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Channeling Mary Magdalene, The Female Disciple
Mary Magdalene is unique among the Disciples in that she was the only one that witnessed the Crucifixion and was the first to see Jesus after the Reincarnation.

I am here and anxious to speak to all the members of your wonderful group. They represent the best hope for spreading the true words of our Lord. Tonight, let me begin by telling you that evil is spreading and needs to be stopped. Satan has been very, very busy!  He has been especially busy in your government and with your enemies that are trying to destroy your country. This needs to stop! God created the United States of America in the image that he wanted for a country. Many have tried to destroy you through the years and he has always intervened and guided your leaders so that good would always win out in the end. He has seen you through world wars and he has seen you through a civil war; he has never ever lost his power for the ability of good to win over evil. Today you are facing a different type of evil.  Many of your members of Congress are more interested in their personal power than they are looking out for you the people. It will be a difficult time in your history, but you must remember the words of Jesus that were spoken and they apply as much today as they did in time he walked the Earth. The most important thing for all of you to remember is love for one another.  Without that love hatred will win out and if hatred wins, your evolution is in question. Tonight, I will answer many questions about my life and about what should take place among mankind.  Keep in mind that I am here because Jesus has asked me to come and he listens as I speak to you. Know that I speak his words, know that Barry and Connie speak his words and know that the words that you are about to hear are about love and kindness towards one another. If everyone chose that love and affection, all will be well. Each of you listening need to go forth and spread the word of the love of God. It is a very simple message. God does not ever speak of hatred, he only loves each and every one of you and is with each and every one of you; as I said before it is a very simple message. Each of you need to remove hatred from your heart, once you accomplish that it will have a wonderful effect on those around you. Those around you will see the love and they will chase the hatred from their hearts as well, this is how it will begin.  Without that love all things will end!  With that I am going to answer some questions. Thank you.

1.     Did ever you ever serve God on Earth before you walked the Earth as Mary? -  Yes, I had returned at the time of Moses as did several of the other holy spirits and we assisted in his journey to bring the Jewish people to safety.

2.     Will you describe what you were in that lifetime? -  I was a man and I was very close to Moses, I was one of his assistants. He relied on me to help work with the others and we had a wonderful relationship.

3.     Have you ever served God on other planets? -  Yes, as have all of you. We always speak of the influence of God on the other plants in our Galaxy. Know that your souls have existed long before humans have walked the Earth. The other holy spirits have also bought you the same message.

4.     Mary, can you tell us about your parents? -  Yes, my parents were relatively wealthy Romans. They had property and lands and were among the upper level of Roman society.

5.     Can you tell me the names of your parents? -  Yes, my father’s name was Amos and my mother’s name was Edna.

6.     Did they have a particular occupation? -  No, they simply were land owners, they had slaves and they would raise crops and trade them with the other merchants and that is how they made their money.

7.     Did you have any brother or sisters? -  Yes, I had two sisters and one brother

8.     In what religion were you raised? -  We were raised Jewish; my mother and father were actually fairly high up in the Jewish faith.

9.     Did you have any illness as a child? -  Yes, I had problems, my mind would not let me focus on things. Sometimes I would be unable to speak.   in those days anyone with the mental illness was shunned by the rest of the people. My childhood was very sad because of the way others treated me because of the illness with which I was born.

10.  Could you read and write? -  No, because of my illness I was unable to learn to read and write. I learned after I was cured.  I learned to read a few words, but I was never really able to write fluently.

11.  Did you have an occupation before you met Jesus? -  No, my mental illness did not enable me to ever function in a normal job.

12.  Were you ever a prostitute? - No, that was a story that was made up by the Catholic church. In the early days people actually worshiped me as a disciple. There became a time that the Church resented the power that women had and their influence, at that time they made a story that I was a prostitute or a person of ill-refute. I never, never did what the church blamed me for.

13.  Were you ever married? -  No, I never married. People with mental illness were not allowed to marry others and after I was cured, I considered marriage, but I was so full of the love of God that I knew my role was to speak his words so I never married

14.  How old were you when you met Jesus? - I met Jesus when I was around 23 years old.

15.  Did you have the illness when you met Jesus? -  Yes, when Jesus met me, I was sitting at the edge of the road and I was having one of my fits where I was unable to speak. He realized what was happening, he came over, he put his hand upon my head and he prayed that I would be cured. I immediately began to have a clear mind, I was able to speak normally and I rose, looked at him and broke out in tears. When I realized what had happened, I fell down at his feet. He reached down and lifted me up and the love that I felt when I looked into his eyes was indescribable. I knew at that time that I would have to follow him.

16.  Was that his first public miracle? -  As far as I know, yes. I know now that I have come home on the other side that he had performed a miracle for his wife before me but no one ever spoke of that in life. So, I believe that I was his first miracle

17.  Did he ask you to join him? - Yes, he said that I had a love within me that he could feel and he knew that I would be faithful and that I would be able to follow him, to learn his words and to speak of him after he was gone

18.  Were you one of the first to join him? -  Yes, but there were several other before me.  John was one of them but I was really one of the first to join the movement

19.  How did the other disciples react to you becoming a follower? -  At first, they were a bit reluctant because I was a woman, however once they realized how much I loved our Lord and wanted to assist him they warmed up to me and we all became wonderful friends.

20.  Did other women follow him as well? - Yes, as the movement grew both men and women came forward to listen to his preaching and to help spread his words.

21.  How many women were true followers of Jesus during his lifetime? -  There were 5 of us, by the time of the final meeting on the Mount of Olives.  5 of us women were members of the group.

22.  Will you describe them? -  They were all of poor backgrounds, many, most of them could neither read or write, but they truly felt the love of God in their hearts and they wanted to help this man called Jesus spread the word. They were overcome by his love as well.

23.  What was it like to know Jesus in life? -  It was an incredible sensation, I cannot describe what it was like to be with him. All he ever did was show love to all of us, he spoke of things that we never heard before but he spoke simply and directly and as a result we came to understand the teaching of the true one God. It was truly an amazing adventure to be with him.

24.  Mary what was your role as a disciple? -  My family had wealth so I helped to fund his mission.  Our family money was used to feed and house his followers. As others became involved with him, they also contributed in funds but, I and my family provided the bulk of the funds that were required for him to speak and spread the word.

25.  Did you speak publicly during the time Jesus lived? -  Yes, we would all contribute when he would speak to the people. At times he would speak and each of us would stand and give testament to the love and understanding that this man had for all that walked the Earth.

26.  Did you have a particular message that you would speak to the people? -  I would generally speak of the love that Jesus shown to all of us. I would speak that those that showed love in their lives and led good lives would be with our Lord not only on Earth but after they passed, they would be with him in heaven as well.

27.  Did you ever know that Jesus was married? -  No, he never spoke of him being married or having a family to me in life. Once I returned home here in heaven, I realized that he had been married and with children.  Once on this side I waited until Toba joined us and I was there to welcome her when she passed.

28.  Will you describe your relationship with Jesus? -  I loved him with a true love, we were very close in life. He would talk to me and disclose what he wished to accomplish, he told me that there would be a time that he would leave and that we would have to continue his words and as a result we would all have a lasting effect upon the world.

29.  Were you the closest disciple to Jesus? -  I was very close to him but others were close as well. Peter was very close to him and Jesus probably told Peter more than he told any of the other disciples.

30.  Will you describe what it was like on the final evening on the Mount of Olives?  - He had all of us come together and told us that he would be leaving. He told us that he counted on us to carry on spreading his words. It was a very, very sad time and we were all in tears. I was there, all the main disciples were there as was his mother Mary as well. In our hearts we knew what was going to happened, but we tried, we tried with all our hearts to believe that he would return to us. When the Romans came it was terrible, they took him and that was the last we ever got to speak to him.

31.  Were you present at the crucifixion? - Yes, Mary and I attended the crucifixion.  The other disciples feared for their lives and were in hiding. We figured that as women we would be safe. So, we were there when our Lord drew his final breath. I cannot tell you the grief that overcame Mary and myself, it was a terrible, terrible time!

32.  Will you tell us the true details about the crucifixion? -  Yes, our Lord was crucified by himself. There were many Roman soldiers around, but they realized that Jesus was a very special person.  They tried to show as much respect as possible while carrying out their orders. Many of the soldiers were in tears as well, when our Lord drew his last breath, many of the solders cried out right. It was a very sad event for all of us. There were no earthquakes, the sky did not darken and as Matthew was to write the dead did not rise from the graves. Our Lord died with dignity and he died quietly, I cannot tell you the absolute grief that we felt.

33.  Were you among those that discovered the tomb was empty? -  Yes, we were going to assure that the body of our Lord was properly cared for, but when we arrived at the tomb, the doorway, the stone was moved from the doorway and the soldiers were around us and asked if we had done it, and I said no, we know nothing of this.  Perhaps someone had stolen the body of our Lord but we couldn’t understand what was going on. It just added to our grief that we could not prepare the body of Jesus in the proper manner.

34.  What went thru your mind when you saw the tomb was empty? - We thought somebody stole the body, but we could not figure out why? It was just…it was terrible! I can’t describe what it was like at that time. Mary was almost hysterical that the body of her son was gone, she too had no idea what had happened.

35.  Were you the first to see him after the resurrection? Yes, I was blessed in a way no other individual has ever been blessed, to see the presence of our Lord after he rose from the dead.

36.  What did he say to you when he appeared after the resurrection? He said Mary, I want you to spread the word that there is truly life after death, that I have now reappeared and that you will carry out those words that I have told you in life. You must tell the others, you must explain to them that I have returned as I have prophesied.

37.  What did you do to spread the word of God after the resurrection?  - For a period of several weeks, Jesus appeared to us on several occasions.  It was to convince the rest of the disciples and followers that he truly had risen from the grave and, that life was everlasting. I did little for probably three or four months after his death, we grieved so much that he was gone. We prayed to God that he would let him return.  Peter in particular thought that God would not take him from us and that he would return, but when we realized that he has truly gone to his home in heaven, we began to set out and speak to others about the miracles we have seen.

38.  Where did you spread the word?  - We all started locally in the Judea area, but as time moved on many of the disciples went to far parts of our known world at that time and spoke. Many went to Greece and many went as far as Africa!

39.  Were you alone when you spread the word?  - No, I was accompanied by another follower, his name was Holfil. He was a wonderful person and he would help protect me as I would speak.  He would also speak the words of our Lord because there were many times that a woman was not accepted in those days.

40.  How did you die? -  I was martyred. I was actually crucified as was my Lord. I was speaking to a group of my students, I did not realize that my group had been infiltrated by many individuals that did not want the word of God to be spread among the people.

41.  Where were you killed? -  I was killed in Southern Judea.

42.  Who killed you?  - I was killed by the members of my group, many of those who I thought were close to me betrayed me. I coulc not believe what was happening!

43.  How old were you when you were killed? -  I was around 45 years old.

44.  Why were you killed? -  I was killed so that I could no longer spread the words of our Lord. The pagan religion was so deeply ingrained in many of the Romans that to speak against it just infuriated them, as a result they created great violence against those of us that were trying to speak of the one God.

45.  Have you ever reincarnated since your life with Jesus? - No, since I walked the Earth with our Lord, I have served him from heaven

46.  Do you intend to reincarnate in the future? -  If our Lord requests that I return I would certainly not hesitate to do so.

47.  I asked the other spirits to describe heaven for us. Would you do that for us as well? -  I will try.  It is the place if unimaginable beauty! It is a place of love! There is no evil over here, when you obtain the upper the levels of heaven it is truly beyond your imagination. You can imagine you want to be somewhere and you will be there, you can visit places, you can do what you wish to do, it is such a wonderful place. No one should ever fear death because it is the door way to returning home to all the wonders that surround us here everyday.

48.  Will you tell us some information that was lost in your gospel? -  My gospel was written by others, it was based on what I taught when I spoke as I tried to spread the words of our Lord. It spoke of the truth of his death, and it spoke of the wonderful sensation to be the first to see him. Imagine being chosen to be the first to see our Lord after he reappeared!  There are also parts that spoke of the other disciples and how they felt about one another.

49.  Will the information in your gospel ever be found? -  Sadly, there was only a single copy that remains.  Keep in mind that the Romans decreed that the gospels be destroyed. Luckily mine was hidden but portions of it are gone forever.

50.  Who wrote your gospel? - Part of it was written by the individual that accompanied me on my mission, Holfil, and part of it was written by other of the disciples that could read and write. I know that Paul contributed some to what was written in my lost gospel.

51.  Do you have a recommendation from what to tell those that tell us this is against biblical teachings to speak with spirits? -  If it was against biblical teachings, I would not be here with you tonight. It may be against what is written in the bible, but it is certainly not against what Jesus wants for all of us. He wishes that humans can communicate with him to understand his preaching’s and to understand the love he has for all. You and Connie were sent back to communicate with us.  You are now capable of speaking the words, not only of Jesus but of his followers such as myself and the other disciples. It is only through communication with the holy spirits that others can be told the truth. The bible is but a guide, man has influenced the words that are in the bible for their own power and strength. For instance, what they wrote about me is the greatest example, I was never a prostitute, I never considered it! There was no need! My family had money! Luckily, they took care of me until our Lord healed me, but what they added about me was a sin. It is the responsibility of all of you that you can hear the truth of his words and to pass on these words and to let others know that Barry and Connie can speak of the truth. Do not fear what others say, they are wrong! Once they arrive over here, they will learn of their mistake.

52.  What is your opinion of what is currently taking place on our Mexican border? -  What is taking place is terrible for many aspects. It is imperative that the United States be protected. If your country does not survive there will be no one else to provide world leadership. It is important that the integrity of your country be protected, but on the other hand, we feel for the poor people that are trying to come into your country.  They are being misled, and those that are misleading them are creating a terrible sin. Sadly, the people attempting to come into your country are paying the price for the greed and hatred of others. Your country must enforce its borders!  Sadly, there are those that are trying to replace your borders.  For your country to remain strong there must be safety for all in your country and to do that a country must have strong borders

53.  Do you have a message for Connie and myself?  - Yes, once again you are speaking the words of spirits from the other side that have followed our Lord in life. You have been sent back to do this and you are accomplishing what you have been sent back to do. It is important that others learn to communicate with us as well. There will be a time that you and Connie will no longer be able to do this, others must speak of your legacy and others must also learn to communicate with us and to lead other people to the true teachings and words of our Lord. For the time being, you and Connie will bring the majority of the messages to the people. When your book comes out this spring, others will have the information they need to speak the truth of the life of our Lord. I’ve contributed to that book as you know, hopefully many will read the book and understand the wonderful, simple story of the life of Jesus.

54.  Do you have a message for the members of this group, of our group Words of God then and now? -Yes, you have been bought together to go forth and spread the words as they are given to you by Barry and Connie, they speak the truth. I know that there are many doubters out there.  There were many doubters when I walked the Earth with Jesus, there are also many haters because they cannot stand to hear the truth. You have to attempt to bring people together, once you accomplished this you will have done what you were sent back to do, with those words I am going to leave you tonight.  God bless all of you, Jesus has been here with me and has been listening and he is well pleased with the messages that I have given you. I have spoken the truth! I have spoken the truth as only one who is near to Jesus can speak. Go forth and spread his words! Go forth and spread his love! Go forth and tell others that hatred has no place in heaven, those that live a life of hatred will not advance in realms of his kingdom. God bless all of you and goodnight!

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