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Dave -  His show, Spaced Out Radio, originates in Vancouver, Canada and is available every night.  I have appeared on his show multiple times.

Emily Klintworth – - Emily specializes in astrology.  She is the author of Your Cosmic Compass and Claiming Your Power Through Astrology.

Jim Harold -  His Campfire and Crime Scene shows have been downloaded millions of times.  A great show and a nice guy.

Jim Malliard – His show the Malliard Report has been on the air for many years.  Connie and I have channeled live on his show.

LNM Radio – Connie and I appear on the Michael T. Vara show, Late Night in the Midlands, ever first Wednesday of the Month.  The shows are also available on YouTube.

Marla Brook – View her show, Stirring the Cauldron, live or on archives.  She offers Oracle deck readings every Monday and other services.  Connie and I have appeared on her show many times and we highly recommend it.

Norene Balovich – Norene’s show, Paranormal Zone TV, available on YouTube, brings you very interesting shows every week.

Sysco Murdoch -  Connie and I have appeared on her show, Journey Through the Gate, and highly recommend it.  We will be back on the show in the near future.

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