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Bodie and Ginger are Back


Rarely in life are we given absolute proof of the existence of a soul and reincarnation. It becomes even more magical when the soul is that of a beloved pet that has passed many years earlier. This is a true story of hope and faith for anyone that has a cherished pet and longs to once again share the love on this side of the veil of life.

In 1995 we were fortunate to find a three year old registered Tonkinese cat named Bodacious, or Bodie for short. He was an incredible animal, intelligent and loving, and traveled around the country with us while we did antique shows. When he became frail at the age of 15 we were forced to put him to sleep, leaving a void in our hearts forever. Because of the pain of losing him, Connie and I agreed to not have any more pets. We were true to this promise for many years.

As we became more aware of our gift of spirit communication, we realized that it was actually possible to contact the souls of animals on both sides of the life veil. One night in June 2015 we were board channeling with our friends in Park City, Utah. We had made contact with several deceased pets of our friends and I got the idea to attempt to reach Bodie. I asked our guide for the evening if would be possible to contact our cat that had passed 10 years earlier. Suddenly the following words were spelled out on the board.

Yes, Hi, Hi, Hi.

It was like he was wondering why we did not attempt to contact him earlier. I got right to the point and inquired if it would be possible to get him back. Connie and I were thrilled with his answer.


Yes, I will find you.


“Will that happen soon?”


Yes, I will. Yes, I miss you.


“What color will you be when you come back?”





“How many months will it be until you return?”


13 months.


Are you referring to July 2016?”




Not only was Bodie planning to come back to us, he was telling us he would return in 13 months as a black cat and find us at the store! I asked him what he was doing all this time on the other side.  

Hanging out.


“You know we miss you.”


Me too.


I asked him if he was hanging out with anyone else on the other side?


No, I am yours.


“When you come back do you want the same name?”




I ended the first session with Bodie by inquiring if we would be able to talk to him again? He replied:




It was not until September of 2015 that we attempted to communicate again with the soul of our departed pet. This time we were back in New Oxford and Donna was with me on the board. I started the session by asking if our cat, Bodie was available. Our guide, Raz, apparently anticipated my question by answering:




It was only a short time and the following message appeared on the board.


Hello, cats are playing. Play if I am coming.


He was referring to answering questions on the channeling board as playing! I followed up by asking when he was coming back to us.


Be patient. I need a proper home.


A little bit of background is required here. For the past several years we have rented an apartment near the store in New Oxford. It is quite comfortable but relatively small. Our permanent home is a 3,300 square foot, three story condominium in Park City, Utah. In his previous lifetime, Bodie had spent most of his time in the spacious home out west. The little shit had just informed us that he was not coming back until he could live in relative luxury! This is definitely a soul with attitude. I thought I might get a better answer if I re worded the question so I asked if he was ready now. He replied:




“When are you coming back?”




“How many months will you need?”




“Is there any way I can bribe you into coming back sooner?”




I could not believe I was about to negotiate with the spirit of a cat. I thought I would be better off if I changed the subject. My next question inquired why he was coming in the spring.


A cat must be able to birth. Me, I will not replace a living soul.


Up until this time I realized human souls could do a “walk in” but no idea animals could do the same. It seems as though the complexities of heaven are never ending. As soon as we started channeling with animals, I realized that these events would make a great chapter for a book so I stated, “will you help me write a chapter in a book about you?”


Yes, I am a wonderful topic.


Nothing modest about this little guy. In life he had a great personality, apparently he still had it. After a statement like that, my next question asked if he had any messages for us. He did not disappoint.


Love me. Tell me!


Connie responded by saying, “Yes Bodie, we love you.” I guess he just wanted to be reassured. The session ended by me asking if he was still going to have the same personality.




His answers made Connie and I even more anxious to once again be pet parents. During the fall and winter our channeling sessions came to an end as I was diagnosed with heart problems and had two major surgeries. By March, it became apparent I was not going to be joining Bodie on the other side and my strength increased to the point where I could once again check up on our cat’s plans for reincarnation. With Donna and myself on the board, he came through for us. I started off by asking if there was any change in his reincarnation date.



“Will you still have the same personality?”


Oh, yes.


“Will we be able to talk to you after birth?”




“How will we find you after you are born?”


Not to worry.


I had this mental picture of finding a little black cat at the door of our store. As it turned out, my image could not have been any farther from what was to happen. Connie asked if there was anything that she would be better able for her to do this time around. I don’t think she was expecting his answer:


Food on time.


A little taken aback, she asked if he was saying that she did not always feed him on time. I think he tried to soften the blow a bit:


Aaaah, yes.


On that note we ended the session. In a session the beginning of May, we ask a guide if he was still coming this summer. The guide answered:


That is what he says.


That caught me off guard and I asked if he was saying that Bodie actually talks to the guides.




I do not know why it surprised me that our precocious little spirit cat was having conversations with the higher ups in heaven. When I inquired if he was still on schedule, our guide replied:


On his own schedule.


From this time forward, we could not make direct contact with our little spirit buddy. In June I asked if he was back and the guide ducked the question by answering:


Each day has a new set of probabilities. You say so and it is so.


Whatever was happening, the information door seemed to be closing. Every time I would ask, there would be no answer. That all changed on July 16th when Donna and I were on the channeling board. I asked if Bodie was back yet. The guide replied:


Not certain of Bodie.


“Is there any way we can talk to Bodie?”


We can try. Is this Bodie returning as a cat?


I answer “yes.”



Then he will make it apparent.


Suddenly Donna gets a strange look on her face and said, “I know where he is. I have seen him!” Earlier that week, she had been at the cemetery in Baltimore, tending to her father’s grave. While she was talking to the female caretaker, the woman asked Donna if she would like a kitten, there were 4 kittens, around 7 weeks old, living under the porch at the cemetery office. Donna stated she had enough pets but would love to see them. As she walked over the porch, a small, all black kitten came out from under the porch and looked directly at her. After a moment, the kitten turned and went back under the porch. Donna did not think any more about the incident, until the channeling session. She received a clear message in her mind that our returned Bodie had introduced himself! I immediately asked the guide if she had indeed seen our returned pet. He answered:


Yes, if you choose to have him.


Needless to say, the next day the cemetery was open, Connie and I headed to Baltimore to retrieve our long lost pet. We arrived at the cemetery about an hour before closing to find that the kittens were being extremely well cared for by the women working in the office. Not only had Bodie arranged to return in a place where he could introduce himself to Donna, he came back to be very well fed and taken care of. As we watched, the four kittens came out from under the porch. Three of the kittens were orange in color but one of the little guys was solid black, not a spot of white on him. The little black guy stood on the edge of the porch and stared directly at Connie, introducing himself after an eight year hiatus on the other side. We watched as he interacted with his sisters and then as we were preparing to pick him up, the little shit disappeared under the porch, never to be seen again. We tried for over an hour to bribe him back out from under the porch with food. We finally returned to New Oxford with an empty pet carrier. This was definitely not the long anticipated reunion!

That night we turned to the channeling board for answers. I started by asking the guide if the black kitten really was Bodie. He replied:




When I inquired why he ran away, I could hear very clearly in my head, “Because he is a cat.” No need for the board for that answer. From the interaction with his sisters it seemed like he was very close to them. Connie and I had discussed the possibility that he might want us to bring along one of his sisters to keep him company. When I asked the guide if he wanted a sister for a companion, he replied:




“If we also take one of his sisters, will he come with us on Friday?”




It looked like we were about to become the proud parents of two kittens! On Friday morning Connie and I were at the Cemetery office before they opened. As an ace in the hole, we had arranged for the women not to feed them until we got there. As predicted by the guide, things went a lot smoother as we selected a beautiful orange kitten to accompany Bodie to his new home. We put them together in the same pet carrier and headed north to New Oxford. We are already seeing traces of Bodie’s old personality as he and his sister are adapting to their new lives. Not only do we have our beloved pet back but he returned as a black cat within one week of the anticipated date he had given us 13 months earlier. We only had one more project: finding a name for the orange cat.


  Call us crazy, but we would ask the orange cat if it liked several names. Each time Connie mentioned a name, she would turn her head and sometimes walk away. We had a channeling session in a couple of nights so I suggested we wait and either ask the cat herself or our guide what name she wanted. Donna, the psychic that had played such a large role in finding was coming for the session. I emailed her what I was planning and she emailed back and said she already knew the name. Connie could not get to the phone fast enough to call her and find out the name. Donna said she kept hearing the name “Ginger.” We thought that was really strange because my oldest daughter had a dog named Ginger that had passed over 10 years ago. Connie asked the kitten if she wanted to be called Ginger but the kitten turned her head and walked away.


On the night of the channeling session, Donna reiterated that she was still hearing the name “Ginger” in her head as she drove to New Oxford. I was starting to believe that there was probably more to this orange kitten then we were aware. When the session began, I asked if our master guide, Raz, was present. The pointer spelled out:


I am.


This was the guide that gave us much of the information about Bodie. I started off by asking if the orange cat’s soul had ever been with us in life before. He replied:


This lifetime, yes.


“What was name when she was with us before?”




That was the name of the dog our oldest daughter rescued while in college! She had passed after having a great life with our daughter’s family. I told the guide that I thought a dog could not reincarnate as a cat.




Every time I think I am really understanding this stuff, the guides rain on my parade. I asked Raz what name the orange cat wanted in this life.




That name really caught us off guard! I said “Why that name?” The response was:


Why not?


Good answer. My next question was “Will she respond to that name?”




“Are the kittens happy?”


Oh yes. They remain a part of your circle.


After the session, Connie went over to the orange kitty and asked her if she wanted the name “Sassy.” The little cat looked directly her as if to say “you finally got it.” It then turned and used the litter box for the first time, an obvious act of appreciation for using her new name.

This sequence of messages and physical reality proves that not only do animals have loving souls capable of returning, but that they continue with you through multiple lifetimes as part of your soul family. I thank God and my guides every night that they have chosen Connie and I to participate in this incredible informational journey.

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