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Channeling the Prophet Moses

03/14/2019 Channeling the Prophet Moses


Good evening, once again we are going to be participating in a miracle that God has seen to bring for us.  Tonight, we are very privileged to speak to the prophet Moses. He has been with us prior to us signing on here and we have been discussing things with him and he has given us permission to refer to him as Moses so that is how we will talk to him. So out of respect we will speak his name in that manner. Moses are you with us tonight and do you have a message for us?

Yes, I am here with you tonight and I am so happy to be able to once again bring you a message and speak to the people.  As you are aware it has been many years since I had the opportunity to speak the words of God. It was over 3500 years ago that my spirit walked the earth in the body of Moses and has not been since that time that I had the opportunity to speak in person. So, I want to thank Barry and Connie for this opportunity.

I want all of you to know that God watches over each and every one of you, that he is with you, and he is well aware of this mission that he has bought you back for: to help spread his words of love. Each of the holy spirits that have come through have had wonderful messages for you. Each have told you of the growing evil that we face in the world today.  Have no doubts that Satan is very very active and is doing his best to defeat your country. When I walked the earth as Moses I had to fight with the Egyptians, I had to plead with them to allow me to take my people out of their country.

Evil was rampant at those times and as they worshiped their many gods, they resented the fact that I and my people spoke of the one God. He is a loving God! He is a God for everyone, not only members of the Christian religion but members of other faiths as well. There are members of the Hindu faith, Muslims and many other world religions that can find their way into his heaven without speaking of him directly. What is important is that each of you live a life of love and show that love to others. If you have hatred in your hearts, you are not speaking the words of our Lord. When our Lord walked the earth, he had no hatred in his heart. He only showed love to others, unfortunately, many discarded his messages, and many continued to worship their pagan images. Know this! I serve our God on this side of the vail! Know this as well that he is present on your side of the vail and just because you cannot see him does not mean you should ever doubt his presence. When I was young, I had times I doubted his presence, he came to me and showed me that not only did he exist, but he had incredible powers when he wishes to exert them. It is a time that he is leading the people of Earth to exert their free will and hopefully they will use that free will to show the love that our Lord showed and to bring others into his way of living. Your government today is attempting in many ways to destroy your country. Your country, the United States is the pillar of security for the world, without the United States other countries will fill the gap and the world will be plunged into the darkness of Satan. Think about your actions, think about whether they will fulfill the wishes of God. If you have any doubts, follow the pathway of love and help for others. Know this as well, our Lord and Savior is very unhappy with the killing of innocence! Abortion is a terrible sin and as secularism grows abortion will grow as well. Have no doubts that if you approve of abortion you are not following the words of God. With that message I will now begin to answer the questions that I assisted Barry in writing for tonight:

1.     Who were the Israelites? The Israelites were the descendants of Abraham. They were taught of the one God, they were times where Israelites strayed from that belief, but they were, in the beginning, the chosen people of God.  

2.     That is what was special about the Israelites? Yes, Abraham created the tribe of Israelites and they spoke of the one God.

3.     Who wrote the book of Exodus? The book of Exodus was written at a later time based upon stories that were told among the elders of the Israelites. Some of what was written was grossly exaggerated, but the general theme of the book of Exodus does portray the journey of the Israelites.

4.     Why did the Israelites settle in Egypt? At the time Egypt was the center of the known world, they provided relative safety and food and a type of government that even though they were often at odds with the Israelites it was a composition of governments that was required for their safety.

5.     Where did they live before they settled in Egypt? They were basically wanderers. They lived in what is now northern Africa on the edge of what you now refer to as the Mediterranean Sea. They basically hunted and gathered food and migrated to settle in Egypt

6.     In what year were you born? I was born at what you would refer to as to 1500 years before the birth of our Lord.

7.     Where were you born? I was born in Egypt in a small town on the Nile river.

8.     So were you Israelites or Egyptian? I was born an Israelite.

9.     Where you born in the family of Abraham? Yes, I was a descendant from the family of Abraham.

10. Did you have any brothers or sisters? I had one brother and one sister

11. Were you adopted by a Pharaoh’s daughter? Yes, at that time Egyptians were growing fearful of the growth the Israelites in their country and they feared that they would oppose some of the teaching of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh demanded that the male children of the Israelite's be massacred. My life was saved when my birth mother built a small raft and tried to hide me on the edge of the Nile river.  A servant of the Pharaohs daughter found me and took me to her, she adopted me and raised me as an Egyptian member of royalty.

12. Did you have a speech defect? Yes, when I talked, I stuttered. I actually had problems communicating with others.  When I was young the Egyptian rulers thought I should be put to death because of my speech defect, the Pharaoh’s daughter protected me from that fate.

13. Why did you leave Egypt? As I grew older and stronger, I began to have differences of opinion with the ruling class in Egypt. There was a time they began to treat the Israelite's as their slaves. I attempted to resist cruelty to my people and became involved in an argument that resulted in me injuring one of the Egyptian officials. That was against the law and I was required to flee for my life.

14. Why was it safe for you to return to Egypt? I was very nervous about returning, but I was told through prophecy that I had to return to lead my people to safety. I sent a messenger to the pharaoh’s daughter and she intervened and allowed for me to return.

15. Who was Aaron?  Aaron was my brother. Did Aaron speak for you? Yes, since I had difficulty in speaking to others, I would often have Aaron speak my words to the group of people. I would to tell Aaron in my own way what I wanted him to say and he would speak the words.

16. How would you describe yourself? I was very self-conscious because of my speech defect. I was very nervous around people because it was so difficult for me to communicate. Some would describe me as being aloof or standing alone but it was because of my insecurities of my speech abilities.

17. Will you describe your physic abilities for us? As a teenage I began to realize I could communicate with spirits from the other side. I discuss that with the members of my Egyptian family and they thought that I would be what they would refer to as a seer. I could close my eyes and see figures and hear messages in my head.

18. Did you have the ability to heal others? Not in the beginning, but as I needed to build confidence in my people to follow me, God gave me the ability to heal others to show that I truly spoke his words

19. How did you convince the people of your physic abilities? Well I would heal them for one thing, but I was given the ability to forecast some future events. When those events would happen the people became convinced that I can truly could speak to the other side.

20. Did you perform any miracles? Yes, I performed multiple miracles but most of them were healing others.  There were times that I would pass on the words of God and as you are doing tonight and that would be considered a miracle.

21. Did God ever appear to you? Yes, not in physical form but he would appear to me as an angel or perhaps in another form. God has no physical form.

22. Was anyone with you when you saw God? No, God would come to me when I was alone. He would send me signs; for instance an angel would appear and I would see an actual angel and I would know that the angel was speaking the words of God.

23. Why did God appear to you? Because he needed to give me instructions on how to lead my people.

24. Was there really a burning bush? No, there was never a burning bush. My messages would come to me in the form of angels speaking to me.

25. What was God’s message? His message was that I should lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

26. How were you greeted when you returned to Egypt? When I returned to Egypt, they were those that wanted to punish me for what I have done in the past, however the daughter of the Pharaohs protected me from that

27. Why would the Pharaoh not allow the Israelites to leave? When I spoke to the Pharaoh I asked if I would be allowed to lead them out of Egypt, to their own land. The Egyptians were becoming more and more accustomed as using Israelites as slaves and they did not want to lose that source of workers.

28. So, what happened when the Pharaoh did not allow the Israelites to leave? I received a message from God that he would intervene and act in such a manner as to make the Egyptians allow the Israelites to leave Egypt. The angel told me that Egypt would come under many problems.

29. Did the plagues actually take place then? Yes, there was a time that many things happened in the country of Egypt, there was indeed a time that the country was placed in darkness and because of that darkness crop failures happened and many bugs, and other rodents and insects spread sickness and in general caused huge amounts of pain to the Egyptian people.

30. Did the sky darken because of a volcanic eruption? At the time we were going through the darkening of the sky I believed it was solely because of the action of God. After I arrived over here, I learned that God uses natural occurrences for his owns purposes. They sky was darkened by a volcanic eruption of what you now call the country of Italy.  The cloud from the volcano is what caused the darkness that created the beginnings of what were refer to as plagues.

31. So why did the Pharaoh change his mind about the Israelites leaving? The plagues that were overcoming the Egyptian people seem to be growing worst and worst. I kept telling him that it was occurring because he was not allowing the Israelites to leave. His seers and top officials finally recommended that he allow the Israelites to leave as a test to see if things would truly improve.

32. Did you know that you were being pursued by the Pharaohs army? Yes, after a period of time, the angel came to me and warmed me that we were being pursued, he also told us not to worry that God would protect us

33. Was it actually the red sea that was parted by God? God parted a large waterway for us but it was not actually what you now refer to as the Red Sea, there was a large lake and marsh area that God separated and allowed us to escape

34. How long did it take for the Israelites to cross the parted sea? It took about two days. At the end of the second day the pharaohs army was approaching and God determined that he would end the threat to the Israelites once and for all and the waters of the great lake returned and the army of the Egyptians was destroyed.

35. What was the manna or the desert food provided by God? As we would go through the desert we would be led to different oasis or places where water was available, and in those places,  we would find plants that we could eat and animals that we could butcher to sustain ourselves.

36. Would you describe how you received the commandments from God? Yes, the angel told me that I would receiving a special message from God. I needed to get away from the rest of the people so that I could focus on the messages I would be receiving.  I climbed what you now refer to mount Sinai and found a secluded place. The angel of God came to me and in my mind gave me multiple commands for the people to live by. I took those commands and inscribed them on stone because at the time I didn’t have any other type of material, so I scraped them on stone, and we tried to preserve them

37. How many commandments did you receive? I basically received 6 or 7. Foremost was I was told that individual should not take innocent lives, I was given a commandment that marriage should be honored. I was given other simple commands, mainly they were focused around the love of God.

38. Did the Israelites wonder for 40 years in the desert? No that is no true. It took us quite a while to get through some of the dryer portions but we did not wander for 40 years in the desert

39. Were you with them at all times? I was always with the people, I would try to lead them, when we felt we were headed in the wrong direction or that we were lost, the angel God would come to us and he would give direction.  They provided sustenance for us and showed us where I should lead the people

40. Did the Israelites massacre the Midianites? We did engage in battle with the Midianites but we did show mercy to those that survived. God would never have us murder the innocent women and children.

41. How long was the total journey of the Israelites? In your time I would guess that it took us 3 or 4 years to complete the journey.

42. Who was Joshua? Joshua was the person that God selected to take over for me when I reached the age where I could no longer efficiently lead my people.

43. Did you personally ever write any gospels? No, there were those among us that tried to make some notes but I never personally was involved writing any of the Gospels

44. Where did you die? I died very close to what is now Judea

45. Did you die on Mount Nebo? I died near Mount Nebo

46. Where are you buried? I am buried at the base of what you now refer to as Mount Nebo.

47. How old where you when you died? In your years I was around 78 years old.

48. How accurate are the writings in the old testament writing about you? Some are accurate and some is not. For instance, I just told you my age when I passed, I did not live to be well into my hundreds. I also did cross over into Judea and actually crossed back to where the Israelites where camping, unfortunately I was very old at that point and became sick and unable to lead any longer.  

49. How accurate are the are the writings of the old testament about you? The writings are accurate about the basic fact that the Israelites went from Egypt to the land that was promised to them. Many of the details are exaggerated such as the wondering for 40 years. The fact that God did part the waters and killed the army of the Pharaoh is also accurate.  He did not part the entire width of the Red Sea for us but he definitely did part the waters in a major miracle.

50. Have you reincarnated since your life as Moses? No, I have chosen to serve our Lord and God from this side of the vail, should he ask me to return I most certainly would return and do his bidding, but I have not worked on the earth since I walked in the body of Moses.

51. Did you serve God on earth in any lifetime before you walked the earth as Moses? Yes, I had served Abraham at an earlier time. I tried to help him to teach his people of the one God, but nothing is written of me in that lifetime.

52. What is your current role in heaven? I do what my God wishes me to do. He instructed me to come to you tonight and speak to the people in your group. He wants me to activity be involved in trying to stop the spread of Satan in your current world.

53. Do Barry and I know you when we are on the other side. Yes, when you were on the other side you were one with one, that is why you and Connie were chosen to return to carry our words to the multitudes.

54. What is your opinion of the current Jewish nation? The current Jewish nation in some ways has lost its bearings from what God intended. For instance, they do not accept that Jesus was the Messiah, that is a major mistake for them and it is not until they return home that they understand the error of their judgement.

55. Do you have a final message for us? Yes, tonight was an honor to speak to all of you.  I have enjoyed once again to have others listen to my words. I will return again if I am requested because it is very important that Satan is defeated! It is very important that others are bought to know and love God! It is important that others know that Jesus was God incarnate and that he speaks the words that he was sent back to speak. He lived among humans. He suffered. He loved and he died at the hands of humans. That is what free will did to our Lord. It is vitality imperative that you do not allow free will to destroy humans on Earth. You are now reaching a point time when you can assure mutual destruction of all. It is time to put away your weapons of mass destruction and spread love for one another. The advanced cultures in your Galaxy learned this lesson many many years ago. There is nothing to be gained through mutual destruction. Humans will not be destroyed by God, humans can only be destroyed by their own actions. Take to heart what I am speaking tonight. Know that God is with you, but that he will allow your free will and ego to determine your evolution. Speak of God at all times.  Never fear that you will be ignored and never think that you are alone.  Even through dark times he is with you, when you are in pain, he is with you. The energy of God shares your suffering and your burdens. Pray to him and your prayers will be answered. If you believe in God have no fear because you will join him in the realms of heaven. With those words I am going to leave you tonight. Thank you for listening, I enjoyed speaking and Bless you and may God be with you! Amen.

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