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Books by Barry R. Strohm


Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago and in only 3 years of ministries, spoke words that have endured and changed the world. There were no contemporary written documentations of his words and no absolute proof of his teachings, only the words selected by Roman emperors and church leaders, which have been altered throughout time. In this book, the actual words of the most influential Christian leaders are channeled and recorded to bringing the reader the actual messages and teachings spoken by Jesus to his followers and disciples. We begin with Moses as he tells the true story of leading the Israelites to the promised land. John the Baptist speaks of his prior life as Elijah and his role in the beginning of the Ministries of Jesus. Saint Andrew, Mary Magdalene, Saint Peter, Matthew, Timothy and Thomas tell what it was like to walk beside him, hear his words, and share in the grief of the crucifixion and the joy of his resurrection. Jesus's mother Mary tells of her son's birth, life and death.  In these chapters, the contemporary words of Jesus come through. Within these pages, you'll discover the truth of his teachings, life and messages of faith and hope for all.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of Spirits Speak - Channeling Jesus and the Holy Spirits is $22.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED USA ONLY. AVAILABLE IN SOFT COVER ONLY


Jesus Christ came to the world as the universal energy of God. For twenty-eight years he lived a normal life, experiencing emotions, observing the suffering of people, and even having a married life with children. He was sent to Earth to inform humanity of the one God―but was crucified. Here find in-depth commentary on the life of Christ through the channeled messages of Jesus, the Saints, disciples, and others of that volatile time. Find out how the gospels were selected and how and why the words of Jesus were altered by the church. Learn about soul families and those with his ancestry who are walking the Earth today. Hear warnings that reflect current and dangerous trends, including our political systems, religious beliefs, and interactions with each other. Jesus taught love, and through these messages, we find that his words are still vital to our personal and collective lives in the world today.  Purchase price for and author signed copy of Spirits Speak - Channeling the Life of Jesus is $27.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED USA ONLY.  AVAILABLE IN HARD COVER ONLY


Aliens are among us, and now it's time to have more of your questions answered through Barry Strohm and his spirit board connections that dwell outside of our sphere of existence. In this follow-up to Aliens Among Us: Exploring Past and Present, learn how extraterrestrials are able to travel the vast expanses of the galaxy in short periods of time, and examine the wide variety of space vehicles―one of which is the size of the United States. Read about various types of extraterrestrials, how they interact with humans, and the way in which they are governed and controlled in their visits to our planet. Discover information never before disclosed as you examine universal mysteries such as black holes, dark energy, how the universe was formed, reincarnation, and spirituality on other planets. Take an out-of-this-world journey to understand the secret knowledge of our not-so-distant neighbors.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of Spirits Speak of the Universe is $27.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED USA ONLY.  Book will be shipped when available.  AVAILABLE IN HARD COVER ONLY

In “Spirits Speak of Historical Conspiracies” I use the gift of spirit communication to consult with spirit guides or the actual souls of the individuals that lived the conspiracies and tell the reader what really occurred. In this book President Jack Kennedy tells what really happened at his assassination in Dallas, including the individual responsible for the conspiracy, the shooters and what really happened. George Armstrong Custer talks about the real occurrences at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and why his attack on the Indian village failed. You will learn who was behind the killing of Abraham Lincoln and the actual fate of John Wilkes Booth. Students of the old west will find out that Sheriff Pat Garrett did not kill famous outlaw, Billy the Kid. Other chapters tell the truth about Bigfoot, chemtrails and the government manipulation of the weather, clearing the name of King Richard 3rd, what happened to Malaysian flight 370, why the World governments keeps the alien presence a secret and much more. The book gives a unique look at many of the events that shaped our world.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries is $27.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED USA ONLY. AVAILABLE IN HARD COVER ONLY

Not only do aliens exist but they have souls like humans.  Once you accept that information, the reader will realize that it is possible to channel alien souls as well as human souls.  My guides introduced me to an alien soul named "Mou" and he proceeded to provide detailed information about not only their ancient presence but what is taking place currently.  The book provides information never before appearing in print.  The truth about aliens will in many instances be a lot stranger than fiction.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of Aliens Among Us, Exploring Past and Present is $22.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED  USA ONLY.  AVAILABLE IN HARD COVER ONLY

Afterlife, What Really Happens on the Other Side - Included are actual pictures of apparitions, angels and even a fairy. The author tells of the events that led from not believing in a spirit presence to gaining the ability to communicate with earthbound ghosts and heavenly spirits. The reader will experience the exact words of spirits as they attempt to explain their feelings upon passing from this life, what it is like on the other side and even explain the dimension of Heaven. One chapter tells of a channeling session with Ulysses S. Grant and another features responses from the crew of the submarine Thresher that sunk in 1963. All events recorded in this book can be verified through video and audio records. Upon completion of this book, you will have a new understanding of the afterlife.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of Afterlife, What Really Happens on the Other side is


Haunting and History of the Battle of Gettysburg - A short historical narrative of the Battle of Gettysburg including over 220 original photographs of the spirit presence that still haunts the hallowed ground where over 52,000 casualties occurred in 3 days of fighting. Also included are stories of personal encounters, little known facts concerning the battle and photographs of unknown objects. Included are photographs of ghost dogs, fairies, apparitions of soldiers and much more.  Purchase Price for an author signed copy of

 Haunting and History of the Battle of Gettysburg is $17.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED USA ONLY.  AVAILABLE IN SOFT COVER ONLY


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