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Channeling John the Baptist, Elijah

18. 06. 08 – Channeling John the Baptist and Jesus

I am here tonight because Jesus requested that I come and tell you the story of my love of the one God. I was chosen to baptize our Lord because of my service in past lives. We had lived many lifetimes together and I was very trusted to carry out his messages. I have lived 570 years earlier as Elijah, in that lifetime I spoke of the coming of the Messiah. In that lifetime there were many people that worshiped many Gods. My role in that lifetime was to tell them of the one God. It was very difficult, but I managed to convince many, it was not until my lifetime with Jesus that the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah was fulfilled. Jesus was God and the Messiah! He came to us in that lifetime to tell all what was required to advance the realms of heaven. Many listened and followed his words; his words were in many ways historical. His simple teachings of love and kindness were complicated by the churches to strengthen the powers of man. We were very disappointed from over here by what was happening but decided to let free will take its course.  As you can now all tell, free will is strengthening the power of Satan. Now is the time when you must all make a stand for God. If you fail in bringing back his words, the future of mankind is in doubt.

We are here tonight to strengthen your resolve to lead others to God. Barry and Connie walked the earth with us as did many of you. You have been brought together in this time of need to renew faith in our God, that is his very simple command. He will bless those that follow his commands and they will find peace in his holy heaven. Learn, and lead those who will listen!  Those that do not listen will not enjoy all the benefits of his heaven. I will now answer some questions and at the end Jesus will bless all of you.


  1. Did you live many lives on Earth before you were Elijah? -  No, that was my first life on earth, but I had lived many, many lifetimes in other worlds.

  2. Can you tell me using our time frame, how many years before Christ was Elijah born? -  400

  3. When you were Elijah, how did you know it was your mission to speak of one God? - The angels came to me and told me my mission.

  4. When you were Elijah what was the main message you spoke? - I told the people that there was only a single God and if they continued to worship other Gods they would pay a price in their afterlife.

  5. When you were Elijah did you perform miracles? -  Yes, that was the only way I could convince others. Just as you will have the ability to heal others using the energy of God.

  6. What was the most important miracle performed by Elijah? -  I rose several people from the dead.

  7. When you passed, were you taken by a chariot to heaven? -  No, my soul went to heaven like every other soul, that story was made up by man.

  8. How old was Elijah when he passed? -  90 years old

  9. Would you like to tell us anything else about Elijah before we move on? -  No, my life as John is of greater importance.

  10. Was John related to Jesus? -  No, we were not related.

  11. Who were your parents? -  My mother’s name was Ruth.

  12. What was your fathers’ name? -  His name was Matthew.

  13. How old was your mother when you were born? -  She was 21.

  14. How old was your father when you were born? -  He was 23

  15. How did your father die?  - He passed of natural causes.

  16. In what country where you born?  - I was born in Judea.

  17. Were you affected by King Herod massacre of the innocents? -  I learned of it later and was saddened by Herods’ cruelty.

  18. When you lived your life as John did you know you were Elijah incarnated? -  No, I only learned that when I returned home.

  19. How did you know to predict the coming of the Messiah as John? -  I was told angels, they informed me that my life was very special and that I would play a major role in the life of the Messiah.

  20. How did you first meet Jesus? -  We were introduced by a friend.

  21. When you first saw Jesus did you know he was the Messiah?  - No. The angels came to me and told me that I had met God.

  22. How long did you know Jesus before you knew he was the Messiah? Several months

  23. How did you know to preach of the one God. -  Once again it was told to me by angels.

  24. In the bible they said you wore camels’ hair and lived in a cave, is that true?  - I lived a normal life, there were times I had to live in a cave and I did wear a camels hair to keep warm.

  25. Where you John ever baptized? - No, there was no one to baptize me.

  26. Before you met Jesus what, was the contents of your teachings? -  I spoke of the one God.

  27. What is the significance the act of baptism? -  Baptism is symbolic of the rebirth of your soul in service to God.

  28. How did you learn about baptism? -  I was also shown this by the angels

  29. Was there any one angel in particular that gave you more messages than others? -  Yes, Gabriel was my main angel.

  30. Do you still see Gabriel? -  Yes, he still plays a real important role

  31. Why did you have to baptize Jesus?  - That act released the powers of God. Until that time the powers of God were dormant within him.

  32. How old were you when you baptized Jesus? -  32

  33. What words did you speak at the baptism of Jesus? -  My words were: God please bless and keep your son and let him now go forward in your name.

  34. Did you also baptize the wife and children of Jesus? -  Yes, they also received my blessings.

  35. Did you ever baptize Mary and Joseph?  - No, they were raised in the Jewish faith but spoke only of the one God.

  36. Did you know the children of Jesus? -  Yes, we were very friendly and I spent much time in their home.

  37. Did you ever join Jesus and his ministries? -  Only in the very beginning. His path was separate from mine.

  38. When you were John, did you ever perform any miracles? -  No, those were only performed by our Lord.

  39. Why were you arrested by Herod Antipas? -  He did not like what I preached about his incestuous marriage, his marriage was against the teachings of God. He was very upset by my words.

  40. What role did Salome play in your death?  - She made Antipas cut off my head because her mother was the object of my teachings.

  41. Are you buried at mosque in Sebastia, St John the Baptist mosque?  - Yes, my physical remains are there, but my soul is with our Lord here in heaven.

  42. What role do you now play in heaven? -  I try to guide others following our God.  It has become very difficult.  That is why you and Connie were sent back.

  43. Have you every reincarnated since the time of Christ? -  Not on your planet, but I have been on others.

  44. Do you know Connie and my souls when we were in heaven? -  Yes, you walk with us in the service of God.

  45. Did you help with Connie and my life plan? -  Of course

  46. What message do you have for members of our group that are listening? -  Heed my words that were spoken earlier and know the importance of your mission.

  47. Do you have a personal message for Connie and myself? -  Yes, walk with your heads held high knowing that God is with you and watches over you. God knows that you are trying your best. In the future all will know that you and Connie have an undying love of God in your hearts.


Jesus comes through - I am also here to tell all of my love and kindness for all. My words must leave an impression and bring others to my preaching’s or human evolution is danger. God Bless all of you listening.  Follow my words and you will be with me in my realm. Amen!

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