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Our mission is to bring you the contemporary channeled messages of Jesus and the Holy Saints

Connie and I are now hosting our own radio show, CHANNELING HISTORY!  It can be heard line on the Para X Radio Network on Sundays at 9:00 pm ET.  You can listen to the shows any time or download for free on Podomatic.  We channel a historic figure live every week and let you ask questions from the chat room.  Join us for a unique radio experience

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Read the channeled messages of Jesus and those that walked the earth with him.  They speak of how his messages apply to our current times and bring hope and love to all.  It answers the question of "what would Jesus say today" for many subjects affecting our everyday life.  SIGNED COPIES ARE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE.  Click the link or book for more information or to order a copy.  


Barry Strohm is the author of multiple books based on his ability to communicate with spirits on the other side of the life veil.  He is the author of Aliens Among Us - Exploring Past and Present as well as the Spirits Speak series featuring his latest book, Spirits Speak - Channeling the Life of Jesus.  All books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or signed copies on this website.

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I would like to thank you for listing tonight. I told Barry that I wanted to speak with you. You humans are approaching a very very critical time in your evolution. As Barry mentioned quickly, there is so much evil in the world today. I know that many of you have been sent back by me to attempt to spread the words of love that I have given you and that you know. Many of you are very frustrated with what is taking place. I cannot blame you for that. I am frustrated by watching many of your neighbors hating neighbors. It is a time when your government cannot cooperate in order to do the best things for the people. It is a time when you are suffering violence in the streets. As I am speaking to you tonight there are people violently attempting to steal, to rob, to injure the police. It is indeed a time of decision making for your country.  I hope that you and the people will follow my teachings. Those of you who do not pay attention to my teachings will be contributing to the potential downfall of your country.

It is only my teachings that can preserve the human race. Think for a moment what would happen if there were no police or authorities to control those that would do violence on to those that are peaceful. You have to dig deep into your heart and feel my love. Once you know that love, you can share that love with others. It is only thru passing love from your heart to others that humans can successfully evolve. There have been many civilizations that have failed because the desire for greed and power overcame those that desired to show love to others.  You need to understand that your country is on the verge of wiping out those that believe in me and those that practice other religions than Christianity. All religions return to me. I am the universal energy that controls how evolution will take place! I gave you all free will and egos. Many of you that are listening to me tonight have learned to control those two emotions, but there are many people out there that have not. They use their free will to create evil, to steal, to build personal wealth, to live lives that are contrary to my teachings.

Those souls have clearly not learned the lesson that I have tried to teach. It is a time where you must not fear but step forward in serving me and passing on my teachings.

Barry and Connie have done their best to bring you my messages. Barry has written my words into book form, and my next book in which there are many wonderful messages will soon be available.

The book concerning my life, this book concerning my messages and an additional book which Barry will write in the future will bring you all of my specific teachings. Those 3 volumes are intended to give you my words as they apply to your current contemporary lifetimes.  

My basic teachings are no different than when I walked to the Earth. I taught love for one another, I taught love of God and I taught a peaceful coexistence. Sadly, there have been many that have not paid attention to my teachings. You are hearing my words as they apply to humans today. My basic teachings are no different. But you must learn to apply those teachings to your daily lives, to your government and to how you raise your children to also follow my words.

It is a time that you must step forward and it is a time that you must speak my words. There are many that will ridicule you but there are also many that will listen. Do not hesitate to pray to me for advice. Many of you have a very close relationship with me. Many of you are just beginning that relationship; all of you need to understand that this is a time of need. It is a time where those individuals of good will must step forward and be heard. My teachings are very clear: Love one another, be kind to one another, do not take the lives of the innocent in the womb. Follow my simple directions. Choose your government officials according to those that will follow my directions.

You are truly at a critical turning point in the evolution of your country. It is not too late, but, as I said it is a time of criticality. I hope that my words tonight will bring you comfort. I did not come to bring you fear. Those of you who believe in me will have a life from which you can evolve and advance in my realms. Keep in mind that the human lifetime is but a blink of the eye in relation to the time that you will be with me in my realms.

Know that when you pray to me, I hear every word. I have assigned my angels and closest souls to assist and guide you in helping you spread my words. You know what I want of you. It is very simple: Spread my love to all. So, Tonight I bless each and every one of you that are listing. I want each of you to know that I watch over you, I want each of you to know that I am in your hearts.

Good will prevail, have faith in that! Have faith in me, and have faith that you are each capable of contributing to helping others and to selecting governmental officials that will follow my words and advice.

So, with these words I am now going to leave you. Pray to me! Speak my words and love me with all your hearts. That is what I ask of you.

Once again you are blessed in the name of the Holy Father, for those of you that are not Christian you are blessed through whatever of the Universal deities in which you believe.

So, with these words I am going to say good night, I will be returning with additional words issued to Barry and Connie. Please read my words know them and understand them so that you can affectively move forward.

God Bless all of you and good night!



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