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Channeling the Reverend Billy Graham

12/22/2018 A Christmas Message From the Reverend Billy Graham

Good evening. I am honored to once again to have the opportunity to speak the words of our lord God to a large group of individuals. In life I was honored to speak to the many.  I did my best to bring my words of love of God to as many as possible. Tonight, I want to speak of the birth of the Christ child.  On that momentous day two thousand years ago a child was born that was going to change the world forever. His words would become the basis of a faith and a way of life based on love and charity. Now that I am on the other side, I am privileged to know our Lord and his mother Mary, their souls are a miracle! The fact that I can speak to you tonight is a miracle! Know that my words are real and know that what I tell you is the good word.  God came to earth as Jesus and so do his words continue to ring throughout the world.  The celebration of the birth of our Lord is a sacred moment.  We celebrate it each year and it is a time for devotion to family and to re-dedication of one’s life to preaching the love of God.  It is that love of God that will guide you when you return home under the realms of heaven; know the truth of the good word. Know that God is with you each and every day, know that he will watch over you as you celebrate his birth and as you lead your lives.  Know as well that love is the answer, know that spreading that love to others will help defeat Satan and the evil that abounds on earth today. As we celebrate the season, dwell upon the message of our Lord and not upon on the commercial aspects of the holiday. Christ is the reason for Christmas, there is no other reason, without the birth of Christ there would be no Christmas! Know well what I tell you tonight, go forth and know that God is a universal energy that watches over all. He will be with you, he will attempt to guide you and with these words I would like to wish you all a Merry and a Godlike Christmas!  Good night!


Reverend Billy Graham

Yes, I am here tonight to once again speak the words of God. It has been awhile since my words were spoken to many people. Tonight, is very special.  I want to start tonight by saying that I am very appreciative of the opportunity to speak to all of you. In my life I spoke many words of God and those words were heard by millions of people. Tonight, I know the crowd is much smaller but very, very important. God has selected many of you to fulfill a mission of spreading his words of Love and trying to stop the spread and effects of Satan. Satan is very real in your lives and is gaining strength. Only spreading the true words of God will slow the advance of Satan, together we will be successful. Barry and Connie are bringing you the true words of God. They where sent back for this specific mission.  What they tell you is the actual truth. I will try to amplify on their words and explain many things here tonight. I helped Barry make up many questions that he will ask tonight. Many are controversial, but I intend to answer them truthfully as I attempted to answer all things truthfully while in life. Just know that you are the chosen ones. Go forth and spread the words of God and you will find your rewards with me in heaven. Jesus is very aware of what we are doing here tonight.  This is my first real attempt to spread his words since arriving on this side. God will bless all of you as he has blessed me. I will now begin to answer the questions.


1.     How would you prefer that I address you? -  I want to be very respectful. You can call me brother, but the rest can refer to me as Reverend Graham.

2.     Can you tell us what heaven is like? -  It is beyond description! It is the most magnificent place. All things are possible here.  Those that have spoken of our God are in realms where all is possible.  Those that have not spoken nor believed in him are in lower realms and are not having the experiences.

3.     How were you greeted you when you finally arrived home? -  When I crossed over Jesus was waiting for me as well as my mother and many of the holy spirits that you have conversed with

4.     What is your role now? -  My role is to continue spreading the words of God. I will try my best to influence others and show them the path to the all knowing and loving God.

5.     How did you serve God in other prior lives? -  I served our God in many, many lifetimes prior to the one as Billy Graham.

6.     Did you ever serve God on other planets? -  Of course, as did all of you. Humans have not walked the earth nearly as long as your soul energies have existed, therefore all of you have served our God on other planets.

7.     Did you in a prior life ever walked the earth with Jesus? -  Yes, I was blessed to have lived at the same time as our Lord, he was my father and I was his son. In your book you will tell all of the truths concerning the actual life of our Lord.  As you are well aware there were four other brothers and sisters that were members of our family. You were also there as well, that is why you have such a personal relationship with our Lord. He watches closely over you and Connie and leads and advises you as you spread the words of God

8.     Would you like to give us more details of that prior life? -  Much of those details will be in your next book, just suffice at this time to say that our soul history has been deeply intertwined.

9.     Can you tell me what your mother’s name in that prior life with Jesus? -  As you are aware our mothers name was Toba, she is with me here in heaven and watches over you and Connie as well.

10. In that lifetime did you know John the Baptist. -  Yes, John was our friend and stayed with us many times, he was a wonderful person in life. A lot of fun and humor. He loved the family of our Lord.

11. In your lifetime with Jesus did you ever discuss reincarnation? -  No, he left us at a relatively young age to begin his mission. Once he left, I never saw him in life again. I now see him on a regular basis.

12. In your life time as Billy Graham, what was your opinion of reincarnation? -  I did not accept the concept of reincarnation. I believed that your soul lived a single lifetime and either went to heaven or to hell.

13. What is your current view of reincarnation now that you are on the other side? - Obviously, it has changed.  Now that I am here it is very apparent that reincarnation is the basis of how your soul progresses.

14. You preached the Bible was the infallible word of God.  Now that you are on the other side do you still believe it? -  No, now that I am with our Lord I can see how man has manipulated his words so that they can have more power.

15. What would you say to evangelical Christians who believe that every word in the Bible is true?  - I would say to them that they should open their minds and try to understand that there are parts of the Bible that reflect my fathers’ words, but there are also parts that are incorrect. I know that is a very difficult concept and in life I would have rejected it. The act of dying opens one’s mind.

16. When evangelical Christians arrive at the other side do they have trouble accepting the truth?  - Yes, at first, I had trouble accepting the realities of my father’s true teachings. I quickly learned that all of what I spoke in life was not correct, much was, specially the part of finding the love of God.

17. You preached that Jesus died on the cross to save the souls of man, do you still believe that? -  No, I now know that he died on the cross so that he would be remembered.

18. You preached that there would be a time that Jesus would return, what do you believe? -  Jesus will never return.  It is possible that God will decide to return in another form, but the form of Jesus will not return.

19. What words of the Bible do you consider the most distant from the words of God? -  I believe that preaching the fear of God and the act fearing him are some of the greatest errors in the Bible. God is love, not fear, and there is no Hell.

20. What is your opinion about Revelations? -  The book Revelations was influenced by Satan!  That book is totally wrong, there will be no end of days!  If humans cease to exist it will be because of their own actions.

21. What did you preach about hell? -  I followed the words in the Bible and spoke of the fires of hell. I now know that hell does not exist in that form, however there is a lower realm of nothingness that would be similar to hell.

22. What would you tell us about the realms of heaven?  - There are seven realms or levels in heaven, your soul has to experience all possible and share a true love of God to progress in those realms. God is in the seventh realm as are many of the holiest of souls.

23. Which President that you met that you consider the closest to God? -  I thought that Lyndon Johnson was closest to God.  I was very upset when I learned the truth of his life.

24. In life you were very close friend of Lyndon Johnson, now that you are on the other side, what do you think of him? - He has been sent to the lowest level for all the terrible things he did in life. He was responsible for the death of President Kennedy; for that he will pay dearly.

25. Do you and Harry Truman now get along on the other side? -  Yes, Harry and I have resolved our differences.

26. What is your opinion of President Obama? -  He was not what he appeared. I would like to say no more about that

27. Were you ever anti-Semitic? -  Unfortunately, in my youth I did have antisemitic thoughts, as I grew older I put them behind me.

28. What is your opinion about women? -  I try to keep women as they were mentioned in the Bible. I always thought they were equals but in many ways I did not act like that

29. Why did you not allow your daughters to be educated for a career? -  I thought the place of a women was in the home with a husband. I considered educating women as being disruptive to a happy home life.

30. Where you homophobic? -  Unfortunately, once again I did have those thoughts

31. What is your current opinion on homosexuality? -  I personally do not think it is natural.  The individuals are judged by how they live their lives and their love of God

32. Did you preach that those that did not believe in God could not be saved? -  I preached that the love of God was vital to salvation. I now know it is possible to live a good life without believing in God and that the non-believers will be forgiven.

33. What was your opinion on segregation during the 1950 and 1960s? -  I felt that segregation was wrong but I was influenced by the people around me. I did not do as much as I should have concerning segregation.

34. What was your opinion about Martin Luther King? - I did not believe he was a true leader, I now understand differently.

35. What do you think of Pastor Terry Jeffords? -  I think he is trying to take my place. If he is capable of doing that remains to be seen.

36. What is your opinion of the Catholic church?  - I am saddened about what the church has become. They have not protected the young from abuse and they will pay the price. I love the Catholic people that share my love of God.

37. What is your opinion of the current pope? -  He is not doing what needs to be done to save the Catholic church.  He has protected those that abused the young.

38. What would be the fate of the current pope? -  He will soon step down.

39. Why is there a such a divide between Evangelicals and Catholics? -  The leaders of both sides have exaggerated the difference between the two churches. It is the fault the leaders, not the people.

40. Is there anything about your life as Billy Graham that you would change? -  Yes, I would like to relive the early parts of my life where I had negative thoughts about segregations, homosexuality and the role of reincarnation. I guess being over here really points out your mistakes.

41. Are you planning to reincarnate any time soon?  - That is a decision up to our Lord.  When he decides that it is time for me to return, I will return

42. You reached millions of people. You preached to more people than any other pastor in history. What do you suggest that Connie and I do to reach the same amount of people? -  Just continue as you are building a strong nucleus of followers. Those that follow you must build their strength and knowledge, so they too can also be effective.  When the time arrives you will reach millions.

43. Do you have a message for Connie and myself? Yes, we watch what you do and are pleased. We know that you are doing your best.  In the future you will heal many and that will generate confidence that you really do speak the words of God.

44. What would have the members of this group do to spread the words of God? -  They must stand firm concerning their convictions regarding the love of God. Once they have no doubts, it will become easier to spread his words. It is difficult when among sceptics, we will assist each in their special message.

45. Do you have a message for any specific members of our group? -  Yes, I want Kim to know that she has special abilities and will learn to use them and help carry on after you and Connie are unable. Elena needs to get serious about her vision. I will come to members individually in their dreams and give them advise.

46. Do you have a final message for us? -  Yes, you heard much information tonight from me, I appreciate the opportunity to once again to speak the words of God. Jesus is here with me tonight and wants to give the final blessing.


I want all to know how proud I am of what each and every one of you is accomplishing. You now know of my love and my ability to send the holiest of spirits to you with messages. Spread the words of my love for all and that I am always with you, your prayers are heard, have faith in God and all will be well. God bless all of you here tonight. Spread my words as you hear them from Barry and Connie, they are truly my words. Amen 

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