support you in your mission, it is also important that you find others with the ability to communicate with us.  There will be a time that you and Connie will return home and others must carry on. You all been chosen for this very important mission, keep the love of God in your heart. You cannot fail!

  47. Do you have a final message? - I want to thank all of you for listing to my words here tonight. Jesus is here and will now give you a short message.

I want to thank all of you for the beginnings that you are now taking to spread my words. I love each and every one of you!  You must grow strong knowing that I am with each and every one of you at all times. Together we will conquer Satan. I will not let you fail in this!  Soon much will take place and it will be much easier for you to bring others to my words at that time. Prepare yourselves for what is to come!  Know that you are participating in miracle.  God bless each and every one of you here tonight! Amen!

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