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Most people are familiar with the classic Ouija board. In contrast, our board is round and we allowed the spirit guides to alter the design of the board to their own specifications.  It is covered with glass and we use a hot poured quartz glass as the planchette that moves to the letters.  The board is lubricated with a light oil to allow the quartz glass to move easily to the letters.  All of our sessions are recorded with video and audio as proof we are actually receiving messages from the other side.  It is the concept of glass on glass with a light oil lubrication that lets the glass planchet move easily.

​It is possible that evil can cross using the board once we open the channel to the other side.  We ask the spirit guides to provide us with a special prayer of protection to keep us safe from evil  The prayer below is the exact words given us by the spirits and we have fastened a copy of it to the back side of our board.

God please grant us your wisdom and protection. Grant us the knowledge that we can handle and keep us safe from all things that will harm us. Keep the messages positive and pure love. Keep us safe from our own ego. We ask these things in the light of the seen, the unseen and the honesty of God.

We will start the session by asking for the appearance of our spirit guide to assist us in locating and help us communicate with the desired spirit.  It is important that you verify the identity of the spirit.  Have your guest ask a specific question, the answer only know to the guest,  to verify the presence.  If there is any doubt, end the session by taking your finger from glass.  

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