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St. Matthew the Apostle

I am excited to be able to speak to the people once more about my love of God and what it was like to know our Lord Jesus. I want all of you here tonight to understand that it is really my spirit present with you and speaking with you thru Barry and Connie. God is always with you, never doubt that! There are times of darkness in all of your lives. When I was alive as Matthew, I went thru periods of depression and sadness, but once I met our Lord Jesus the Christ, my life became fulfilled. There were still many instances of pain and suffering for me, but I then knew that all would be well, and I would reside in heaven with our Lord. It was a very difficult time; the Romans were brutal and would not hesitate to torture and crucify any that spoke against their rule. We were introducing a unique concept to them and the leaders highly resented it. Today there is much evil as well. Your government is trying to take God away from you and they are succeeding. You were sent back to Earth as a tool to defeat that trend. You must be strong in the face of all that is going on around you. One major problem is the growth of abortion. Abortion is taking a life and that is a sin. While there may be circumstances that make it a forgivable sin it is none less a sin. No one protects the small child being carried by the mother except the mother and its family. It is up to all to end the killing of the innocence. Many in political office feel that such killing is justified. They will find out when they arrive back home that it was very much against the teachings of our Lord and God. We are very proud of what you are accomplishing at the present time; soon much will happen. When the book arrives about the life and preaching of our Lord, he will make it much easier to spread his words. You are among the chosen ones to bring the love of God back to this world. There will be a time that Barry and Connie will no longer be able to bring you our messages. It is important that those of you that have the ability to communicate with us do so, that will allow our messages to continue. Barry and Connie will try their best to teach others how to receive our messages. With that I am ready to answer questions.

1.     Matthew did you ever serve our Lord a lifetime on earth before you were Matthew? -  Yes, I was present in prior lifetimes on Earth.

2.     Did you ever serve God on other planets? -  Of course, as did all of you.

3.     In your lifetime as Matthew where were you born? -  I was born in Judea near the shores of Galilee.

4.     What was your given name in that lifetime? – I was known as Ethan.

5.     How did you get the name Matthew? -  Once I became a follower of Jesus we assumed names other than those in which we were born for the protection of our families

6.     Were you raised in any religion? - Yes, I was raised in the pagan religions of the Romans. I had heard of the one God, but felt the old ways were better.

7.     Did you have any brother or sisters? -  Yes, I had two sisters and one brother.

8.     Did any of them follow Jesus? -  No, they remained in the pagan religion

9.     What was your education? -  My family was well to do and had me educated so that I could read and write.

10. Why did you become a tax collector? -  While the profession was hated by most, it was the best way to gain power with the Romans.

11. When you were a tax collector you worked for Herod Antipas, what was your opinion of him? -  He was far more inclined to be fair than his father. Herod the Great was sent to the lower level but his son Antipas was not sent there, he remains in heaven.

12. How did you come to follow Jesus?  - I was told about the man who spoke of the one God. I was working whenJesus and a few of his followers approached me.  I could feel the loving energy that he radiated. I knew immediately that he was very special and that I wanted to become one with him.

13. How old were you when you decided to follow Jesus? -  I was 25

14. Were you introduced to Jesus? -  No, he approached me and spoke of the one God and asked if I would join him.

15. What was it like to be in the presence of Jesus?  - All you would feel was the Love radiating from him, it is difficult to describe the incredible feeling of being with our Lord. I never saw him angry with any of us. He always spoke softly and would tell us what he expected of us.

16. Did you ever meet the family of Jesus?  - No, I never knew he was married until I came home. Once I was back in heaven, I was introduced to the soul of Toba who was his wife.  After his children came home I met them as well

17. How were you selected as one the 12 disciples of the inner circle? -  There were actually more than 12 highly trusted disciples, I tried my best to gain the confidence of our Lord. He realized I was truly committed to following him and carrying on his mission.

18. What was your role along with the disciples? -  I would help with the finances since I had been trained in addition and subtraction. That was required to be a tax collector.

19. What was your opinion of Mary Magdalene? -  I loved Mary both when we walked the earth and now that we are together in heaven. She was instrumental in providing funds to support the ministry. She was highly trusted by or Lord

20. Who told you the details of the crucifixion? -  Unfortunately, I acted cowardly and hid during the crucifixion of our Lord, only the two Marys’ were presented when he passed from the Earth. They told us what happened.  After time passed many others tried to give us details about his passing, many were inaccurate and unfortunately some of those words were included in the Gospels.

21. Did you witness the resurrection? -  I saw the body of our Lord after the resurrection, but I was not among the first to see him

22. How many times did you see Jesus after the resurrections? -  Twice.

23. Did you witness the accession?  - No, there was no ascension. That was added to the Gospels, at a later time.

24. Did you preach in Judea? -  I did for a time, but I decided to travel and try to speak his words in other countries.

25. Did you ever leave Judea? -  Yes, I stayed about three years after his passing but then I began my travels.

26. Where did you go when you left Judea? -  I decided that no one was going to try to spread his words in Africa, so I began to head in that direction

27. Did you ever go to Ethiopia?  - Yes, I wound up there, but it was very difficult to spread his words in that country

28. Did anybody else accompany you in your travels?  - Yes, there were several other followers that accompanied me and supported me in spreading his words.

29. In what countries did you wind up teaching? -  I spoke in Egypt and in what is now Ethiopia.

30. In life, what was the message that you preached? -  I spoke of the love of the one God. I spoke that what the Romans were practicing was not what would help the soul to go to heaven. I taught that each must love one another. That is what Jesus taught and it is still a most important message today.

31. Did you preach that the Messiah would return?  - Yes, because I felt that God would send him back to us. I was wrong in that teaching, I missed him so much that I thought surely that God would intervene and return him to us.

32. Did you take notes when you were a follower of Jesus?  - Yes, I tried to record some of what he spoke and my experiences as I traveled trying to spread his words

33. Where those notes used in your Gospel?  - Some, but much was distorted thru the years.

34. How accurate to your notes is your Gospel? - That is a difficult question. I would estimate that perhaps half of what is written is accurate

35. Do you consider you Gospel authentic? -  In part, for instance the death of our Lord was based on stories told to me. Unfortunately, some of those stories were not accurate. For instance, when our Lord, passed the sky did not darkened and there were no earthquakes. The dead did not rise from the grave. Mary told us that he passed with dignity. I should not have paid attention to the other stories.

36. What do you consider the greatest error in your Gospel? -  What I just told you.

37. Did you write any Gospels that were not included in the bible?  - Yes, I contributed to many other Gospels but they were not included.

38. In what country did you die? -  I died in Ethiopia

39. How did you die? -  I was crucified by the Romans in that country.  They warned me that I would not be welcomed with my preaching. I still spoke of the one God and the love of our Lord

40. At what age did you die?  - 54

41. Do any relics exist of your lifetime? -  No, what is said to have been mine is false.

42. Is there anything in your lifetime as Matthew that you regret?  - Yes, I regret that I was a coward and hid during the crucifixion of our Lord. If I had that to do over, I would have taken my chances with the two Marys’. I learned when I arrived home that my mission was to live and pass on his words. Had I gone to the crucifixion I would probably have been arrested and suffered the same fate as our Lord.

43. What is your current role in heaven?  - I assist our Lord with trying to spread words of his love. It is becoming more difficult to accomplish anything from over here. Satan has exerted his influence on men.  That is why you were sent back!

44. When Connie and I are on the other side do we know your soul? -  Of course, we are all together over here serving our Lord. You and Connie have been sent back many times to spread his words.

45. Have you ever been reincarnated since your life as Matthew? -  Yes, I returned during the inquisition to try to bring reason to the church. Satan was too strong, and I failed.

46. Are you planning to reincarnate again? -  I will when our Lord asks me to do so. Just as you and Connie have responded to his request

47. Will you describe heaven for us? -  It is impossible to describe the grandeur of heaven. When you are on the upper realms there is no limit to the wonders. Life on the middle realms is also magnificent. You have free will to travel as you please and visit those who are in your level or below you.  You will join your soul family and it will be a wonderful reunion. When you and Connie pass you will be met by your family and those of us that are available. You will be allowed to spend some time with your family before returning to the upper level that is your home.

48. You are a renowned Catholic Saint.  What is your opinion of the current Catholic church? -  It saddens me of what has become of my church. The cruelty to others, specially the young is breaking our hearts. Those that perform those cruel acts will be dealt with when they arrive over here. There will be a time that the Catholic church rebuilds and becomes one with the teachings of our Lord.

49. The lower realm of heaven where the evil souls are sent, is that considered the first realm?  - No, there are seven realms besides that lower realm.

50. What is your opinion on what is happening in our current times on Earth? -  We are saddened by the growth of Satan and especially as reflected in the abortion of the unborn. Now is the time that you must all take firm actions and defeat the evil. The evolution of humans depends upon it. God will not look favorably upon humans if the wholesale slaughter of babies in the womb and the atheistic teachings are allowed to continue.

51. Can you discuss the gift of speaking in tongues? -  That was a gift given individuals attempt to communicate others in a different language. Today there is no need for such a gift.

52. What is your advice for pushing back against the hatred in the world today? -  You must speak to others of love! Start by telling those with problems that God is always with them and will see them thru their difficulties if they give him a chance. Speak of the love that all of you feel for each other. Speak of the love that God feels for all, even the sinners. Speak of forgiveness, for God will forgive those who find his love in their hearts. I am an example.  I was a sinner and God forgave me.  I was not perfect, but God forgave me. None of you are perfect and God will forgive you as well.

53. Do you have a message for the members of our group? -  Yes, know that we are here to assist you in your mission. You will find support for your mission in unsuspecting places. There is nowhere that we will not be to assist you. God knows how important it is that you find the strength to defeat Satan today. Just remember that God is love, God is with you and God will forgive you of your sins. With those messages in your heart, you will not fail.

54. Do you have a final message for us tonight? -  Yes, tonight was a special experience for me. I got to tell others of the love of God. Now it is up to you to repeat those words and show that you are modern disciples of our Lord and Messiah. Keep in mind God will always win. In the face of God, Satan will shrink and be gone. We are with you always and you are with us as well. When you come home, you will realize the wonderful job that you have done. Go in peace and God bless you all!  Thank you for listening to me tonight.

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